Story by Dan Slott & Fred Van Lente
Art by Stefano Caselli
Colors by Marte Gracia
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Stefano Caselli & Lorenzo De Felici

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. No no. See, I’m buying FF already. Let’s not start doing this now.

  2. @Jimski  The only reason I’m buying this is BECAUSE the FF are in it. That’s just my semi-completist mindset at work.

  3. I’m bored of FF in Amazing, if there were other Spider-man comics it wouldn’t be so bad, but this is the solo spider-man title, it should be about Peter and his co-stars not FF and Avengers.

  4. I may get this if it gets a buzz. I did not enjoy the last issue. Only would buy this cause of FF. I do like Caselli though …

  5. Judging by the last issue, I’m not sure if I’m down with this story. It’s kind of like how after Civil War, Black Panther and Storm joined the Fantastic Four and both of their respective series became a cross breed between stories that I’m interested in and ones that I couldn’t care for at the time. Last issue was probably the weakest this series has been since OMIT, sooooooooooo I don’t know…let’s see where this goes.

    Very much looking forward to Caselli back on art, though.  

  6. I only recently got back into Marvel and Spider-Man and, while I enjoyed the Sue Storm mime scene last issue, I’m not digging the idea of making the only Spider-Man title into a FF spin-off. I want some classic webslinging action!

  7. It’s okay everyone… This is just a short arc to show Peter’s new place in yet another team. It won’t become a companion book to FF, it’s just here to hopefully get some people into Hickman’s awesome stuff and then carry on as normal. 🙂

  8. If it weren’t for the announcements of the FF issues, I never would have checked out the new Big Time Amazing.

  9. Wasn’t wild about the last issue, but I like the vibe of this cover. Caselli has slowly grown on me.

  10. @Jimski  Agree.  I understand the business reason for the tie-in but I want Amazing to be a SPIDERMAN book.  If this issue is another dud, I’m dropping out until FF disappears.

  11. Wolverine is in several titles and yet manages to have his own adventures without, X-men, X-Force, or Avengers.  I thought Marvel was going to do the same with Spiderman.  And,. did I miss it?  What happened to the New Venom storyline?

  12. @av8torjock The new Venom is in Venom…also out this week!

  13. If you guys are upset about this, you won’t be happy in the future


    Avengers Academy Crossover happens. I am sticking with it though because one, I enjoyed last issue….two, I love what Gage is doing in Academy, and three I am really interested in the upcoming spider event

  14. Why must I have this inherent desire to collect full runs? I think the last issue of spidey was complete crap….and he’s on my pull list so now I’m gonna have to pick up this garbage issue as well…Don’t get me wrong, FF is awesome, but I think Slott sucks on spider-man

  15. This may have been the worst comic I have read in years. The jokes where about 10 years old, and the characterisation of everyone was applying. Slott even got the history of characters he helped create wrong.

    Spider-man has been my favourite character for ten years, but if this book doesn’t improve by Spider-island this my be in danger of being dropped.

  16. sorry, I meant to say the characterisation of everyone was awful.


    “I’ll get the tattoo of osborn to upset Peter, because he hates that dictator who killed his girlfriend”, good luck explaining that one to the other police officers Carlie

  17. @al2mrt *GASP* how dare you, sir! I think Slott has done a GREAT job. AAAAAAAAND!!! Caselli is on for this issue! Nobody draws spidey better!

  18. @oopsxlandmine

    The art is good. Shame about the everything else. Glad your enjoying it but I’m with al2mrt this was dire

  19. @oopsxlandmine  yea, yea….ok…you got me. I really enjoyed this issue, I retract my previous statement about slott, maybe I just wasn’t a fan of the stories marvel was forcing him to do…he wrote this whole FF thing very well and the art was excellent. I’m a believer again.

  20. Big time is what finally got me into Spider-Man. I have loved everything until last issue (didn’t hate it though). Hopefully this Spider Island will be awesome because I will be sticking around at least until then. Not huge on Caselli’s covers (apart from 652) but he is my favorite Spidey artist. I like Ramos and Martin a lot too. Does anyone know if Martin will still be contributing to Spider-Man with him joining the Daredevil team or who the near-future artists will be?

  21. This issue was really bad, and the last few haven’t been too good either. Slott should really not be allowed to write the FF. You get really great Sci-Fi and drama from Hickman and you get (spoilers?) goddamn zombie pirates from Slott. Garbage! At least the art was good.

  22. Story-2.5 Art-5
    God, I love you, Caselli!!

  23. c’mon…….really? I thought this was supposed to be a Spiderman book?

  24. This is one of those times you wish they didn’t try so hard to have all the continuities line up. There’s no discreet Spider-Man story happening at Marvel. Shame.

  25. the giving carlie a goblin tattoo is really one of the worst ideas i’ve ever heard in a spider-man book. for real? well this relationship is ending real quick. i can’t imagine a realistic discussion about how peter can forgive her for getting gwens murderers face tattooed on her body.

  26. @RoiVampire  –i was hung up on how unrealistic it was. Very very very few repuatable tattoo artists will do work on a stagger drunk client. Blood is too thin, and too much buyers remorse lawsuit potential. Maybe if they were in TJ or something, but that was supposed to be one of the best artists in NYC…Plus the goblin thing…yea i just didn’t buy it on any level. 

  27. Wow.  Fantastic Four came out twice this month.  I almost didn’t pick this up, but I’m glad I did.  Then again I’m an easy mark for any Marvel stories that references the silver age.  And it don’t get much more silver than Ben Grimm dressed up as Blackbeard.

  28. @tomistommy  I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen a complaint about zombie pirates… Zombie pirates are awesome! But different strokes for different folks.

    I was just atarting to think that this whole thing felt less like an FF story and more like what Spidey childishly WIHED was an FF story… And lo and behold…

  29. *WISHED


  30. I do not want this to be crossing over with every other marvel book out there. Amazing should be about Spidey’s solo stories. Besides Slott is no Hickman so why try to do what he is doing?

  31. @markish Well, I don’t have any problems with zombie pirates. Hell, I love me some zombies. I just thought it felt really shoe-horned in and really kind of stupid here.

    I just don’t really care for the huge shifts in tone between FF and then their appearances in ASM. You go from deathly serious to super goofy, and it can be a little off putting, at least for me. I might just be too much of a purist or something. I would rather have Marvel keep them seperate. 

  32. Cheesy jokes, Carlie out of character interest in a goblin tattoo = cringe.

    Artwork = smile

    Slott’s earlier work on Spiderman was absolutely tremendous.  I’m not sure why he’s lost his way so abruptly. 

  33. Great artwork, i wish this guy could do every issue.  as for the story, i loved the FF stuff.  i dont want to see FF in every issue, but for this arc, its great.  i didnt care for the the carlie stuff thats happening,  I loved the humor dialog between Spidey and the Thing, and even Sue and Reed had some funny moments. 

  34. LOVED: The unhinged dialog, the Beastie Boys reference (one of my favorite BB songs, at that!), some really good Val Richards moments and freakin ZOMBIE PIRATES, mmkay?

    NOT SO MUCH: Carlie and her roller derby gal pals. The tattoos, the “you go, girl!” moments, the drunkenness, all of it. I respect what they’re trying to do with her, but they’re trying too hard and it’s not working for me. Her scenes turned what would have been a remarkable issue into just a really really good issue.

  35. Eh, it was cool enough. The ending was good and I definitely preferred it to the previous issue. Slott’s done a great job on Amazing so far, so I’ll ride this arc out and continue to look forward to Infested and Spider Island.

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