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  1. PICK OF THE WEEK!  Everyone LOVES The Sentry!

  2. You know, I don’t like the sentry, but i think this has the potential to be alot of fun.

    At least we know the art will be gorgeous.

  3. the art looks great. definitely gonna pick this up…when I have the money for it x_x

  4. I think I’ll read this while crying in space.

  5. It may sound crazy, but this is the book I’m most excited about this week. I still think the Sentry story could be great. The idea that this character was around in the Marvel Silver Age but erased from every person’s mind is interesting. It’s just that the execution has been disastrous.

  6. I must be crazy too because I am also excited to read this book.  Jeff Parker is an incredible writer and I have yet to be disappointed in something he has written.  The art looks great too. 

  7. The art looks very Darwyn Cook ish… I may get it for just that reason.

  8. You guys interviewed Parker at Comic-Con and I’ll go back to my original quote:

    He seems like a great guy, pretty funny….But there is no way people will buy this or admit this will be good.

    I think this could be good, hell the first Sentry HC was pretty good. But with all the backlash on the character (and rightfully so) there is no way this will sell well. But hey I hope I get proven wrong cause I would love to see a story/writer make this guy work.

  9. I might buy it because I dig the artwork, but this will probably be a ‘wait for the trade’ book.

  10. This looks great!

  11. So your telling me 61 people out of 78 (which would be close to 79%) thought this was POTW material? Plus only ten hours since midnight so that would mean they get this issue via tubes like Futurama….I call a mistake in the POTW math here lol

  12. superman vs the sentry for the POTW.

  13. So disappointing. So very disappointing. Flip through this at your LCS – do not waste your $2.99.

    One theory for this whole Sentry business. The introduction of the Sentry was a bizarre kind of retcon – you (and the rest of the contemporary Marvel U) never heard of the Sentry due to use of psychic powers negating his existence. I have a sneaking suspicion that someone at Marvel (I’m looking at you, Senor Bendis) will retcon things back – the Sentry never existed. Rather, someone is using some powerful psychic powers to create a superhero forgery. Thus, the friendships between the Sentry and Reed Richards, the Sentry and the Hulk, and others never really existed either. That mindblow would be so much more entertaining.

  14. Seriously, what’s sad is that Jeff Parker put out a great X-men: First Class issue this week, which is a comic that really gets what was fun about the Silver Age without trying to pastiche it, and this is getting a lot more hype and attention.  It’s like Marvel doesn’t know how to sell what’s good about their books.

  15. @coltrane: Anything to get him off any issue he’s in at any time in Marvel

    In fact let’s just have Marvel sell a 25cent issue of Sentry’s death: Him getting stabbed in the face. Instant Pick of the Week! 🙂

  16. @coltrane: i agree the book was disappointing. i love the sentry. He is totally what superman would be like in the marvel U; their greatest superman type hero is also their most flawed. it just makes sence.

     he’s like "running with scissor" but a comic book, does that make sence? guess not

    and the more everyone on bitches about him, the more i like him

  17. @edward:  I also like the Sentry character; although I know he is reviled by most of the ifanboy community (we are definitely in the vast minority on this).  Granted I don’t think he has ever been developed to his full potential; but I think the concept of an uber-powerful being with serious mental issues is simultaneously interesting and terrifying.  I also did not pick up this issue (seemed a bit too campy for my tastes) but I’m hoping the fans will give this character another chance.  I’m not too optimistic about that however as the masses just seem to love having him as the resident punching bag.

  18. This book was a lot of fun!

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