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  1. I’m so over Frank Miller’s Batman.  I just wish it would finish so I can get off.

  2. I love this book maybe because I love Jim Lee and Scott Williams art work. I have a big ass Batman tattoo by Jim Lee. I don’t care about Frank Miller. I am only reading this book because of the art work. 

  3. This is the funniest book being published.

    did anyone read the preview of this issue?

     "Boy’s got fast hands… and a big mouth."


  4. I do have to say that Miller’s Joker is fantastic.  Oh and last I heard they were thinking of doing something like 22-24 issues of this books somewhere, so Alex you may just want to jump ship if you dislike it.

    I have mixed feelings about this book.  I’ll continue to get it though.

  5. I love Jim Lee’s art.  Can’t say I’m loving the story.  I’ve probably seen enough of Frank Miller’s Batman at this point, that unless he’s really got something new to say with the character I don’t need to read another issue by him.  Still being a sucker I’ll stay on the book until the end.  It’s not like it’s bankrupting me, it’s only one issue every few years.

  6. I totally agree with 52878org. I would have dropped this at issue 2 if it wasn’t for Jim Lee & Scott Williams on the art.

  7. I love this comic. It’s just so damn funny.

  8. I think this book delivers.  Its supposed to be (at least originally in theory) a response to the ultimate line.  So here is bad-ass batman.  Its unfortunate that there are delays because it seems to cut off any steam the book gathers.  I’m definitely on-board.  It makes me laugh and its fun to just read a book and not have to worry about where it all fits in. 

     I can definitely see, however, how people would dislike it.  I just hope that its because they don’t like the characterization and not just because its not the bats them remember.

  9. I can’t wait to read all the posts concerning this issue. Judging from some preview pages I saw, the reaction on the boards is going to be a treat in itself.

  10. I am loving this series BECAUSE it isn’t the typical Batman characterization. I also think it is hilarious. If it would only come out more regularly. One thing you can’t disagree with is that Frank Miller’s Joker always kicks ass. 

  11. Easily one of the funniest books on the market accompanied by the best art out there right now. I love this book.

  12. I love this book – Miller’s one of my favorite writers, and Lee is a great artist. However, I am disappointed about the constant  use of "the g-d batman." Was that phrase completely necessary? I think not.

  13. This will be the first issue I don’t get. The weird thing is is that I liked that last issue, the one with the Joker. Everyone here is right though, this book is funny and I don’t begrudge those who like it, it’s just not for me overall. 

  14. I loved this issue – it had a lot less action than the previous issues, but the dialogue with Hal, and Miller’s narration of Batman’s thoughts really made this an interesting read. I find it completely funny that Batman sees GL as a complete idiot. I do like GL, but this is an interesting take on the Batman-GL relationship. The last few pages, focusing on grief, give great insight to the development of the relationship between Batman and Robin. I give it 4 out of 5 – and I can’t wait for the next issue.

  15. This was the first batman issue I have picked up in years and I have to say it was really good. I really in enjoyed batmans views on the green lantern. I would have to say that if I was in danger I wouldnt really want Batman as my EMT.

  16. This is my kind of batman. fighting and screwing.

  17. Agreed. This is a great book. Miller puts the Man in Batman. 

  18. I like the series, but I dropped off after issue 8 because I needed to cut down on monthly floppies. I’m waiting for the story to be finished so I can get it in trade. I think it might read a lot better that way. I love Jim Lee’s artwork, and I find Miller’s writing funny in some of the issues.

  19. I like this Batman.  A friend of mine can’t stand it, he thinks that it’s not the "real" Batman.  To that I say "GET OUT OF YOUR BOX, if not the world is going to be hard on you."  I digress…this Batman is gritty and funny.  I like that he is inturpreted differently, if they all wrote Batman the same why would you ever need to by another book?   Plus when characters change or become more than what you expect, it makes them human and entertaining.  AND this art is Soooooo goooood.


  20. Why am I still buying this?

  21. I know why I am still buying this; because the art is awesome and the story if fresh, different and funny. Having fought for a very long time to not read any Batman (Superman or any other DC) until recently I really don’t have any ties to the character like many others do. With that said it is easy for me to get into stories like this and others that may think a little bit "outside of the box" as far as the Bat goes. Just wish it would come out more regularly so I could get my fix.  

  22. I crack up and am smirkimg the entire time Im reading this title. Thats in between all the
    Oh my God! I cant belive he did that!"s

  23. This was a fun issue.  I loved the Dynamic Duo messing with Hal, and that serious twist at the end was really nice.  Brought things back to reality.

    This series has made me realize I’m over pocket-sized Jim Lee. 

  24. Another generally funny issue but the more serious ending sort of bothered me. It made me feel that maybe, just maybe, this isn’t the ridiculous farce that I always thought it was and I really don’t want to consider the idea that Miller might actually mean this as anything other than a pisstake.

  25. gods this series is my guilty pleasure. it’s soooo sexist but the art is gorgeous and i think frank miller’s writing is different. ugh! i can’t wait to get my hands on this issue!!

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