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  1. So excited for this one

  2. First issue of this arc was really good.  I completely purge OMIT and OMD from my head when and pretend they never happened and just enjoy the Spidey goodness.

  3. How’s the art? I didn’t pick it up, as I’ve not liked this artist in the past.

  4. @Zeppo

    It is terrible.

  5. @Zeppo It’s the same. I would have rather had another artist since i feel that for a book with this many villains you need someone more dynamic. He works great for mob stories or stories focused on Peter but not so well on the costumed villains

  6. I agree with cubman, if you didn’t like the art before you won’t like it now.  There’s gotta be somebody better out there they can give spidey to, I would personally love it if they’d bring back Bachalo.

  7. I’m looking forward to this arc.  I’m looking forward to the next stuff with Slott and Ramos.  Azaceta is just not my cup of tea

  8. @Roivampire – that’s being too forgiving.  His art does not work on any Spider-Man aspect, that’s a definite.  Maybe on indie books.  Nothing Marvel.  I haven’t seen Marvel art this bad since Igor Kordey on Morrison’s "New X-Men."

    Wacker, hear our cries!!  Save this book!!!

  9. @KickAss: You’ve seen art this bad more recently, azaceta did the electro stuff at the beginning of the gauntlet and that was just as bad.  I doubt they’ll oust him after bringing him back to do more.

  10. @KickAss For me the art worked for the scenes with peter and harry and peters roommate. as soon as someone put on a costume though it looked stupid

    Also am i the only one that hates the way electro looks now? Bring back the mask! The mask is cool!


  11. i actually like azaceta’s art, but way wrong for spidey, i feel like he has is place in the mu, this just isnt it

  12. I am NOT a spidey fan, but recently read the Gauntlet and Grim Hunt stories and loved them. I don’t know a damn thing about BND and I skipped OMIT. Could I feasibly read this new arc and understand it?

  13. Yup, all you need to know is….


    That mj and Pete have resolved things and agreed to go on with their lives, and Harry has a crazy ex preggers with a goblin baby

  14. Thanks guys, I feel like I made the right choice to skip the arc. I would have liked to see how the story concludes, but I probably would have judged it poorly, based on the art.

  15. @Zeppo: Yeah, this arc is totally skippable.  Pick it up again once Slott and Ramos come on board.

  16. The last issue was pretty sucky, expecially the art.  I’ve dropped this title and started picking it up again like three times in the last six months.  I just don’t know what to fucking do with it, but then I miss it when it’s gone…!!!

  17. I like the art.

  18. The art is fantastic in this arc.

  19. I’ve picked up Potters Field to see if the art suits a different style of story, but to me this artist doesn’t suit Spider-man. To the point where his issues are my only breaks in 10 years of Amazing Spider-man.

    He’s shots are too static with no feeling of movement. This is all eye of the beholder stuff though. The three artists Slott have chosen (even Ramos) to me have proven themselves as Super hero artists and should be able to deliver something more dynamic.

  20. @Zeppo  That’s it! That’s my main problem with the art is the sense of movement. When Lily bursts into the cafe through the window it just don’t feel like she’s moving fast enough or moving at all.


    Here is one of the examples where Spider-man looks like he weighs about 250lbs.

  22. Well I have to say the art is better this issue….and overall the book is pretty good! 

  23. @cubman: Oh my god. Is John Goodman in that suit?

  24. I was under the impression that the sweater was under it or something.


    Anyway, a few anatomy things here and there, the art is fantastic on this arc. Sheesh.

  25. Upon rereading I was wrong, that is a pretty blatant anatomical mistake. Stil, art is great this arc as it was on the Electro one.

  26. The pencils worked much better for me this issue, and again loved the story! So far a great week!

  27. @cubman987:

    Lots of heroes put on sympathy weight when their villain is expecting. 

  28. Hated last issue, but really liked this one.

  29. That splash page of Peter swinging toward all those choppers was breathtaking. Leaps and bounds better sense of movement than last issues pencils.

  30. i really hate this artist. If he can cause ME to want to put down a SPIDER-MAN book… there needs to be a change!

  31. The art in this one was better, but it’s still not that good.  I could definitely see Azaceta doing well with a crime story or something like that, but superheroes don’t look like his thing.

  32. The art and colours in this are gorgeous.

  33. This issue was WAY better than the first issue of the arc. I am glad, too, cause, after OMIT, I was just about to drop this book.  Now its too bad that we have to wait two weeks for the next issue.

  34. loved the story, not so much the art.

    agree with nuke as well.

  35. Weird, I’m loving the art. It adds to the type of story we’re getting.

  36. Man I am newly returned to Spiderman and after the god awful last arc and the art in this one I am about ready to go again. Ugh.

  37. I seriously don’t get the complaints about the art…it’s perfect for this type of story.

  38. I’ve been reading Amazing Spidey for a long time and have seen lots of lows in the book – but spending an entire issue dodging bad guys while holding a naked newborn baby is one of the most embarrassingly bad Spidey comics ever! I’m ashamed to have purchased it!

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