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  1. The art from Mike McKone in the last issue was excellent – I think that Marvel has finally found a book suitable to his considerable talents!

  2. how did clay get a review out before the book is even out.

    even if he read it he should put the review out on wednesday after it is released

  3. @chrs7637

    I subscribe to a Marvel Subscription for this book, and it comes in the mail as early as Monday sometimes.  Sorry to put up a review too early though. I didn’t know it was appropriate to wait until comic book day.

  4. @chrs7637 – If clay has read the book he is free to review it; you are under no obligation to read his review before you are ready.

  5. I have a question, why for most people marvel subscriptions gove them books early but for me I subscribed to Iron Man and I sometimes recive it 2 weeks late?

  6. @Guardedmarman – Marvel seems to ship very close to on-time, and sometimes early. I usually get New Avengers, Spider-Man and Thor before Wednesday. I live in NYC, so that might have something to do with it.  Oddly, the ultimate universe Marvel comics are typically a week late. DC Comics are ALWAYS at least a week late. 

  7. you have to love that cover

  8. @tdog I do! Also the title "Crisis at Coney Island" is pretty great.

  9. I am excited for this one.  The last issue was pretty good and my favorite of the Bob Gale Spidey books.

  10. I have been loving the format of 3 times a month with 3 issues story archs. this is the most excited I have been about Spider-Man books in ages

  11. @clay sorry i was just a little pissed that their were spoilers and had to restrain myself from reading it

  12. Did it seem to anyone else that Spider man was a cranky douche in this issue?

  13. Aaargh…my LCBS failed to put this in my pull box…omg…fail on an epic scale. 

  14. @AlexG:  Yes, yes he was a cranky douche this issue.  Considering the circumstances though, I can forgive it.

  15. This cover was a clear misrepresentation of the book … I wanted to see Spidey driving dodgem cars!!

  16. Great cover. Also, in the ‘Asterisk in Comic Books’ iFanboy mini podcast I think Conor had a good arguement but was a little harsh on the use of asterisks in Amazing Spider-Man. I’m sure most if not all the rest of comics that use asterisks do it seriously, and it’s nice to see the creators be candid and actually use asterisks to a comedic effect that fits the book right now. As Conor also said in the podcast they do use it sometimes to point out back issues that a reader should check out, it’s not like they’re completely being, for lack of a better term, sacrilegious. I don’t think it’s a bad gimmick and I look forward to them each issue.

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