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  1. Spidey date issue, can’t wait!

  2.   I’ll take Romita over Obama

  3. Oh, it this that issue? I’ll get to my store good and early then, just in case.

  4. Why is this issue a dollar extra? To help pay for the $27 million inaguration party expenses? Will this mean that Marvel might get a bailout sometime? 😉 (Seriously, I’d be for that. Maybe that’s the secret reason why Obama was in Savage Dragon, too. Hell, if that’s the case have Morrison rewrite the ending of Final Crisis with Obama saving the universe so DC can get in on this too.)

  5. Who asked for it? Who?

  6. i really want to start this. Im new to comics, and so far i have had to start at the very beginning of each series i start..but i don’t think i could start at the beginning of ASM at my current income because i dont make a mill a year =S


    Is this a new story arch or a decent place to begin? 

  7. I would never recommend starting this title post BND.

  8. I think it’s a self-contained "date" issue with the next big story arc starting with the next issue. Spidey books have a lot of single issue or two issue stories so I reckon that you can pretty much pick it up at any time without having to worry about continuity or having ‘missed out’ on anything.

  9. A good rule is any time you see a creator change on the book (about every month or so) you can pick it up with very few problems. The recap page in the beginning brings you up to speed on anything important

  10. @Fvckstick: I think you can definitely start here.

  11. Barack Obama somehow cheated in the voting and made STEPHEN COLBERT, A GOD AMONG MEN, lose in the contest.

    This is just rubbing salt in Colbert’s wounds.

  12. Is it just Waid’s spidey that has been worth reading post BND?

  13. Is this a one and done or the first part of a new arc?

  14. @Win: This is a done in one. Next weeks issue is the start of the Marc Guggenheim & JRJR Character Assasination arc.

  15. Great Romita cover and I love that Pete still rocks the turtleneck in 2009.

  16. @Kimbo I love seeing Romita draw something modern because the fashions take on this weird amalgam of the early 1970s and the late 1990s

  17. Really looking forward to the next arc.  The ‘filler’ issues have been pretty good though.  Remember, this is one of the reasons for BND – Pete dating again.  So, I’m hoping for a great, characterful issue. 

  18. @RoiVampire- absolutely!  and he draws the foxiest ladies.

  19. JRSR is one of my fav. artists of all time! Obama who?

  20. I don’t normally speculate when it comes to comics but this time it is paying off.  Thank you Obama and thank you to my LCS who suggested that I preorder multiple copies. A few copies for friends and a few copies for ebay fodder to help fund my hobby for the rest of the year.  As for me, I’ll keep the JR cover.

  21. So this is the Obama issue? All i want is Waid written spidy and now i’m probably not gonna find a copy:(

  22. I don’t think you will have an issue finding a copy of the book.  Most people only want the Obama cover at least my LCS.  They all ordered up the 2nd varient and left the shop, most with no book in hand.  I will say this though, after reading it today I really disappointed in the date issue.  It never really moved anywhere, the Obama story was cool, but not worth the extra dollar they tacked on to the story. 

  23. the betty story was really touching i thought, surprised me

  24. this was sold out at my shop when I got there at 4pm!  Was it good?

  25. @RoiVampire

    I thought the Betty story was pretty great, too.  I hope that a lot of people picked this up for the Obama story and start reading the book, as it seems like a great jumping-on point.

  26. The Obama crap was really unnecessary.  Other than  that, a good issue overall

  27. I love me some Kitson….though it seems he thinks Harry is black. This was a nice little one-off, well put together. The Obama stuff was cheesy, but a little cute. Good ish overall.

  28. The Betty Brant story was fantastic. It really reminded me of classic Spider-Man, but done in a way that doesn’t shove it in your face. Betty has been seriously neglected for… decades, so I’m glad she got her own issue.

  29. @PTAhole  actually betty was featured a lot in peter david’s run on friendly neighborhood spider-man, but its nice to see her in a book everyone is reading

  30. Well, I went to my store at lunchtime and there was no Spidey on the shelf!  Anyway, I pick up the rest of my books and wait in line, then the manager quietly came up to me and enquired if I’d been looking for Spidey and I went: "Um, why actually, yes I was!" so he explained that he’d had so many calls about it that he’d decided to keep his issues off the shelf and only sell to his regulars and he got me one of his last three copies. 

    So anyways, I enjoyed this issue a lot though I was thrown off by Harry being African American. I know he’s always had that freaky cornbraid ‘do, but he’s caucasian, right?

  31. This issue was good– I’d actually like to see the title move to a regular once per month schedule with Waid and Kitson, and let them have a run on the book.  Or Waid and Marcos Martin, who is awesome.  I don’t know if I quite buy Peter and Betty sitting there, with her being dressed and looking the way she did, drinking wine deep into the night, WITHOUT anything happened.  Really starts to make we wonder about ol’ Peter– we may be veering into creepy loser territory with him at this point.

    But other than that, I liked this issue, and Waid I think is my favorite of the rotating writers on the book right now.

  32. I’ll go on a record, that calling May a "Cougar" is inappropriate…

  33. @spooky i thought it was very appropriate given peter’s sense of humor. now calling the girls on the cover who looked younger than him "cougars", that was weird

  34. You know I don’t think I like it when covers are talking to me. Also I don’t like when what is said on the cover is a bad line.

  35. I have always found Pete and May’s flirting more than a little creepy myself.  

  36. Did peter ever date a flat chested girl?

  37. There are no flat chested girls in 616

  38. hahahaha

  39. Ah man, I just realized they printed my letter in the back of this one!!!

  40. The main story with Betty Brant was fun and light, but the Obama back up was trite and silly – I didn’t care for it at all.

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