MYSTERIOUS: Chapter One “Un-Murder Incorporated” MYSTERIO is back from the dead…and he’s not alone! When deceased members of the Maggia crime family return from beyond the grave, the balance of power shifts in their gang war with Hammerhead and the Inner-Demons. Can Spider-Man and crime scene investigator, Carlie Cooper, solve this mystery…before it gets a little too personal? PLUS: Secret sides of both Mr. Negative and J. Jonah Jameson Sr. revealed, a disturbing turn for Aunt May, the reappearance of ANOTHER Spider-Villain — all this and the return of Dan Slott & Marcos Martin to the pages of Amazing Spider-Man.

WRITER: Dan Slott
PENCILS: Marcos Martin
COLORED BY: Javier Rodriguez
LETTERED BY: VC - Joe Caramagna
COVER BY: Marcos Martin

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.3%


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  1. Last issue was amazing! I hope this continues the trend!

  2. My favorite rouge mysterio? More gauntlet goodness? Dan slott? And, for my money, the best spidey artist (sorry jrjr)! Damn I am sooooo there!

  3. Dan Slott has ended up being the "MVP" on Amazing Spider-Man.  His stories are always the most memorable.  The Fantastic Four in the tiny universe story.  The battle with Bullseye in New Ways To Die.  Using Paperdoll and Screwball in 1 story.  Debuting Mr. Negative and Overdrive.  The battle with Doc Ock!  Holy crap.  Even if you only read the Dan Slott issues monthly, he is the true successor to JMS.

    The next best writer so far was Marc Guggenheim, despite iFanboy bemoaning his last story arc, which was actually good.

  4. Jackpot #1 by Marc Guggenheim was also excellent.  That guy can script write!  Man he’s good.  I’m not a DC fan or reader, so it sucks he’s working for them once Jackpot finishes.

  5. Is this where Mysterio comes back form the dead?  What ever happend to the new Mysterio?  Did I miss something?

    However, I’m sure this will be fantastic Gauntlet has been a terrific event.

  6. I feel as though the, er, "continuity" of Mysterio has been confused in recent years? Is he dead? Isn’t he? Who are these other Mysterios? He’s so MYSTERIOUS.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this issue addresses a lot of this, although to be honest I really don’t care if it doesn’t. Looking forward to it any dang way. I love the villain and I love Marcos Martin even more.

  7. Ooh, I was going to skip this as I don’t like Mysterio. However, since Dan Slott’s writing I might as well get it. I just hope it’s a short story arc.

  8. oh gawd, this is going to be good

  9. I think Dan Slott has been talking about doign this art with this artist since early in BND’s run, I have waited and now it’s here. I hope it’s good. I love the artist, like other’s have said Slott is a good Spider-man writer, plus Mysterio looks cool. Let’s go!

  10. I think Waid and Casey have been better than Slott and Guggenheim by far.  Most of the Guggenheim issues I had, I’ve traded in.

  11. All the praise for the last issue makes me want to jump back on.  It wouldn’t be too hard since that was the only issue I’d just dropped after the Sandman arc.  I haven’t liked a single issue since Guggenheim tried putting me to sleep, but the Rhino thing sounded interesting.

    I just wish I didn’t already have 7-8 books this week. 

  12. I’ve been reading ASM since Brand New Day and I gotta admit that Gauntlet really isn’t doing it for me like American Son and Red Heades Stranger.  The latest issues haven’t been terrible, but I find myself not wanting to read them more than one time.  I hope shit picks up.

  13. I couldn’t be more excited about this. Love Mysterio

  14. I thought this was another very good issue.  Not as good as last week, but thats to be expected.  Lots of good things going on here though.

  15. Nice start to what should be a great arc! I like the career move for mysterio, though the end is a little obvious.

  16. To this day, the only origin story for Mysterio that I somewhat have a coherent understanding of is the one from the 90’s animated series on Fox Kids lol

  17. I haven’t picked this issue up yet, though, so maybe this will give him something I can finally latch onto besides that

  18. Like the past Gauntlet issues, this book had amazing art. but i felt that the writting was disappointing after phenomenal Joe Kelly Rhino issue. Even the Electro and Sandman issues were stronger than this story, it felt hokey to me. The art really saved it though

  19. Yeah, the art was amazing. But the writing just wasn’t quite there for me. Wasn’t bad, just wasn’t great. Hammerhead just felt a bit off, and a lot of the jokes fell flat. But I do love me some Marcos Martin.

  20. Hard to live up to the level of the last issue but it was still very, very good.

    I was hoping for more info on Mysterio and his return and I got no answers to that.  Jokes on me really, the dude’s name is Mysterio. 

  21. Where I of the reviewin’ mindset, I’d give the art a 5 (or higher!) but the writing a 4.

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