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  1. Damn you Van lente! Good writing but not writing the good she-hulk! Although I did not like the trance of the last issue. It seems to set up Lyra as a mega powerful character. She took down all of the Dark Avengers! That don’t seem right to me. Also How did her computer go against its programing just because it liked her? Anyway I am still a sucker for She-Hulk so I’m still gonna buy this in the vain hope that Jen Walters kick’s the sentry’s arse… Not gonna happen, I know.

  2. I had no interest in this when it was coming out. I actually thought it looked stupid.

    But then I got into Lente’s writing through some other books and gave it a chance.

    It is really good. The world he built (or whoever’s stuff he is building on) with the new She-Hulk’s future planet is really interesting with the gender wars and super hero totem stuff.

  3. Damn, it is still early in my reading this week and this could be pick of the week. I’m rating this a 5 and I don’t give a lot of fives. Unless something else hits the 5 mark, this is it for me this week.

  4. I dug this mini alot! I think I’m going to start pulling Incredible Hulk if the new She-Hulk is going to be in it monthly.

  5. I thought about doing that too, but then I remembered Loeb and quickly banished that thought.

  6. Loeb’s writing Hulk; the Lyra stories will be in Greg Pak’s Incredible Hulk.

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