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  1. I’m looking forward to reading the co-feature.

  2. Bring on the meta-commentary!

  3. I was unimpressed with the last issue.

  4. Can it be worth getting a book just for the co-feature? 

  5. Is this cover an homage to "Gone with the Wind" when Rhet Butler carried Scarlette on the staircase?

  6. @AmirCat: Nope. It’s a very famous comic book homage cover that goes back to an issue of UNCANNY X-MEN, but was most famously used in CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS.

  7. No Legion this issue?  Blah  I guess I’ll still pick it up.

  8. Heh. Cool cover. Meta-Textual Powers Activate! Form of…. 

  9. @conor – oh shoot death of Supergirl!

  10. Conor you’re a genius! And perceptive!


  11. @AmirCat If you click on the full image you can see that Ordway signed it "Ordway (After Perez)"

  12. Whoa whoa whoa… Francis Manapul is doing the co-feature?  My excitement in this issue just shot up 180%.

  13. @PraxJarvin oh cool

  14. wow, talk about meta. there’s even some continuity problems with this thread

  15. Easily one of my most anticipated books this week. Can’t wait to read this tie-in!

  16. Sad that Johns is leaving this book, but happy to be able to drop another title. Also happy that Johns is writing one less book so that he will be able to better concentrate on the others.

  17. whoa, two superboy stories for the price of one. damn this issue rocks already

  18. No legion might make this the best issue yet

  19. I’m hoping that with Levitz taking over that we’ll get more & more legion and less superboy.

  20. I loved part 1!  Lets see, the word meta has only been used 400 times here.  Still, every DC event is meta, and in its own way, this superboy prime story is the ultimate culmination of meta-ness of the meta-event: blackest night. 

    I’ve read most of the DC crisis events over the course over the last year, and the real question I  come away with is:

    Is the God of the DC universe an anal retentive fanboy or a neurotic editor?  I hope to have that critical meta-meta-metaphysical question answered  in Adventure Comics #5.

  21. The laugh riot Blackest Night crossover.

  22. A really Good Issue. I’m very sad. I hoped Superboy Killed Di Dio.

  23. Oh that was quite fun. Really really fun. It harkens back to classic stories of DC villains coming to Earth Prime to attack Julie Schwartz. It was simple, but the ending was quite good. I would have given this issue a 4 if not for the outstanding back-up. I loved every minute of it, Manapual’s art is so awesome. 5/5 for me.

  24. Still a tad more meta than I would like, but generally quite enjoyable.  Would anyone care to walk me through page by page pointing out who’s who?

  25. First feature was terrible, terrible, terrible… Second Feature was great!

  26. I’m with Prax.

  27. @stuclach I actually wasn’t sure who a few were. The last two are Eddie Berganza and…. Oh…I forget his name but the other editor for the book. I think I spotted Gail Simone and Jann Jones.

  28. My response as soon as I saw Didio was "Really?  We’re doing this?"  Back up, much better.

  29. Do you think the Superboy-Prime story will be followed up on or just forgotten about? The Conner story was awesome too.

  30. @Noto I’m sure Johns has plans for Superboy-Prime. But there’s some finality to it. 

  31. @Prax – I’m surprised Mr. Johns didn’t make an appearance.

  32. @stuclach He doesn’t work there! 😉

  33. This issue kinda blew the cliffhanger to BN5 for me… so now we know all the re-dead heroes are just going to become a Lantern of whatever color/emotion they feel the most, then as soon as their mood changes, the ring disappears and they go back to normal?  Hopefully it plays out more interestingly in the main book.

  34. Disliked the Superboy Prime/Black Lantern stuff. Loved the normal Superboy stuff. Great cliffhanger.

  35. @slockhart I highly doubt that it. There are extenuating circumstances to it. Superboy prime was never dead like the other heroes.

  36. @slockhart @prax  yeah i think he went a different way with it than the other heroes are going to. to paraphrase Marsellus Wallace, he felt a slight sting, it was the black lanterns fucking with him, but he fought through that shit.

  37. I thought Superman Prime was gonna be back in issue #7, the one after Johns leaves.


    Anyway it was so so for me, fun but not great.

  38. I really hope that’s not what happens in BN6. Having the Black lanterns just become whatever lantern they are most suited for seems like a cop-out. They should be black lanterns and the rest of the DC universe should have to fight them. 

  39. I’m confused how did SBoy Prime get a black ring and then all the colors?  Is it something not explained yet?  Did I miss something?  Did he also get all the Promo Ring issues?  Anyway, the draw for me is Johns/Manapaul Superboy and I glad to see the return.

  40. First part was decent, back-up was great, although the reveal did feel a little cheesy. A solid 3/5.

  41. @Prax – Touche.

  42. @lantern4life He caught the black ring and put it on. Immediately after the ring tried to kill him, this didn’t work because he’s not dead. So the ring changed to accommodate what he *was.* Remember, the rings are from a "fictional" world followed him to the "real world" they were created in. They can, therefore, do whatever the hell they want. As I said, it harkens back to the issues of Flash where people would go and threaten Julie Schwartz for making them lose all the time. Sometimes Flash’s powers wouldn’t work, sometimes the Villains had different powers. Stuff like that. (I believe anytime the Flash’s powers didn’t work on Earth Prime someone had to "believe" in him.) So that’s what happened there. 😉 

  43. Didn’t like the main story, but the Connor story was pretty cool.

  44. I checked this out at the store and talked about it with the owner. I think it was hilarious. Kudos to Johns for poking fun at the worst group of comic fans out there. Also, a great different take on the tie-ins for Blackest Night. All the others have been pretty simple and contributed almost nothing new or different. This was refreshing.

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