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  1. The single best comic book being published.


  2. Wonderful series. Can’t wait till the hardcover 12-issue collection of this is out. Makes All-Star Batman seem like a cheap, colossal waste of time and talent.

  3. agreed. my favorite series. anybody who can work the word "tesseract" in to an action story is ace in my book.

  4. I wasn’t a big fan of the bizarro storyline but everything else has been out-of-the-park fantastic.

  5. The Quitely art is just fucking amazing.

  6. i really hope that we get an absolute all star superman.  i love this series.  i hate that is so rarely comes out but i love it anyways.  

  7. I could have done without the Bizarro story line, now I know why Conor hates him. Otherwise, this has been one of the few Superman stories I have ever liked. 

  8. That cover is exquisite!!

  9. i smell a pick of the week with this one.

  10. This book deserves every single ounce of praise it receives, IMO.

  11. 318 pulls for New Avengers and 190 for this? You’ve gotta be kidding me! I’ve tried New Avengers on two separate occasions and it just hasn’t done anything for me. I guess I’m in the minority, but I just don’t get why it sells so well.

  12. Bendis really writes the crap out of Avengers.  I don’t care what anyone says he is holding the Marvel universe together for me.  With that said, All-Star really does deserve to be the number one book this week.  This and Action Comics are the best Superman books going right now.  I love em both. 

  13. "Bendis", "writing" and "crap" definitely are three words associated with each other in my mind.

    @Paradiddle: Eh, don’t worry about what comes in #1. The most popular movies are usually not much better than "average" quality-wise. Bendis does his soap opera thing, writes dialogue that to my hears is painfully cliche and sometimes out-of-character (his Wolverine, especially).

    I’m a glutton for punishment so I tried to read New Avengers this week. The whole comic book takes five minutes to read and is comprised of a grand total of three scenes. I couldn’t finish the last scene because the lovey-dovey dialogue was making me puke.

    Contrast that to All-Star Superman, which gives us so much more, so many more scenes, so many more interesting ideas… *ranting done* 

  14. Just registered today to comment on this book. I think this has got to be one of the best issues of the series. Gives the incredible feeling of perspective of the size of the man’s life. This book just has so much heart. Another issue showing a world so large and strange and intricate, and one guy with superpowers struggling to protect everyone. This is a really beautiful book.

    Between Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison, this is a great time to be a fan of Superman.

  15. I agree that All-Star Superman is going to be the most pulled of the week (I’ve haven’t been able to grab it yet… grrrr) but if you order the list by "highest rating", this book is only beaten by the Spirit this week which got a full 5.  So, it’s not quite as popular as the Avengers, but the quality is admittably much better if that makes you guys feel any better on All-Star Supes getting the proverbial shaft.

  16. This is the title one give to a fan who has never read a Superman comicbook. This is going to make one killer Absolute Edition.

  17. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    All Star Issue Superman #5, with Clark interviewing Lex in the penitentiary has been my favorite issue of the series… but I haven’t read this new one, yet. 

  18. @PymSlap: Agreed!!! Although, the emotion and depth of this issue was great.

  19. I have no idea what I just read.  No clue.  ???

  20. *Minor spoilers.* 

    I loved this issue. As usual, this series manages to present complex ideas without insulting the readers’ intelligence. It does something unusual. It makes you think. For instance: Why don’t those lil’ Kryptonian dudes ever cure any human diseases? When Superman released them in the children’s hospital, did the nurses freak out? Those fleas aren’t board certified. The hospital could get sued if one of those guys kills a kid.

    Can Superman see DNA? How small does something have to be before it’s invisible? Does he always see our dead skin cells sloughing off? Imagine a waiter bringing him his food. Does he actually see the nasty ass skin fall on to his plate? Gross.

    How did Supes create life? That bit confused me. But that’s half the fun; trying to figure it out.


  21. Here is a funny thing:

    Frank Quitely is the professional pseudonym of Scottish artist Vincent Deighan. The name is a spoonerism of the phrase ‘quite frankly’.

    Crazy, eh?

  22. Quite. He may be on "the pot."

  23. @RolandofGilead

    Frank Quitely is the professional pseudonym of Scottish artist Vincent Deighan. The name is a spoonerism of the phrase ‘quite frankly’. 

    So two Scotsmen are making one of the greatest comic books out right now? Ahh, it makes a man proud to be a Scotsman. 🙂 

  24. Not only POW (Pick of the Week), this is my choice for BOM (Book of the Month).  Superman is a god and he finally shows it.

  25. This issue is the first Superman-centric title that I’ve bought in literally 20 years. That cover was just too beautiful to pass by. From what I hear I couldn’t have picked a better one to come back with. A heartfelt examination of who the character is and why he endures. I’ll definitely be picking up the rest of this series.

  26. Issue was a bit "inside baseball" for those not too familiar with things in this universe.  I actually had to listen to Conor on the ‘cast to really understand what was going on.  I liked it, but things were a bti confusing at times.  Lots of style though.  Morrison is the tops.

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