Deep within the fires of the gauntlet It’s Rhino vs. Rhino – with Spidey caught in the middle! When the young, teched-out upstart who’s taken the Rhino mantle refuses to leave the original Rhino, Aleski Systevich in peace, he forces Systevic to make a stand…and the tragic result s will be felt in Spidey’s life for months to come. Witness THE LAST STAND OF THE RHINO!

WRITER: Joe Kelly
PENCILS: Max Fiumara
COLORED BY: Sophie Heath

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 44.2%


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Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. Oh more Rhino! What did I do to deserve this? Pumped

  2. Oh good Joe Kelly is back!!

  3. Very excited for this!

  4. That. Cover. Is. Awesome.

  5. Hope this is a great follow up to the previous rhino issue.

  6. I’m so excited for this. I love Joe Kelly, and I can’t wait for this!

  7. I want Four Eyes! *Cry*

  8. Joe Kelly! Rhino vs. New Rhino! Ok lets just close the polls because this is going to be the POTW. If its anything like the last Rhino story its going to be awesome.

  9. My bet – Red Hulk comes and beats up everyone.

  10. wow this looks good! the last rhino story was one of my favorite single issues of the year!

  11. I just haven’t been enjoying this as much since Red Headed Stranger wrapped up!!  Is it EVER gonna get that fun again?  The last 20 issues have had me in read once and just throw in the longbox mode!!  I just know once I drop it, it’s gonna get fun again somehow though. That always happens to me.

  12. Except for the crappy Dinosaur-man (Raptor?) run and couple of single issue throwaways, I think Spider-man has been really good since red headed stranger. I thought the Sandman and Rhino issues were absolutely top notch, and Mysterio and Electro arcs were both solid (haven’t read the Vulture yet). I would say if the last Rhino issue didn’t do it for you, I would find it hard to believe that Spider-man is suddenly going to become what you want it to be right now. Maybe come back after the Gauntlet has run its course and maybe it will find a groove that fits you again.

  13. I’ll be surprised if this isn’t my POTW and severly disappointed.

  14. Looking forward to this.  

  15. Joe Kelly. Im on board for this one. 

  16. I just read the previous issue with the Rhino and was blown away by Max Fiumura’s art. Can’t wait to get to this issue!

  17. This was fantastic.

  18. Incredible issue.

  19. Just finished it. Wow. I never doubt Kelly, ever. It’s almost a sin to do so. Great issue. 

  20. This is as good as a superhero comic gets. Fiumara isn’t my cup of tea (I appreciate his talen but just not a style I love for spidey) but he drew the hell out of this issue

  21. Trying this yet again.

  22. this was really solid.  I actually felt real emotional impact while reading this.  it felt good.

  23. Very heavy, very moving. The art was stylish and effective, and the writing was compelling even if some the wording in the article/narration seemed clunky at times. Five stars for me, and although I’d quit comics from depression if I got stories like this every week, it’s a great change of pace.

  24. I picked this up on a whim. Hey let’s see what’s going on with spider-man. Pick of the Week. This was just a regular issue but somehow it felt bigger than Siege.

  25. I really hope a lot of people pick this as POW, Siege was good and the X-23 one shot was surprisingly fantasitc (check it out, seriously), but this was by far way better than anything else I read this week and it would be a shame for this issue to be overlooked, I don’t mean to sound sappy, but I honestly think that this issue was a prime example of everything that a comic book could and should be, it was almost perfect for me.

  26. @cubman It’s an excellent issue, no doubt.

  27. This Joe Kelly guy, I think he’s going places.

    This Fiumara guy also, can’t wait for more Four Eyes. 

  28. oh man,did not see that coming at the end. amazing spiderman is getting so dark and depressing. i love it

  29. Best Spider-Man issue in years!!  Siege was good but this is POW.

  30. BEST issue of Gauntlet by far!!

  31. This was ok but I don’t think I’ll pick up next issue. I just don’t think i like spider-man anymore. There were really interesting parts of this and there were annoying parts. I couldve cared less about the blonde chick yet she was narrating the whole thing and spider-man just seemed like a complete tool. This looked gorgeous though. That’s what made me pick it up in the first place.

  32. POTW in a week that had Siege and Joe the Barbarian.  That’s how good this was.

    I keep say: This was the best issue, but they’re all so good I have to keep saying it.  But this really was on a whole new level of greatness.

  33. Incredible…Joe Kelly made my heart flutter with the last Rhino issue, and then swiftly ripped it out in this one. Damn you for toying with my emotions!

    Kelly did a great job in building up this story from the last Rhino issue, as Aleksei’s downfall and loss of humanity is 100000x more tragic since everything was deftly built up previously.

    My heart was truly heavy after reading this.

  34. I love how the pick of the week % on this issue keeps going up. 

  35. WOW!!! This was amazing. It was a huge punch in the gut.

  36. The pick of the week % is getting close to Siege, just a little more and Siege will be overtaken. 

  37. W    O    W



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