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  1. As pumped as I am for the Flash series, I really wish this team wasn’t leaving the book.

  2. So this is the last one w/ Johns/Manapul?  Is the story gonna be continued somewhere else?  I love the Luthor/Superman notebook gimmick

  3. I think they’re coming back for the co-feature for the next few issues.

  4. I think I’m quickly falling in love with these DC writers/comics.  Who would’ve thunk it?

  5. So, whos taking over after this arc?

  6. There are still the 2 Blackest Night tie-in issues with Superboy Prime written by Johns by art by Ordway.

  7. I was pretty positive that Johns/Manapul had done six issues of Adventure Comics before agreeing to leave and do Flash.  We should have this team for three more issues.

  8. Supercool speedlines!!

  9. Sun Boy & Polar Boy!  I’m there.  I just finished rereading LO3W and loved that team-up.  More please!

  10. I’ll be sad to see the Superboy lead feature go, but we had known this was going to happen from when Adventure Comics was announced. (The quote went something along the lines of "The first arc won’t feature the Legion, but after that..") 

  11. @MarcSpector

    Jerry Ordway is solicited for art on issues 4 and 5.

  12. Is Geoff Johns only on this for the first three issues??

     If that’s the case, I’m going to have to pick up issue #2 and this one.

    I thought he was doing six issues?

  13. @ScorpionMasada

    Johns and Manapul are doing 1-3, Johns and Ordway are doing 4-5, and probably 6 

  14. @Slockheart
    NOOOOO! NO! NO! NO! … No Ordway! Do! Not! Want! Want Manapul to pencil FOREVER!

    Oh, he and Johns will be on Flash soon? O-okay… I’ll… I’ll calm down.  Still, I was loving this series; my little heart will just break in half when the creative team changes. 

  15. Yes yes yes!!! Love me some Ordway!! His art is so much cleaner and crisper than Manapul.

  16. I’m excited to see the interaction between Red Robin and Superboy.  I believe they were on the Teen Titans together, so they likely have a lot to catch up on.  (I haven’t read any Titans books, so please correct me if I’m wrong.)

    The Bruce/Ra’s and Clark/Lex dichotomy working here should be interesting.

  17. @stuclach They’ve been friends since Peter David’s YOUNG JUSTICE book from the 90s-00s. And then both starred in the Johns’ TEEN TITANS relaunch, so yeah… they have a lot to catch up on.

  18. Cool.  Thanks for the info.

  19. Ordway is the next artist for this series?

    That’s unfortunate…

  20. Superboy and Robin were best friends until Superboys death. TIm even tried (and failed) to bring him back several times. 

  21. Think I might drop this after the Johns issues.  No real interest in the Legion of Super Heroes.

  22. I’m trying to hold off on reading the Legion back up story until after I finish up LO3W, of which I now have 3 of the 5 issues. I’ll definitely have to finish it before next issue, when Superboy Prime come back to rear his ugly whiny head.

  23. Ugh, Ordway.  I still haven’t recovered from the couple of issues he did of the previous Wonder Woman series.  Horrible.

  24. Does anyone know what’s happening with the format of the book when the Legion takes over?  Will it be Legion with Superboy co-feature?  Legion and something else?  Maybe even, the best and least likely choice, no co-feature and a $2.99 price tag?

  25. This issue is so good it isn’t even funny. I was actually angry and sad when it ended to go to the Legion feature.

    I really want DC to make a Superboy/Red Robin book. And Krypto has to be involved in it! This issue was, from start to finish, absolutely amazing. 

  26. I really enjoyed the interaction with Tim.  This makes me want to go grab some of the old Titans and Young Justice books.

  27. All I know is that the Flash book had better be worth losing this.

  28. This is such a great comic. I hope The Flash is even better.

    I too am sad about Ordway taking over. I thought Johns said that him and Manapul had done 6 issues of Adventure Comics? I guess he was just talking about himself. Sad.

  29. Long live the Legion.

  30. I didn’t enjoy the Legion bit in this, but I absolutely love the interaction between Tim and Conner, so this one had to be a 5. Really can’t wait to see what this team does with Flash. 5/5.

  31. Loved this book so much. This is what Teen Titans should be.

  32. this one was great. my fav read this week.

  33. I really like this book but I just can’t get into Legion. So at this time I’m just going to read the Superboy story since its so enjoyable.

  34. Really a fantastic story. There’s some really great characterization going on here and of course brilliant art. I also really enjoyed the Legion Back-Up. So an all round awesome package. 5/5 and my POTW.

  35. I’m basically only picking up this book, because of the Legion.  Superboy is ok, but I wouldn’t buy a book about just him.

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