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  1. Wasnt liking the 2nd part of this arc but the 1st was good so lets hope if this is better.

  2. oooh nice cover, especially with the giant spike cutting across the title in the foreground!

  3. Didn’t make it to my LCS last week so I still need to read the 2nd part.  Still, I’m looking forward to reading these issues.

  4. This is turning out to be my favorite BND arc so far.  Great stuff from Wells and Bachelo!

  5. Haven’t read 556 yet, but 555 wasn’t my fave.  This one does appear to have the best cover of the arc thus far though.

  6. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:


    ASM #555 was indeed awesome. I live up in Alaska, and it’s snowing right now, so I loved seeing Spidey duke it out in a blizzard. Bachalo’s pictures were great. His stuff reminds me of Jim Mahfood’s drawings. (I got Marvel’s "Wha… Huh?" 2005 with my order. Good satire of one-page "What if"-scenarios drawn up by Mahfood). 

  7. Well, we’re 12 issues into BND and, hot damn, I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying the Spider-Man stories that spun out of the clusterfuck shitfest that was OMD. This book has been consistently solid for the last 12 issues and even the worst arc (in my opinion), with Freak and the soup kitchen and all that nonsense, wasn’t too bad.

    The only thing more surprising to me is the fact that I’m totally digging Bachalo’s art here. I’ve never been too fond of his work but his Spidey is a lot less cluttered and confusing than his previous books. High five.

  8. BND has been great, there has been a lot of talent and focus put into this and it shows.  I noticed though that in the newspaper Pete and MJ are still married.  I would love to see OMD serialized daily in that three panel way for half a year.

    Panel One: May’s still gonna die because of me!

    Panel Two: I’ll do anything to save her!

    Panel Three: Hi.  I’m Satan.

  9. @pympslap, i definitely need to get that wha huh.  i love mahfood.  ill throw money at pretty much anything done by him. hembeck, or sergio aragones.

  10. I thought the out of time combat sequence was awesome.

  11. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:


    I like his Sue Storm in "Wha…Huh?" 

  12. I like the start of this arc but the last two issues have been out of place and just a little weak. I do like the return to the old spidey we are getting again. I think this will again be one of my favs.

  13. This arc was a snoozer for me.  The only part I enjoyd was the end when Spidey put a beat down on this Mayan thing.  Here’s hoping we NEVER see this baddie again.  LAME!

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