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  1. the solicitations for AMS must be so much fun to write

  2. A double-sized Paolo Rivera comic is the kind of thing that is actually worth the new $3.99 price-point.

  3. Zeb Wells? I like Zeb Wells….and he’s writing the Punisher?….

    Damn you Marvel!! I want to stop this ASM business but you keep pressing me on buying them!!

  4. I have never read this title but the art intrigues me and double size for what is now the "unofficial new price point" as Conor posted on another thread I might have to take a look at this. I love the Punisher and hate Spider-Man but I love Rivera. I am so torn.

  5. This’ll be my last issue. Have to make wya for Cap, Thor, and Dead Pool.

  6. way*


  7. with the punisher movie coming up, i bet we’ll see ol’ frank teaming up with every character from now to june ’09  😉  –not that is a bad thing–

  8. if all the issues go to 3.99 are they going to have more pages of story? or are they going to be the normal amount and anytime there is a double-sized it is going to be 4.99?

  9. @zakcaldwell: I think that it might just be a flat $3.99 price.

  10. Man, that part with the Bookie and JJJ was awesome.

  11. The whole THING was awesome. Like I said before, this is the kind of thing that I’m happy to pay $3.99 for…

  12. DAMNIT! I liked this better than the Magneto book, which I so very much wanted to put as my pick, but the call back to the windshield wipers at the end just cinched it.

  13. great issue. well worth the extra buck

  14. The story was fine, but as much as I loved the art the last two weeks, I hated the look of this book.  Possibly one of the worst covers I’ve ever seen on a mainstream title?

  15. Agree with goat77 this was awesome. Best Spidey comic i have read in a long, long, long while!! Art fantastic I love the way the punisher was drawn … great stuff.

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