After his work with the new FF wraps for the week, what can the original teenaged superhero teach the worlds most at risk group of super-powered teens? Find out when Spider-Man substitutes at the Avengers Academy! But it’s far from a normal day at school when a field trip is interrupted by a vengeful PSYCHO-MAN armed with hate, doubt and fear! Guest starring the FF, Giant-Man… and the Malevolent Marvel Monster Mayhem of MONSTEROSO!

Plus a “Day in the Life of Spider-Man” by Paul Benjamin and Javier Pulido!

Story by Christos Gage
Art by Reilly Brown & Victor Olazaba
Colors by John Rauch
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Ed McGuinness & Morry Hollowell

Price: $3.99
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  1. Yeah!  That’s my writing partner Paul Benjamin up there.  I buy ASM normally, but I’d double buy it for that guy.

  2. I hear a bit of tap tap tapping shoes as Marvel gets its Spider Island event in order. A problem with 2 (or more) issues a month, sometimes things happen too fast and you got to play for time. Keep those toes a tapping!

  3. Javier Pulido on Spider-man is always a must buy.

    I’ve been really disappointed in this title the last four issues. I’m not an FF fan, so seeing Spider-chracter subplots pushed to the side to make room for that was annoying, but I’ve read the preview for this issue and Gage seems to get Spider-man alot more than Slott does. Hopefully this will go the way of Avengers: Inititive, and Gage will be in chage in a years time. Fingers crossed.

    Slott has done some great Spider-man stories, but I haven’t liked the big time so far.

  4. it’ll be fun checking out this Avengers Academy thing for the first time…

    no more dan slott? (at least for now)….thats dissapointing.  

  5. Wasn’t into the FF arc to start with but it got a bit better at the end. Normally I’d be a bit miffed that this has another set of non-Spidey characters, but I like Avengers Academy quite a bit so I think it’ll be fun.

  6. @Zeppo:  I agree, I have not liked the last half-dozen or so issues very much either and I’m on the fence about dropping Spidey for the first time ever.  I’m going to hang around at least through 665 because I love me some Ryan Stegman art but after that I’m leaning towards leaving.

    I think this book’s biggest problem is the schedule, they can’t get a really good creative team on it because it’s a bi-weekly (practically a weekly now) and I think Slott’s writing isn’t as good as it maybe could be because he has to crank these stories out so fast.  I would love to see Marvel come to their senses and change this to a monthly so they can put the talent on the book that it deserves.

  7. Avengers Academy rocks so hard. It’s good to see the characters appearing elsewhere.

  8. @malecema

    I agree completely. Slott’s work isn’t bad, it’s just never mind-blowing, like say Brubaker’s Cap or Morrison’s Batman. Spider-man should be the best book on the stands (I’m baised as he’s my favourite), but since this appears to be the top pulled book at the moment I might be in the minority. I think a great creative team on Amazing, with a satailte book covering things like Spidey’s team up’s with the FF, and you’d have a winning combo.

    It looks like Ult. Peter Parker might be taking a break (speculation, not spoilers), so just having one Spider-man book on the stands (and not have it even focus on Peter Parker) seems like a mistake to me…

  9. I’m jumping on only for the Gage issues.

  10. I hated the last couple of issues.  Don’t get me wrong, having the Sinister Six show up was fun, but Slott just does not have a hold of these characters.  Carlie gets a goblin tat?!?  Not to mention that no respecting tatoo artist would even think of putting work on someone who is that drunk.  I am looking forward to a new direction!

  11. @guymonkey I think Slott got you there in regards to the Goblin tat.

  12. @whirlwindx

    Not really, as the payoff more stupid than the set up. Either way the tattoo was intended upset Peter. Carlie doesn’t know she got her boyfriends face tattooed on her. 

  13. Christos Gage – More

  14. I’m looking forward to Gage doing this issue, however I love Slott’s work on Spider man as well. What’s with all of the hate directed towards him? He’s doing a great job. I haven’t enjoyed Spidey this much in a long time.

    I would rather see Gage continue on Avengers Academy, because right now its my favorite pull every week it comes out.

  15. @Malecema  @Zeppo  I agree with you about the workload being too much for Slott to manage.  I think Marvel should look at the Batman titles as a way of putting out more Spider-man content without sacrificing quality.  Morrison, Snyder, Winick, et al. are killing it the bat-verse.  

    I think it might be time to kill the thrice/twice monthly ASM experiment.  Publish ASM once a month, bring back Spectacular and put a top-tier team on it.  If Spectacular were to follow the adventures of one Benjamin Reilly, it would be all the better.  (A man can dream, can’t he?)    

  16. Nooooooo! Caselli! Come baaaaaaack!

  17. @oopsxlandmine  I hope he does and I hope it’s sooner than later.

    Picking this up in an apprehensive fashion due to my completest nature (I was going to wait until Slott returns).

  18. This issue was pure fun. I’ve never read anything with Avengers Academy but I thought the team was pretty cool. And this is definitely a Spidey book again, as opposed to the FF arc which had Spidey in a more supporting role.

    Plus the backup story was pure coolness. 

  19. The back up was a nice little set of scenes. Great art. Since we’ve lost Marcos Martin to DD, I’d happily have more Pulido.

    The main story was a lot of fun once it got to the AA. I think Gage writes a much better Spider-man. But what is the obsession with the FF. I am tired of them in this book.

  20. i thought this was pretty boring. Pete just started to seem like a little bitch. And i NEVER say that about petey… Damn you Gage!

  21. I too am sick of the FF tie-in. But ASM is still good and this issue has me rethinking Avengers Academy. Since #15 is a good jump on point I am jumping.

  22. Even without knowing much about Avengers Academy, I really enjoyed this.

  23. For somebody who doesn’t want anybody to know his real identity he sure does do a lot of yapping about his private life in front of other superheroes.

  24. First issue of ASM I’ve loved in a month or two (hard to track when a book comes out so often!).  Christos Gage & Reilly Brown are favorites of mine, so this was a great change of pace on this series.  Nifty how his page with Carlie was the only time I’ve liked her at all lately.

  25. I really liked this issue. The art was great and the story came together in the end.

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