This is it! The startling conclusion to ONE MOMENT IN TIME!

How did the world REALLY forget Peter Parker was Spider-Man? And what does the future hold for Peter & Mary Jane? Every question is answered, the past laid to rest, and Spider-Man swings into a new direction for the future!

WRITER: Joe Quesada & Stan Lee
PENCILS: Joe Quesada, Paolo Rivera & Marcos Martin
COVER BY: Paolo Manuel Rivera

Price: $3.99
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  1. Another double Spider-week… I don’t understand these double weeks rapidly followed by weeks without Spider-man comics. Don’t they sell better if they spread them out? I don’t think there is some event so tied in that being an issue behind for 2-3 weeks is likely to be a big deal. I suppose they might promise creators/editors that books will be due on certain dates to be out on certain dates, and it looks bad to slip on that… but this also looks slightly bad to me. Personally I don’t do a lot of weekly shopping so it doesn’t really effect me, but I find it odd.

  2. It doesn’t bother me that we get two issues on the same day… bothers me a little that this is like 2 weeks late but as far as putting two out in one week to make up for it, I like it just fine, it keeps the rest of the series on schedule.

  3. It bothers me that this OMIT storyline was written at all.  Garbage.

  4. My point, such as it is, is that in 1-2 weeks there will be a gap in ASM. Why not put the extra issue there? Is "getting caught up" so critical that stores can’t handle ASM off by a week for 1-2 weeks? They handle all sorts of comics interminably delayed and behind. Maybe the sales don’t suffer as much as I think they would, as Amazing Spider-man is a set purchase for most of its buyers. Maybe weekly buying and weekly budgeting is a smaller and smaller factor in the market. Again, not a big deal, just wondering if this is the best business decision. I imagine the pipeline for comic delivery (print on this date, then ship on this date) is at a minimum awkward to fiddle with on a comic coming out this rapidly, so maybe they figure they are more likely to create problems than money by shifting the next 1-2 comics back a week.

  5. This storyline up to this point has been EXCELLENT.  Absolutley delightful.  If they pull off this final issue with the same quality they’ve given, well it’s another satisfying Mary Jane tale.

  6. I’m not by any sense of the imgination a fan of the spider books, but this cover is awesome. Huge ups to the long time readers for putting up with the $#!+ the writers put into the books.

  7. about the two spidey issues this week i might be looking into this abit much but there is also the new spider-man video game is also out this week.

  8. @oldmanlogan88 i think you are looking too deep, the real culprit is the combo of quesada and rivera on art chores! personally i like the catch up issues, keeps things on pace!

    i have been enjoying omit and am excited for the conclusion, and MY GOD that cover is Brilliant! 

  9. Yes, that cover is very nice.  Rivera has been the only real bright spot for me with this arc.

  10. I bought this for the cover. In hand, it looks splendid! It’s going on the wall.

  11. its a great cover,but the story i could do without.

  12. Ok, I give up.  I obviously have completely lost track of the story somewhere, because I kept expecting Mephisto to show up.  Did One More Day get wiped out too?

  13. @Crippler

    Kinda….since Aunt May lives now Peter doesn’t have to go to Mephisto for help….so yeah, OMD kinda wipes itself out from ever happening.

  14. Read this in the store and actually quite liked it. The way their relationship ended rung truer for me than the way their marriage stayed together all those years, and I really enjoyed the catharsis of the ending scene with MJ. A pleasant surprise.

  15. The story itself was more utilitarian than entertaining, though I’m really glad that we have this. Peter and MJ now have a more interesting history than they previously had, and best of all, it makes Peter’s entire history much clearer. I’m very grateful for this.

  16. So . . . how do they explain why May is in the hospital? If Parker’s ID is no longer public – why was May shot?
    This does change things . . . Feels like an editorial decision . . . 
    Guess this was the best way they (Quesada) could change Spider-man’s status to what they (Quesada) wanted.

  17. May was still shot. Only now it would be just a random act of violence. Easy to figure out, lol

  18. Just like One More Day, I didn’t really care for the event but loved the end result.  If that even makes sense.

  19. So Dr Stange wiped them memory of the Sentry and kept it to himself that the Sentry was a crazy monster?

    Is this new?

  20. I used to have a digigenetic virus, it’s worst than a cold; I got it from the anamnesis storm last week, hate it when that happens.

  21. Holy crap this was a terrible issue.

  22. Weren’t they promising that this OMIT thing would explain more about the Mephisto event?  I feel like I missed…something…or maybe I just got caught up in that anamnesis storm too.

  23. I liked the Stan Lee written back-up and…the Stan Lee written back-up.

  24. Please oh please let us never venture back into this story arc ever again.

  25. I liked that they had the balls to not only dive deeply into the OMD storyline, filling in the details in the most banal and terrible way, but then added the the Sentry and the more painful aspects of Civil War. If only this had clones and Carnage it would be a 100% Spider-cluster-fuck.

    Mephisto let the guy out of the policecar, ruining the marriage. And that is all he did, which is more or less him keeping his agreement with MJ to leave Peter alone from then on. Would have been nice to throw him a menacing cameo or something, though…

    The memory wipe is an awful bit of storytelling, but the secret identity reveal was a big mistake, very hard to fix. It was going to take a OMD bad story to do it. Unfortunately they left too many things unexplained when they rebooted with OMD, requiring them to clarify what happened with this OMIT. I know many people had wished they had left well enough alone, but one only had to read the venomous posts that came up every time OMD/BND came up on any web site. People felt the last 25 years of Amazing Spider-man did not happen and they felt betrayed. OMIT, more or less, makes it clear it all happened, just as they read it, except MJ did not marry Peter. Lame, yes, but it was a mess they had to clean up. However, I had not expected them to do it quite so badly. At least a lot of the art was good.   

  26. I was curious about how they were going to explain everything and missed reading Spider-Man so I picked up this story.  It wasn’t horrible, but not good enough for me to start picking up the book on a regular basis again.  Maybe I’ll try again next year. 

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