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  1. All right, okay, Van Lente & Kitson, I’ll give this another shot.

  2. Really not a fan of this cover. Whats the problem with having thick good looking women in comics?

  3. Kind of off topic: Thinking that Jonah’s son (forgot his name) will be the new Lizard.

  4. @ Ruo21:

    Mary Jane was never a thick girl. So why would they have a thick girl on the cover? 

  5. I’m trying to cut down on the pulls, so I decided to give this a break after 600. I didn’t feel bad without 601, and I feel OK with it now. . . let’s see how long my Spider-Break lasts.

  6. @Supertrackmonkey- I though she had organs in the past though. Judging from the past 2 covers though she seems to have lost them.

  7. What’s up with the ridiculously long legs on Mary Jane?

  8. thought* she had

  9. I could ride that. oh yeah I could ride that redhead.

    What? The scooter I mean you pervs! 🙂

  10. I’ll say this, the cover is super annoying…Is the perspective off or is the scooter floating in air?

  11. This is one of those times when I rather have the regular cover then the variant!  On the real.  I don’t know what all you guys are talking about.

  12. She’d have a tough time riding that scooter with those long legs.

  13. bah, i was hoping Waid would stick around for more than just the one issue, especially after how good it was compared to the last arc he did that seemed to go nowhere.

  14. ugh, another cover that I’ll be embarrased to be seen with.

  15. Yeah. . . I like Adi Granov but no so much drawing girls in sexy poses. 

  16. @Ruo21:

    She is a professional model/actress. I’m trying to remember the last model that didn’t look like that….. Yeah, I can’t. 

  17. Just to flare things up more, how much taller is this giant than Peter? Thats gotta be awkward having a girlfriend/wife/person that much taller than you. Does she have to kneel to kiss Peter?

  18. Last issue was good. They might be able to make this MJ thing work. Maybe.

    I must be the only person here who doesn’t like Marvel U Mary Jane.

  19. @ScorpianMasada

    🙂 That is so random. What’s that speculation based on? 

    I don’t like the cover, MJ’s legs look too long (and I don’t go a girl for her legs anyway), but I don’t have a problem with MJ looking sexy, it’s kind of her job (like what others have said, she’s a soap actress/model…of course she’s gonna be sexy).

    Has she ever owned a scooter?

  20. I wasn’t really feeling the last issue, but I’m excited to see more Mary Jane.

  21. Hellooooooooo Butterface.

  22. Great issue!

  23. Wow this issue was awesome!!  Better than 600 and 601 and I liked both of those a lot!

  24. wow, I really want to see how they explain the events of the last 3 to 2 pages of this book in the next issue. Fourtanetly it looks like i wont have to wait long considering its coming out nexxt week.

  25. Pick of the week!  Great creepy villain, and I absolutely loved the reunion scene with Harry & MJ.

  26. Chameleon was great!

  27. WOW another marvel editing typo:

    "There eyes are everywhere…"

    Is this middle school? From a technical standpoint that’s utterly unprofessional.

  28. @robbydzwonar: they ARE talking about the regular cover. The variant cover is the carbon copy of the other variants (eg: Black Panther, Avengers, etc)

  29. @Mangaman
    Unless the phrase is repeated elsewhere with that error that and I didn’t notice (which would be a typographical one, not a grammatical one), it says, "There are eyes everywhere".

  30. @Bassoonjedi
    Are you referring to the cover of this issue or the preview cover of the next one? Because next weeks (perhaps only because of the minimizing of the original image) made me wince a bit, but this weeks cover featured one pretty young lady (albeit one who looks nothing like MJ). Frankly I like her face more than her disproportionate and overly skinny body. Also, I want that scooter, even though I’ve never driven a scooter and am a fairly large gent who would almost certainly get laughed at for riding it.
    Sorry for the double post.

  31. My true rating would be a 3.5 , but within the confines of the iFanboy system I decided to go with a 3.0. This issue started off really week, and, although it managed to improve as time went on, I don’t think there was anything too special about it. On the plus side it does put us in an interesting position, and I loved the Harry characterization stuff. Not all bad, just not all great either. 3/5.

  32. The red bold emphasis on every other word in the lettering drove me crazy in this issue.  I don’t know if it’s always like that, but I really noticed it this issue.  For that reason I gave it a 3 instead of a 4.

    As for the cover, I think it’s a great pin-up of MJ, but don’t know if it makes a great cover.

  33. Who looks at comics for anatomically perfect illustration?  Give me a break, this cover is great!  Story was really good too!  Lots of characterization – Chameleon is creepy, MJ is back, Harry is down, JJJ is still cheap, Peter is dead?  Can’t wait to read the next ish.

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