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  1. God I hate DC’s trade program. This should’ve been out ages ago. There should be a HC with all 12 issues too. And there most definitely should be a Absolute.

  2. ^Couldn’t agree more. Oh, they’ll put out a HC with all 12 issues, alright. They’ll do that about a year from now. And then a year on from that they’ll put out the Absolute version.

  3. I dunno about the HC with all 12 issues. I’m still waiting for a New Frontier HC.

  4. A year from now will probably be the trade paperback (I hate that they take so long to put out paperbacks).  Then probably within a year of that you’ll see an Absolute.  I doubt you’ll see a HC with all 12 issues as the Absolute kind of takes care of that.  But who knows, maybe they will do both and milk it for all it is worth (and oh, is it worth it!)

  5. I’m not at all convinced that they are going to collect this in Absolute Edition.

  6. How long until a volume with all 12 issues? Will it be before I forget how good this was?

  7. Dude, who cares? You can get all 12 issues on Ebay for like $9.99 anyway.  I swear everybody on this site has like never heard of Ebay. It’s such a buyer"s market when it comes to back issues these days.

  8. @conor

    Wha? If there is a work that needs to be Absoluted, it is this one. 

  9. @robbydzwonar 

    Dude no offense but most of your posts rub me the wrong way.

    Of course I know about eBay. I buy a ton of my trades there. But I don’t want this series with ads. And I’ve bid on this series before. Gets more than $10.  

  10. I wouldnt care if it didnt come out in Absolute form. Although this is the best Quitely art ever, it wouldnt kill me if it wasnt collected in a huge format.

    Does this make me a bad person? I’m waiting for paperback on this…

  11. Dude, I seen that set on there, But It Now, for $9.99 at least 10 times.  Of course then they were probably ripping people off on shipping charges but I don’t think you can get away with that anymore on there.

     So rub that…

  12. FINALLY!!!!!!! i cant wait

  13. @Rob: I think most people are concerned way more about format than they are about price. They want a collected edition of the whole series, and they’re willing to pay 2 or 3 or maybe 4 times as much as they would for a run of the single back issues…because they want it all as one book.

    I bought this as singles when it was coming out, and I’m fine enough with that format. But if DC would actually put out collected editions quicker, they’d have my money for a trade or HC too. As it is, I’m usually emotionally "over" DC storylines by the time the they get around to publishing collected editions.

  14. @miyamotofreak: Sure, I would love it but DC will only do it if they think the sales will warrant an Absolute Edition.  I’m not convinced they would.  Right now it seems like the Absolute line is an Alan Moore/Jim Lee/Frank Miller format.

  15. you know, for some retarded reason i only brought issues 1 to 3 and 10 to 12 of all star superman. chirst on a crutch, i’m kicking myself now

  16. I recently read the first collection of this, and this is the Grant Morrison I like.

  17. @conor

    That sucks. This to me is

    Batman:DKR::Superman:All Star Superman

    Seriously. Best thing I read from Morrison (though I’m still a newbie with him besides Batman stuff) and charming and beautiful. I’m just preaching to the choir though. And I only read the first 6 issues!



  18. It’s not about the money, it’s about getting it in a single collected format.

  19. I’ll be picking this up pretty soon, possibly during one of my slow weeks this month.  If not, I’ll use Amazon.  And agree with everyone, it would be great to get this in absolute, but not sure if that will happen.  We should all write to DC!

    @robby-You SAW the set on ebay, not seen.  And there really is no need to be so negative and a smark alec on this site.

  20. I really find the last few issues of All Star Superman FAR, FAR CLOSER to the Final Crisis Morrison than other people do. Take a look at those last few All Star issues: there’s a lot of channel-flicking scene changes, a lot of bizarre pseudo-science magic, a lot of references to bygone half-forgotten continuities, and as with FC the ending isn’t really an ending. Don’t get me wrong, I think All Star Supes is a better work, overall, by a wide margin. But there’s a lot of stuff toward the end in there that, I bet, people would frustratingly call "nonsense" if it were in FC. I think people just had their mind made up that they were going to enjoy All Star Superman right to the end no matter what. And with good reason: it had earned their trust to a far greater extent than FC did. That’s just my opinion. I don’t see the difference between this and FC as being quite like night and day.

  21. You have paid a terrible price if you have tradewaited for All Star Superman vol. 2. The spoilers have been unavoidable in the End-of-2008/New Years fallout. I went ahead and spoiled the rest since the release date looked to be forever back in Oh-Eight, I’ll be glad to be able to sit down and re-read this finally, though.

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