The Gauntlet continues to close around Spider-Man in this heartbreaking story of love, loss and lust for power as the Rhino charges into Spider-Man’s life, out to make a name for himself…by killing the Rhino? Joe Kelly & Max Fiumara, who kicked off The Gauntlet in Amazing Spider-Man #600’s prelude, return for this pulse-pounding chapter!

WRITER: Joe Kelly
PENCILS: Max Fiumara
LETTERED BY: VC - Joe Caramagna
COVER BY: Max Fiumara

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 18.3%


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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. Excited for this, the sandman arc was great, let’s keep the gauntlet rolling!

  2. YEs, Joe Kelly is back. man the spider team is just awesome and on a roll

  3. Like Iron Man, I dropped this after the last issue, but it’s such a light week that I may pick this up afterall

  4. @Slockhart- That’s the great thing about ASM, you can jump in and out at any moment and not really be confused about going on. I only read the arcs that I’m interested in and thats worked out great so far.

  5. Oh wow I didn’t realize Joe Kelly was back for this issue…that is good news!!!

  6. Joe Kelly is more good news for what has been a fantastic arc with Gauntlet, ASm has been awesome lately.

  7. ASM has been great! I’m not a fan of variant covers but has anyone seen the variants for this issue. Sweet!

  8. I love the varient covers for this issue. If this was the 90’s I’d totally would get all of them.

  9. Barely know anything about rhino so this should be interesting but the sandman arc was good so hopefully they can keep it

  10. i’m really looking forward to this issue. i love the variation of art they’ve been putting into these arcs, but i’m really hoping joe kelly doesn’t disappointment me again… i’m still recovering from 611

  11. I liked the short story this team did for 600, so high hopes going in.

  12. Really excited for this issue.  Joe Kelly is clearly one of my favorites of the brain trust.  I never really understood the Rhino (as a character, I get his powerset and all that) and I only hope that this sheds some light.

  13. @ato220 if you look at how the gauntlet has been portraying spidey’s villians, i’m going to assume rhino is going to be a bit different from his previous appearances. maybe stronger? maybe smarter?

  14. @viceversa
    I hope smarter. I loved that story in tangled web when rhino became really intelligent.

  15. @Peterparker, that is one of my favorite stories from tangled web, i think it was called flowers for rhino?

  16. @viceversa

    that sounds right. It was a great story! I liked seeing some depth to a character that at times has been very one dimensional

  17. I really liked this issue a lot, I had high hopes for it and it delivered, but the story was a lot different than I expected.

  18. Wow what a great read! Not at all what I expected! I expected a fun old school ASM romp, that was a really low key and moving story!

  19. Bravo.  I didn’t expect this.  

  20. Amazing issue. Joe Kelly is far and away the best writer in the spidey brain trust. My POW

  21. This is one of the best issues of Spider-Man I’ve read in AGES. I think it’s going to get me to read the book consistently again. Good job, Joe Kelly.

  22. Excellent issue.  One of my favorites in the past few months.

  23. best issue since gauntlet started

  24. Surprised at the quality of the backstory and glad it wasn’t just a reprint.

  25. @ruo
    I know the backup was almost as good as the feature! And next week is Marcos Martin and mysterio, my face spidey villian!

  26. Two issues in a row for ASM being my POTW.  Last issue I called the best I’ve read in a long, long time and then I read this and it blows the last issue away.

    As much as I enjoy the new Rhino, new direction not the mecha-rhino, I’m kind of looking forward to a rhino vs. rhino showdown.

  27. This issue really struck a chord with me. Incredible. Joe Kelly is so good at Spider-Man.

  28. In a word: Amazing.  I picked this issue up since it was a light week and I was not disappointed.  I think this might be the best issue since the reboot happened.

  29. MAN I have to tell you. Sometimes it’s like ASM blows or it knocks your f’ing socks off. Obviously this week was the latter, because EVEN though the art wasn’t all that great, the compilation of the prime story and back up culminated into something that actually connected me with the Rhino. Hello… are you getting this? Me, The Rhino… connection… My grammar is broken because those three words obviously don’t belong together, but somehow Joe Kelly has done it again. I just realized Joe Kelly is the only writer who can make me cry if he wanted. It’s a sick talent that, if in the wrong hands, can make me a sissy forever.

  30. @ Mangaman,

    I know what you mean, this is the first issue of Spider-man I have enjoyed in a while. Why is it so difficult for this book to be consistant.

    I’ve not read anything else from my stack yet this week, but this is a contented for POW.

  31. I hope they put out a special edition Hc of The Gauntlet and not their usual Premier Hc because I will re-buy this story again for some over-sized art and extras from the writers and artists.

  32. I enjoyed this issue, but I would have much rather had another issue of Four Eyes. I thought Fiumara was struggling to keep up with the schedule of that book, bah humbug.

  33. Is Four Eyes dead? I love the book. What’s the deal?

  34. @Crom- They were supposed to give Fiumara a break so that he could crank out a few issues before they came back. This issue just means Four Eyes will take longer to come out than expected.

  35. Loved this issue. As has been said previously, this is one of the better ASMs in awhile. I completely did not expect the issue to turn out the way it did. I was pretty sure it’d be good, but I had no idea this was the way they were going. Awesome!

  36. After a 15 year break from comics, I started reading this title again a few months ago. I can accept all the changes made to Peter Parker, but thought the last several issues had been very ho-hum in terms of art and story. I was worried- ASM was the book that brought me to comics in the first place as a kid. This issue has reaffirmed my faith! Way to go Joe Kelly and all.

  37. This is the first ASM issue I have picked up in years.  I’ve been hearing great things about ASM lately and I’m a total sucker for the Rhino, mainly due to the old cartoon series.

     The issue was brilliant, not exactly what I was expecting, but a superb issue all around.  I especially loved the back up story.

     I’ll be sticking with ASM to see if it can keep this up this kind of quality.

  38. Yonkers represent! (Even though I hate this city; and the casino that I too am suspicious of… and it doesn’t really look like that.)

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