The Grim Hunt continues as many Spider-powered characters find themselves prey of the Kraven Family! Guest starring Kaine, Spider-Woman, Ara

WRITER: J.M. DeMatteis, Joe Kelly & Stan Lee
PENCILS: Max Fiumara, Michael Lark & Marcos Martin
COVER BY: Mike Fyles

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 38.3%


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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. I was bored during the Gauntlet, but I decided to come back for the last issue. I really did enjoy the last issue. Bring in all, and it really does look like all, the Spider characters. There’s another cannon fodder in this arc that the stakes are high.

  2. at least they packed in plenty of good extra features to warrant the extra buck.  By the time I finished the main story, the Kraven back-up piece, the Stan Lee double page, and the letters page, I closed the issue and thought that felt like a good $3.99 purchase…Some of these $3.99 books seem so thin and wimpy these days, I need solid story pages!

  3. @texas If you intend to continue collecting comics, I would say good-bye to that extra dollar now.  $4 pricing for most books has either arrived or in the making.

  4. I counted 7 $3.99 books out of the last 35, so every 1 out of 5. That is fewer than I would have guessed. The pace has picked up a little bit, but I don’t complain when they deliver the extra content, which Spidey always does.

  5. I very underwhelmed by last issue.  I just don’t like the "spider-family" concept I guess.

    Joe Kelly’s been batting a thousand on this title though so I’m gonna see it through

  6. SHED was awesome!  What a horrible, disturbing series.  Can’t wait for the Gauntlet to end and the Grim Hunt to begin.



    wait…wah?  it already did? 

  7. Ezekiel’s back! My favorite character from JMS’s run has returned!

    I may actually pick this up…. 

  8. Yeah that last issue was a lot of bang for your buck! I was glad to see Ezekiel back as well, I know some hare him but that was when I started reading spidey so I will always love Ezekiel

  9. @zeppo the gauntlet had hot and cold arcs. My favorite was the Rhino and venom. Bringing back ezekial was the best idea they ever had also Joe Kelly is writing it. This will be epic

  10. Another great issue, I think I’m actually glad it wasn’t really Ezekiel, I didn’t really want to revisit the Spider-totem stuff.  Also, I’m assuming that it was Kaine who died in the end….

  11. I actually had a little trouble keeping up with the plot in the main story still but overall I enjoyed it.  Nice swerve there and I assume we’ll be getting a few more.  Loving the back up strips.

  12. @cubman


    Yeah i think its kaine as well…i wonder iif anti-venom and venom willl actually be involved as partly hinted. In that one teaser image a black costumed Spiderman and Iron Spidey were also shown. Plus in that free issue type thing that marvek occasionally does with a kind of prelude to grim hunt in it, it had Anti-Venom on the cover.


    Great work Kelly and Co.

  13. @Stasi I did get lost once or twice but great issue! And dear god do I love marcos Martin

  14. This is what Spiderman should always be. Joe Kelly is a genius and the addition of Lark to spiderman gives this book the perfect tone… POTW easily. 

  15. Definitly Kaine.  "You should have killed me when you had the chance."

  16. yeah, it’s totally Kaine.  Pete’s pep talk really got to him I guess.

  17. Any chance of a Spider-man on going by Kelly and Fiumara

  18. obviously kaine.

  19. Well, either its Kaine or they killed off Spider-man without fanfare. The big question is what kind of Kraven do you get when you resurrect him with corrupted clone blood instead of the real deal.

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