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Here is something from a new perspective. I have been watching all the gnashing of teeth over OMD and BND and have to say. I like this comic. My perspective is a little different though because I started reading Spider-Man with One More Day. After about a twenty year lay off from comics when I came back last year it was daunting to know where to pick up some of the classics. Everything was mid-story and you had to know so much to keep up with the stories in some of the big books in both the Marvel and the DC Universe. This book is what I remember Spiderman being. All about Peter Parker and his troubles being a super hero. I don’t care about any of the back story that got redone. I am interested in whether this is a good comic or not.

One more Day was everything I hate about comics. Late Late Late and spotty quality. I almost gave up. But then there was The Brand New Day. I like this series a lot. The  books have been a riot. I love the smart alec Spider-Man attitude and it has caused me to spend more money at my local comic book shop. This is what comics have to do. Grab new readers and bring them into the fold. Let them feel like they could jump into a story at the beginning of any month and have a complete arc done in no time. Suck them in, hook them, and keep them hooked forever.

I know the “hardcore” readers think it is horrible to do the reset. From the new reader, this is a nice breath of fresh air. I like being able to pick up an old friend and not feel like I missed 25 years.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Same here cept im tottaly new to comics about 3 months maybe and I dont see this as a bif oh I hate this but I definatly can see how others could.

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