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Well, Guggenheim managed to write an issue of ASM that I don’t hate, and I suppose you have to take the victories where they come.  Unfortunately, he write an issue that wasn’t terribly interesting.  This was average in just about every way, though there was nothing wrong with the art.  I’m not one of those that think JRJR can do no wrong, but his pencils here were appropriate and didn’t displayed the rushed quality that you can sometimes get with him, so that portion was solid.  The idea of this arc comes from two of the the plot points I care the least about since the reboot, but I’m willing to give it time to bear fruit.  And so long as we don’t have Spider-Man out maneuvered by any street gymnasts, and Guggenheim doesn’t go on any interview rants about gay marriage, I’ll suspend by typically harsh judgment of his work.  If we’re lucky, this story will either clean some house when it comes to boring plot threads and characters I feel nothing for (thanks to the fact that they’re written as alternately dull or total douchebags), or do the impossible and make all of them something I can care about.  I won’t hold by breath, but the Spidey Brain Trust has to stop letting me down at some point.  I hope.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good

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