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  2. I’m actually kind of sorry that is took a Brand New Day to get me into reading Spiderman (well the movies and TV shows helped a little also) that sometimes I wish I knew what old Spidey trades are definite essentials.  Any ideas?

  3.  @robbydzwonar Here are some of my personal favs,    Kraven’s Last Hunt, All of JMS’s run which you can find pretty cheap on amazon if you go through vendors, start with Coming Home, Spider-Man: Blue is also great if you want an old school style tale but with a sort of modern vibe. 


  4. getting back on the spidey wagon with this.

  5. Sorry for the double post but do you think I’ll be confused? I’ve read NWTD, but nothing of BND…?

  6. @titom You should be fine. New Ways to Die was the last major arc, so if you read that without any trouble, this should be pretty smooth. 

  7. This is my first spiderman book in a couple years. can I read this i know the basics like peter parker nad most of the villians. i also bought the barack obama issue. havent read it yet thought


  8. @jorgevillatoro The barack obama issue was really good! I like how they made me care about betty brant again! Coincidentally….did u see the Obama variant is going for $80 bucks!! Really?

  9. @jorgevillatoro The only problem you might have is catching up with the new "status quo" in the Spider-Man world.  When they say this story is a year in the making, they are not joking.  A lot of the back stories that have been slowly building since Brand New Day are apparently going to be resolved with this story.  I would jump in, because even though there is some back story you’ll need to get to speed on, the opening page intro’s have been very good with this book to get the reader up to speed.

  10. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    @johnorlandella . . . so, should we expect this story to reveal the identity of the Spider-tracer killer?

  11. @PymSlap, from the cliff hanger in #582, they make you believe that it is now only a matter of "time" before he is revealed.  I am not sure what the tracer killer has to do with the bigger picture in this arc, but I am thinking he will be revealed sooner in the story rather than later.

  12. Thank You @JAMESDEAN2020 and @johnorlandella for helping me out. I got the barack ssue for 5 bucks and cant wait to read it.

  13. this is good and i got the barack issue too. cant stop loving spidy lol

  14. I actually thought the cover that didn’t have Barack on it was the nicer cover.  But as to this issue and this storyarc, I don’t think it will be too hard to jump into it.  I loved this issue.  John Romita Jr. is probably my favourite Spider-man artist and I’m really liking Marc Guggenheim on Spider-man.  There were a ton of great jokes and nods in this issue that really hit it out of the park for me.  Loved the entire thing, definitely my pick of the week.

  15. This was really good.  The series is going to be a great read. 

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