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WRITER: Joe Quesada & Stan Lee
PENCILS: Joe Quesada, Paolo Rivera & Marcos Martin
COVER BY: Paolo Manuel Rivera

Size: 40 pages
Price: 3.99

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  1. Give Quesada a break! You have to admit that the writers of Spider-Man are essentially in an impossible situation. Spidey’s story will never end, and thus he can never get that happy ending that we all hope for on some subconscious level. Spider-Man’s readers have grown-up, and now a more intelligent audience demands that the story be taken in new, unexpected, exciting directions. In order to do this regularly it might occasionally be necessary for a little hocus pocus to set the clock back. It could be worse- instead of angry, you could be bored.

  2. I’m with you on this writeofway

  3. So a new, unexpected and exciting direction is that he have his marriage sold to Satan because his wife/girlfriend was written to be a complete twit, he gets to bed-hopping with a couple of girls (Black Cat and his roommate to name two and Carlie Cooper, Quesada’s mary sue is in the running) he gets black-balled from his public profession and made unhirable by anyone’s standards because he tried to save his boss’s job, his love life is in shambles, now just because MJ says "Get over me already" he suddenly feels like he can take on the world? This is the kind of stuff that would get you an "F" in creative writing if it were a kindergarten course! 

    Storytelling of this suckitude gets no breaks, no mercy and no quarter from me. This is, hands down, the worst story I’ve read all year and it rivals its predecessor in terms of pure putrid storytelling. 

  4. Oops, sorry. i know that large font was super annoying

  5. No problem.

  6. @writeofway I really enjoyed your first comment. That last paragraph would have been an adequete review for this comic in itself.

  7. Damn . . . I didn’t read this and will skip the hardcover not cuz I hate the whole premise but cuz I never read the original arc so I don’t really care (and the bad responses don’t help).

    Lot of anger as if this was done to personally offend a bunch of you.

    I think the best gift Quesada has giving the Amazing Spider-Man fanbase is almost two years of really good stories.

    But that may just be me.

  8. "Tony makes an excellent point in that Peter’s own decisions (Revealing his identity, telling Tony to suck it and leaving, going on the lam) are his responsibility and he should face and deal with those consequences. A-frickin-men!"

    See, the problem with your logic is that the current version of Peter Parker isn’t actually about responsibility anymore. Sometimes he mouths the "responsibility" mantra, but it’s just a vapid cliche with no meaning anymore.

    Peter Parker used to be a scientist. Now he’s an airhead.

    Peter Parker used to joke sometimes while being Spider-Man, because it was like a different side of his personality vs. how he was normally. Now he jokes all the time as if he seriously has mental problems or obnoxious personality disorder, believing he lives in a sitcom and hearing a constant laugh-track in the background.

    Peter Parker used to be about growing up. Now he’s just about living in perpetual "college sophomore"-status, not taking anything too seriously but believing he actually, probably, somehow knows something about the world. Basically any Will Farrell doofus character can compete with the current Peter Parker in terms of "responsibility".

    That’s not to say that I haven’t liked the handful of Brand New Day stories I’ve read. For what they are, they’re good comics. But in some of their overriding themes, they’re also a total desecration of the Peter Parker that lots of discerning readers GREW UP with. But, of course, many readers don’t want that; they think they want smarter comics but all they want are comics that are more fun, and "fun" in this case equals bastardized characterization. Peter Parker was a brilliant kid who overcame awkwardness, became a family man, and then…thanks to BND…regressed into an airhead.

  9. @froggulper: Apparently you and I read different Spider-Man comics, now and in the past.

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