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  1. So is $3.99 the new norm for this book or are there some extras?

  2. i think its just for this arc

  3. It’s been three weeks since the last issue and that feels like forever.  I can’t wait for this.  Why didn’t they put the "Extra" out in one of the weeks there was no regular issue, though?  That bugs me.

  4. Uh, oh $4? I want to jump on with this book eventually (I’m reading all of BND and I finished Kraven’s First Hunt) but if the good issues get a premium price (for a book that comes out 36 times a year!) then eh.

  5. great book. Get over the $3.99 tag. They will all be that way soon. Sucks…whatever.

  6. ooo nice arc…sad price though…im getting ready for 3.99 for all my comics nowadays

  7. Guggenheim is the shit. JRJR is the shit. Nuff said.

  8. $3.99? This had better have a bitchin’ back up story or somethin’. $3.99 three times a month, srsly?

  9. I’ll gladly pay 3.99 for JRJR Spidey art. As long as it goes back to 2.99 if McKone gets back on the book.

  10. @cman  Dean White is the shit…. the coloring on this book has been really strong IMO

  11. RE: $3.99 price point 3 times a month…. I love Spidey… spending an extra $3 month for three glorious issues at $3.99 vs $2.99 is no biggie to me (I’ll skip one Starbucks coffee this month), as long as the quality is there.  The quality is definitely there.  I loved the bottom of page 8, when XXXX pulls on the mask… To me, with JR JR drawing that, Marvel earned my $3.99

  12. pretty solid issue, i was satisfied.

  13. This book was double size. It will return to the old price next week

  14. Why two inkers???  The inker change for four of the last five pages totally took me out of the story.  It had me flipping back to the credits page to see what the heck was going on.  I mean I know the schedule is almost weekly, but this arc had the fill-in and a few weeks between issues…. it would have been nice to have Jansen do the whole issue…… nice wrap-up of all the on-going arcs though.

  15. MEH (at best)

    definitely not my Pick Of The Week

  16. Re: Price Point — I definitely understand the concerns, especially considering the fact that it comes out thrice monthly, but I think it’s good enough to deserve that price tag. I would like to see something like a $2.00 price tag on the book instead, but I don’t think that’s going to happen, and for now I think the book is well worth any standard-pricing you could affix to it.

    I really loved this issue. I don’t think its in POTW range for me, but that’s only because there’s been a lot of other books that’ve reached that peak. This was a very satisfying end to this storyline and I can’t wait for the next issue to come out. I know a lot of people don’t want to support a Spider-Man title after the OMD/BND debacle, but this is just good comics, plain and simple.

  17. Oh it was double sized? Then I should shut up.

  18. I adore having Harry back. I had forgotten how much he meant to the book

  19. Overall, I really liked this arc. I never read any of the One/Brand New Day stuff, but New Ways to Die and this were great. This issue had some great moments, especially the "Gwen…" line. As much as I like having three issues of Spidey a month, I sometimes with this was a regular monthly so JR JR could be the regular artist: nobody does Spider-Man as well as he does. 

  20. When I finish each issue, I have one thought in my head; "Joe Q was right." The way he got the book here to good, fun, melodramatic old-school Spider-Man was absurd,  but I get to read the Spidy that behaves like, y’know, Spidy. Between this three times a month, and the upcoming artist change up on USM, I couldn’t be more pleased.

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