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The Gotham City Police Department teams up with the vigilante Jonah Hex to bring a serial killer to justice, setting a dangerous precedent – but even that won’t stop the Religion of Crime from staking its claim on these streets. Will Hex ever get away from this place that makes the Wild West seem tame – and can he survive Gotham City’s first drive-by shooting?

Plus: Will El Diablo’s rampage against a zombie horde be halted by the bloodthirsty White Arrow?

Cover by MORITAT

Price: $3.99
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  1. Looking forward to more Hex and a comic that is strangely close to Snyder’s Batman in so many ways. (Not a knock, but the similarities are pretty damn eerie)

    Also, pretty sure that is a cover by Rafa Garres because I saw the sketch version of this online literally this weekend.

  2. I was describing this comic to my fiancee the other day and I’m pretty sure I hit the nail on the head with it…
    It’s like they took The Man With No Name, threw him in 1890s Gotham City, paired him up with a clueless doctor, and have him hunting who can best be described as Jack the Ripper from the movie “From Hell.” There is no losing here.

    • from hell meets a spaghetti western is how i have described it.
      i love the man with no name character. clint eastwood is such a badass

    • He was a hell of a lot better at being a cowboy than that overrated John Wayne.

    • john wayne is not overrated

    • Concerning Western’s in film? Oh yes, he certainly is.

    • nope. certainly not

    • I’m sorry, I forgot that making something that’s supposed to be gritty, violent, and dark and adding flamboyant colors, stereotypical cowboy talk, and upbeat horns playing the background makes Western movies so much better.

      Sorry, but American Westerns are failures in almost all cases. Italian’s made the best Western’s. It wasn’t until the mid to late 70s that American’s started making decent Westerns and even then it wasn’t until the late 80s that they started getting really good.

      Wayne had one Western that I like and that was the 1969 version of True Grit, not to be confused with the remake that he starred in in ’75 that was complete shit.

      Personally, I think his best role was in the 1952 drama The Quiet Man. No one ever mentions this or gives it the due it deserves. Wayne could play a lot of good roles, but when it came to cowboys I never understood why he was such a big deal. Especially when guys like Eastwood, Van Cleef, and Volonte were playing real cowboys and outlaws much better.

    • maybe you should watch “the shootist”, “big jake” and “the searchers” . wayne paved the way for all the gun-slinging badasses you mentioned. he is the original. real cowboys herd cattle. in ’75, he reprised his role as rooster cogburn in the sequal to true grit, not a remake.
      sergio leone is the only memorable italian film director to make westerns very well, and they were awesome.
      you dont have to apologize for your narrow view of classic american movies, its just an opinion.
      the quiet man is one of the best movies ever made

    • Hey, I love American cinema and I can tell you a 1000 ways we’ve made movies better than the rest of the world, but American Westerns just weren’t enough grit (no pun intended) for the longest time. Sure, there are exceptions to this just like there are in any other genre, but I still don’t see John Wayne as the greatest cowboy, and if we’re talking cinema then he was a cowboy.

      I’m not by any means saying I hate the guy. I don’t hate his films, in fact there are quite a few Wayne films I rather enjoy, aside from The Quiet Man and True Grit of course. I just resent the hype that surrounds his roles in Westerns.

      As for my view on American cinema, well I don’t think have a poor view of it’s history with Westerns is considered a narrow view. After all, singing cowboys. Now if you want to talk pre-code horror and film noir, well I can tell you how every country in the world just can’t compete with pre-1950 Hollywood.

      Since this is the end of the week and we’re expecting a new batch of books to read, I probably won’t check this out again. Of course, if anyone wants to have a serious and friendly talk about cinema, I’m always open to discussion.

    • your description, what with the up-beat horns and declaration that early american westerns are complete failures, is a narrow view. i cant see how they’re failures if millions of people are inspired to love them. monster movies are great, but so are john wayne movies. i dont know if he is the greatest, but he is definitly among them.

  3. One of the titles I look forward to the most from the New 52! Plus, I really enjoyed the El Diablo backup. good stuff going on here.

  4. If someone were to show me my pull list as it stands today way back in August I would have thought them insane…’and one of you most anticipated titles will star Jonah Hex”….huh?

  5. Loved the Jonah Hex comic before the reboot and this one is even better. I don’t know much of the other western characters that DC has aside from their appearances in Hex’s stories but I look forward to the back up stories as well. Great book and one of my favorites!

  6. ive been waiting to see a vigilante back up story….

  7. Hopefully more Hex and a lot less of that crappy back matter I couldn’t even read more than two pages of.

  8. Love that last panel.

  9. This is good but can’t say I’m in love with it. The hardest thing for me is the $3.99 I could care less about the back up story. I know it’s just a dollar but with only liking the book and not loving it makes it hard for me to justify staying on board after this first arc.

  10. Is it just me, or was the art a little rough this month?

    • The art did look a little rough, but i loved it. It reminded me of Tony DeZuniga’s art and that made me happy. This comic is fantastic. I love the art, especially the covers. The story is all action and adventure but it also is digging deeper into the chartacter of Hex. Yeah, the back up was weak this time but I’m really looking forward to a Bat Lash story.

  11. Does this mean that Gotham is now in the west, hence the title? Not many westerns set in the east coast, but i could be wrong.

  12. Gave this a 3 really enjoyed this title and I wish Hex the best of luck. I just can’t afford to keep all of these titles and this one was on the edge. I am more of a super hero guy and for something different this was very cool. The artwork was also probably one of the killers it just did nothing for me and the other backup stories were just not that intresting.

    Sorry Hex, CANCELLED!


  13. @jackalope, I was also wondering about the title vs. setting; but as I understand it, only the first story arc is set in Gotham – then Jonah will be heading (back) out west…

    I just love this comic book. It’s one of the 4-5 that I look forward to most each month. ALL-STAR WESTERN is one of the few comics that not only entertains me – but it makes me feel like a kid in the 1950s, reading about a cold, mysterious, adventurous, romantic and simpler time that I will never get to see myself. Sometimes I feel like jamming this comic in my back pocket and riding my bike to an ice cream parlor, lol. And it is also one of the few books where – if the art is a bit rushed, or inconsistent – it only fits the genre even better, bolstering the scrappy look that genuine western comics must have had. I <3 ALL-STAR WESTERN!

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