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What happens when a psychologist and a sociopath have to work together to track down Gotham City’s first serial killer? They’ll soon find that crime in the big city runs deeper than its foundations, and it’s all mapped out in the mysterious Crime Bible – that is, if they don’t kill each other first.

Plus: No zombie is safe in the Wild West when Lazarus Lane summons the demon known as El Diablo!

Cover by MORITAT

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. The first issue was really good. Maybe a bit long to get us introduced to everything but in the end it was great writing and wonderful art that made me love this.

    Now with Jordi Bernet doing the back ups it will even be better then last.

  2. This should be awesome. The first was great, such a cool dynamic between the two leads, and anything tied to Gotham’s history has my attention.

  3. Issue #1 was outstanding! The duo of Jonah Hex and Amadeus Arkham was brilliant!

    Looking forward to the back up story…El Diablo!

  4. I can’t wait! This was my favourite out of the new 52.

  5. As long as some miscreant taunts Hex only to get shot in the head, I’ll be good.

  6. Man this is a great week for covers, wow. After seeing Bernet on AV last month, I’m looking forward to the backup even more now.

    • I’ve become a Bernet convert. That guys is so awesome.

    • Bernet was the reason I picked up Hex, but I kept coming back for the great writing by Palmiotti & Gray. I like Moritat’s art too and I’m glad to see Bernet still associated with this “Hex” title. The first issue of American Vampire (#19) featuring Bernet was awesome and definitely for fans of his Hex western visuals. I’ll get the conclusion in issue #20 of that as well.

  7. Im kinda dissapointed some of the pages in this are going to be dedicated to another story now, i felt the first issue was so fullfilling in terms of how much there was to read and i didnt just fly through it totally worth the 3.99

  8. this was great, but there are two things that i hope will happen to this series

    1) we get stories that don’t have to be tied to the DCU (I really don’t care about the crime bible stuff in batwoman)

    2) We get stories about other western heroes that are actually as good as the hex stories have been

    • I agree with both points. I am totally ok with some stuff tying into the DCU present but would be excited to see unrelated material in future story arcs.

  9. i’m excited for this. #1 was one of my favorites, and i usually don’t like Westerns.

  10. Digging this one.

  11. Really enjoyed the first issue. Looking forward to seeing how it continues.

    Does anyone know how long the arcs in this are going to be?

  12. I could make this pick of the week based on the residual awesome of the first one. My favorite of the new 52

  13. I am a big fan of P & G’s Jonah Hex and the one and done aspects of it. But I did really like this one. I just hope they go back to one and dones.

  14. If theres one comic I’m gonna spend $3.99 on, its this one.

    And thats sayin’ a lot cause I’m a cheap bastard.

  15. totally worth the $. I hope they tie this into the new Batman run. Readers of that can see where this could go.

  16. I really loved the first one and this one was solid but didn’t seem quite as good as the first one. Also thought the bonus story at the end was pretty lame. Kinda reconsidering this title on my permanent pull list since it’s $3.99. I will most likely give it till the end of the arc but not sure of it’s survivability after that on my pull list. Too many good comics I only want to keep the ones i’m loving not just liking.

  17. Did anyone think the art looked….different?

    I mean for the most part it was really good. But the coloring and Moritat’s pencils looked a bit rougher then last time. Still this was a solid issue all around and the back up was really nice. I love seeing Bernet on art even if it’s for a few pages.


  18. Was it just me or there were some weird post-production choices in this?

    Like the big black square with LORDS OF CRIME written in it and the lack of a title in double page spread that had the credits?

  19. Im still loving this

  20. I didn’t like the backup story very much. But the main story was awesome. Jonah Hex is bad-ass and pairing him with Arkham is gold.

  21. What a great book! The Hex/Arkham storyline is progressing nicely and I thought the backstory setup of El Diablo worked to perfection for new readers.

    The art seemed ‘different” than last issue. I’m guessing Moritat was on a tighter deadline, but it still rocked!

    Story 5
    Art 5 (for both Moritat and Bernet)

    Can wait for the next issue!

  22. Urg, the Bible of Crime? I’m all for tying this series into the present day DC, but, I always thought the Religion of Crime was one of the least interesting threads in 52, and that it was way overplayed in the Detective/Batwoman series. That said I’m still enjoying Batwoman overall, and suspect that the same will be true for this title. However, I will admit that I wasn’t quite as excited about it this month. Also, Arkham seemed more pushed to the sidelines this time around.

    The back-up has promise, though, zombies? Urg, again. I’m more tired fo them than vampires . . .

    So, overall, not the stellar whallop that issue one was, but I’m still on board for the arc.

  23. This was fantastic! The Jonah Hex story was great and I can’t wait to see where it goes and how it ends. The back-up was wonderful as well. Jordi Bernet’s art is gorgeous and Palmiotti and Gray are really showing just how good they are at writing old west tales. I never expected to like this but now I’m loving it. 5/5

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