Story by Dan Slott
Art by Javier Pulido
Colors by Munsta Vicente, Javier Rodriguez
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Marko Djurdjevic, Paul Renaud

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.3%


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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. nice…i love surprises!!!!

  2. i love pulido 🙂

  3. interesting he is waering his FF uniform…

  4. I want that cover.

  5. Classified! Or just Classy!

    Stay Classy San Diego!

  6. I’ve been enjoying these different spider-suit covers quite a bit.  I’m guessing this is spidey’s take on the future foundation cross over, and how it will fit in his new, already hectic schedule.  Pete and Wolverine sure as hell like to stay busy

  7. If it’s classified it should come in a polybag.

  8. I think they should always be classified

  9. @djchangchild  –AGREED! down with solicits and previews…back to spinner racks in drug stores! haha

  10. An FF crossover or tie-in would be very welcome.

  11. i want a scarlet spider book. *sniff sniff* This suit is just ok for me. I actually like the stealth suit better. This look a little too anti-venom for me.

  12. If you don’t want to see previews or solictations then click your pull list and exit. I enjoy solicitations myself and don’t want to see them go.

  13. @Avistann  — was kidding even though I do think that the whole previews/solicits system has ruined comics and is slowly killing the industry, but “thats just like, my opinion, man” I chose to not participate in it because its not fun, but if you have fun then rock on. 

    i’m really stoked for ASM every month including this issue…think Slott is doing a great job, so its always exciting when its a spidy week. 

  14. Hmm… is it just me, or does the background look a lot like the background of the covers of SHIELD?

  15. I like Spiderman’s original costume and would prefer to see him in a new costume once a decade instead of every issue.

  16. Should I have read FF #1 to read this?

  17. @ActualButt  You may need to know that Spider-Man is now in the FF but other than that, there wasn’t really any Spidey-related plot points in FF #1.

  18. I’ve returned to Spidey after almost a decade absence and I enjoyed this new issue (and the previous 5 that I picked up). I agree with dkbrain though in that I like Spidey’s original costume. I’ve already seen him in at least 3 costumes in nearly as many months.

  19. Diamond sent my local shop a box of damaged stuff and this issue was in there so now I have to wait until next week to get it….damn! Is it any good?? I like the idea of spidey with the future foundation….

  20. @al2mrt It was a fun ish. And there’s a great Spidey/Ghostrider story in the back  which is to be continued in the next ASM if i’m not mistaken. Not a huge fan of the art presently, but its not a book that demands amazing art at the moment. Its really about how spidey is coping with the loss of Johnny and how his joinin the FF makes his life even more hectic.

    My POTW was between this and Journey into Mystery #622… I ultimately went with Journey, but the mime scene in this issue almost won out. Such a great and obvious little joke that i’d never thought of before. WIN!

  21. @al2mrt  –totally awesome in a retro throwback kinda way. Worth picking up if you like what Slott’s been doing so far. 

  22. I was really disappointed in this issue, which is a shame, considering I haven’t been disappointed in any issue of Spider-man since Slott took over.

  23. I didn’t like how Spidey’s first day as a member of FF in ASM didn’t match what was in FF#1 (that or he doesn’t remember the second time he wore the new FF costume the first time… huh?).  That said though, the pages showing the FF vs the Mime, I think that is a canidate for best in panels

  24. Came for the FF Tie-In, but stayed for the fun! Loved the retro art. Story of the year? Nope. Lots of fun? YES! Return of Marvel Team Up? YEP!  Should be a fun couple of issues.

  25. @oopsxlandmine  thanks…I’m somewhat of a ghost rider nut too and I heard there may be a re-launch in his future which excites me, i’ll definitely get this issue of spidey

  26. I’m really not an FF fan, this issue dragged. The art was great, couple of funny moments, but I prefer Spidey as the man on the street, rather than the man at the edge of the universe.

    The next few issues are gonna be rough.

  27. @Zeppo Agreed. Not a FF fan. But Slott has kept me entertained thus far.

  28. While I enjoyed this issue, I think it is my least favorite since Slott took over.

  29. Loved this issue. The dialog was clever, the story was tons of fun and the art was exactly 100% what I love to see in comics. I could have done without the Ghost Rider back-up story. I guess it was a fine diversion, but it clashed with the main story and it didn’t have much of a point. But who cares – it felt like an extra. The main story alone was worth my 3.99.

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