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  1. I’m feeling kind of iffy about this issue…

  2. I really dug that they relaunched Spidey. I was never into the marriage thing but loved the character. Some of the jokes were so horrible in the first arc. Did anyone else groan at the horrible Spidey-wit? Can we expect to get more horrible Spidey-Jokes in the future?

  3. I can live with the jokes, it

  4. i’ve committed to buying this series up until every writer has had a chance to tackle spidey. So far im unimpressed by both guggenheim and slott, it’s too hokey and cheesy for my liking. It feels too much like an old 60s comic, and while some folks will love that, it’s just not my cuppa tea

  5. @electricyoda- I didn’t think the Spidey wit, as you call it, was all that bad in the first arc, but it was a little overbearing in the second arc.  I’m also not all that jazzed about Larocca’s art.

  6. I hated one more day but honestly this new run of spider-man is doing really well. What Im not liking is Jackpot. Everyone knows its Marry Jane,"Face it Tiger you hit the JACKPOT"(MJ) ,they really should have held on to that character at least 6 months before bringing her back.

  7. I will keep reading until it starts getting serious or anything like the madame web shit starts creeping its way back in.

  8. I can’t believe this is the number two pulled book of the week. 

  9. This book is pretty much the definition of inconsistent for me. Hopefully this’ll be one of the better issues.

  10. Did anybody else notice the name Ron Richards on the bottem of page 14? I’m not counting ad pages.

  11. The only thing I noticed was how much Jonah looked like Walter Matthau.

  12. Thats who it is, I couldn’t figure out who he looked like. ya’ll are surprised that this books so high on pulls but its the best it’s been since civil was in my opion.

  13. First the Lost U crossovers now The iFanboy universe.  WHATS NEXT?

  14. I thought Jonah looked a little like Hitler. But that could just be his mustache. On a whole I have been digging this more than I have in years. Also Jonah owns Frontline so he’ll be pissed at his wife, but he’ll still be making the money. Even though he probably won’t have as much input. This could set up a bigger rivalry between the two papers.

  15. I haven’t had the chance to read 550 yet, but I have to say I am already sick of the return of the webshooters.  Apparently they brought them back just so Spidey could lose a webshooter, and run out of web fluid.  I guess it’s too tough to come up with other ways to make his life difficult!

  16. Larroca doesn’t do it for me, and JJJ specifically looked bad – but I’m coming around on the BND storytelling, though there’s still something – prolly the lack of subtlety with how it was all handled – nagging me that I shouldn’t.

  17. @Dom – Yes! I saw that, too. Court Clerk Ron Richards. Really moving up in the world, eh Ronnie?

  18. @weston: If handled properly I could handle a little Madame Web action.


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