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  1. This book has been so incredibly good.  Cant wait to read this one here


  2. I love this book.

  3. #12 is the finale right? I can’t wait to see what happens, I love this book. I will be sad when it’s gone but at least i’ll always have the trades ^_^

  4. #12 is the final issue? That’s disappointing. I thought this was an ongoing series. 

  5. ^I think it will continue but Quitely is definitely off it as of next issue. The storyline also ends. Morrison has said that he wants to continue, eventually, but no word when or who the artist would be. I’m also assuming that continuity would start over again and it’d probably be Vol. 2 #1.

  6. I think morrison said that the big story would end at 12, but he’d like to come back to that continuity or whatever for a few stories with different artists he likes.

  7. it’s sad that this is coming to an end – hope it goes out with a bang

  8. Supposedly, after 12, Morrison is just going to turn back the clock and start writing about Superman before he got the solar cancer.

  9. would that be turning back the clock? or might he be turning the clock forward to the future where people write comic books about superman as shown last issue? either way, grant morrison can do no wrong in my eyes.

  10. Frank Quitely is the best artist working today – full stop!

  11. Another really great issue. Quitely a monster. This is absolutely beautiful.

  12. I guess it’s just me, because it seems that everyone on this site & all over the internet wanna have this books baby. I’ve been reading it & sticking with it, maybe hoping something will click in my brain and I’ll see what everyone seems to see & love in this title, like one of those old magic 3D eye puzzle things … but I just dont see it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the book is bad, but all the talk about it being the best book on the shelves etc … maybe it’s just a personal taste thing, because I just don’t see why people think this book is so perfect.

    Just my opinion though, please don’t punch me in the face.

  13. Sorry Wade, I am going to have to punch you in the face. That’s just how I roll.

    I kid! I Kid!  More and more I’m forced to admit that some of the things that hit all the right notes for me don’t do the same for others. And some of the stuff I’m only so so about, for others is the dopist stuff in the universe.

    But I’m glad there are people who want other thngs out of comicbooks. I like to find a book that makes me go "Wow, this isn’t exactly for me, but good lord this must be making a few people go apeshit." That’s I felt about Wanted, for example.

    Anyway, this is on my personal perfect book list. This is where I’m at.

  14. I am sad that there is only one issue left from both Morrison and Quietly. This is the BEST book on the market. I hope Morrison continues it in some form as various rumors suggest. Hopefully, if Quietly is not involved Morrison will find another great artist.

  15. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Please, sir, I’d like some more.

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