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  1. Buying a comic just because of the cover stops this week!

  2. 2 issues ago MJ was Lindsay Lohan. Last week it was Chloe Seveingy, now it’s Ginifer Goodwin? Come on Marvel Cover Artists be original.

  3. Loving the story.

  4. I love me some MJ.

  5. What an ugly ugly ugly cover. Still gonna pick up the book though, it’s been good since I jumped on at 600.

  6. I think I can hop right in and read the story, am I right?


  7. I keep thinking: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Dont’ Judge a Book by it’s cover. Is this how MJ looks after a fight with the Chameleon.

    @Cristian – I’m sure you could hop on with this story. The recap page should tell you enough to get by. If your LCS has #602 I’d grab that as well – it was a great issue.

  8. Isn’t that cover based on a famous fashion photograph or album cover?  The dress looks really familiar.

    MJ’s face still looks weird as hell, don’t get me wrong, but I do think it’s some kind of homage?

  9. I do not like this cover at all.

  10. the covers ok, but I have really been enjoying Amazing spider-man.  It has hit a groove and I’m loving the ride.

  11. As amazing as this has been, I’m afraid I’m breaking it off with ASM. Another casualty of economics. I look forward to reading this on Longbox, if we ever see the day.

  12. Wednesday is Spider-WOMAN day really!  Spider-Woman #1 on Itunes for .99 cents!!!

  13. yeah… i might be following Rustyautoparts unfortunatly. 3 times a month is awesome, but i have to give up 3 other titles to stay on budget with this book being in my pull now. I’m really debating on dropping this sadly.

  14. Can’t wait. I like the design of the cover, but Mary Jane looks like she has raibies.

  15. shes got one of those tranny faces on that cover.

  16. Subscribe through and save about $70 off the cover price for 36 issues.

  17. besides, it’s only $2.99 three times a month, not $3.99 three times a month.  Nine dollars a month is not bad, but if they wanted 12 a month, I’d HAVE TO second guess…

  18. I can understand why people are dropping it. It’s not the quality, that’s great, but Spider-man is sometimes more than 3 books a month, with Annuals, Extra’s, mini-series and Web of Spider-man starting, it’s getting even more expensive to follow.

    Spider-man got me into comics so I tend to stick with it, but everytime I can’t afford to try an indie book or an interesting looking mini, I wonder if Spder-man is worth it.

  19. The schedule is definitely a factor in why I don’t pre-order the book, I just get it off the shelf if it looks like a story I’m interested in.  It’s not like the store is going to run out of this title.

  20. Not as good as the last few issues, but I guess thats to be expected, its setting up the rest of the story arc.  The end is pretty good though, interesting to see what happens!

  21. Just a fantastic issue, definitely on a par with issues 600-602. I gave it 5 stars, and I don’t give a lot of books 5 stars.

    But, what’s up with the cover?  Why would you draw a woman with a baboon’s ass for a face, put a dress on her, and make that your cover?

  22. This issue was ok, but I’m just not digging this arc as much as I thought I would.

  23. This issue was better than it has been… still not sure if I’m going to stay on.  I really liked 24/7 (where I jumped on) and the first half of American Son, but since then it’s just felt really corny…

  24. I’ve been reading this since the start of the thirce monthly change-up, and this is one of the best issues yet.

    American Son was my favorite of the longer arcs, but Lente might top it with this arc.

    I gave it a 5 as well.

    The villain is seriously creepy, the ruminations on humans behind the mask is interesting and the disjunction between what he thinks Peter Parker is and what Peter Parker really is is well-played. He’s fuckin up Peter’s life and I think this is setting up a lot of fallout for the upcoming months.

  25. I’m about to drop most of the Superman books and start getting more Spidey since Web Of Spiderman is coming back.  I find that the Extras and stuff like that really don’t add much to the main story.  It’s all from another character’s view type crap.

  26. The serious terrorism stuff feels a little out of place in a Spidey book to me, but I think the psychology of the Chameleon is really interesting.   I like how well he reads  people around him to know the right thing to say to manipulate them.  It was a darker twist than I’d seen before on this trope, and the issue ended in an amazing place.

  27. @ohcaroline  I can buy the terrorism angle because it stays true to Chameleon. His first encoutner with Spidey way back was a plot to steal missle plans from the U.S. and sell them to interested parties so it makes sense to use him in this way.

  28. @RoiVampire  Ahh, cool!  I didn’t know any background on the character, and it didnt’ seem like the kind of thing Van Lente usually writes either.  That’s not a criticism, it was just something I didn’t expect. I’m enjoying what’s going on with the characters, anyway.

  29. I thought the terrorism thing was a bit out of left field Even knowing that last issue had that bit about how the mentioned acts of terrorism could (possibly) have been prevented if people were truly paying attention to their surroundings/other people, I was still like, "Whoa! Hey… we’re in Pakistan now… the heck?", but I think it’s an interesting angle to take this.

    My only complaint is that Chameleon seems a teensy bit over the top. We, as the audience, know that this is to make sure poor ol’ Pete’s life will be in shambles, but I don’t see why Chameleon has to go out of his way to wreck this anonymous guy’s life. Though he seems to just project hatred, so that makes sense, I suppose.

    I always wonder why characters in worlds that feature superheroes and other magnificent beings of power never say, "A shape shifter took my place" when that happens, to try and fix the problems that came about from the person disguised as them. In that world, it’s fairly believable… it’s also regularly my excuse for slacking off/doing wrong at work. Hm? Oh, shapeshifter did it.

  30. I thought this was a solid 3/5, but nothing more. I loved Peter being evil, but the terrorist stuff was a bit much, and I’m just not enjoying the way this story is being presented as much as I hoped I would. I’m sticking with it, of course, it wasn’t bad by any means, just not anything special.

  31. @captbastard  Oh, God, I hope the roommate never finds out, honestly :-/.

  32. Well, whenever the Chameleon is around, there’s a good bet he’s working with terrorists.

  33. Great writing in this issue and some funny ass jokes. The Saxby Chambliss one was my favorite. The one about Flash "fragging" Jameson was good too.

  34. @ohcaroline (I may in the future forego the "@" and just put "Oh Caroline, I agree/disagree/etc" as though I’m calling out to you)

    Yeesh, in that situation you’re right, telling her it was an imposter would be far worse than letting her think it was him. The likely scenario is that he’ll be all "We did wha-?" & she’ll be mad that he seemingly forgot again, but even that’s better than (and I hate to be so crude, but it’s just funnier this way), "Yeah… you had terrorist dick inside you… sorry ’bout that."
    Though he should try to find a way to suggest that she get tested. It’s safe to say that with his ability to assume others’ identities, Chameleon, to put it nicely, "gets around" (not so nicely: "rapes many women").

  35. Okay I kind of breezed through the 600th issue so I didn’t get a good look at Flash but….

    He’s a cripple now????? Anyone remember what issue or arc that was? I think I’m going to delve into a friend’s long box to read about it.

  36. @Mangaman
    It was circa 580-something. He lost his legs in an IAD explosion or something like that. Dedicated the whole issue to him.

  37. *IED, darnit!

  38. I feel like a triple-posting jackass, but this is all I should’ve said from the start:

  39. @Mangaman

    That story is a really great issue too.  Definately worth reading.

  40. @captbastard   Yeah, I think that was meant to be the implication of Chameleon’s actions.  He seems very adept at manipulating other people’s reactions in order to get what he wants, and sex is obviously part of that.  Quite creepy, but certainly in character and a logical extension of his powers.

  41. Great story, but the art was some of the worst i’ve seen on any book in a long time.  It would have easily been a 5 star book, but the art was so bad it distracted from the story.  People were out of proportion, looked disfigured, and looked rigid.  Otherwise, look forward to where the story is taking us.

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