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  1. I’m on the fence about getting this one, not sure if I will even be reading Adventure Comics.  But hey, its only $1.

  2. $1 ? Done!!!

  3. This issue is supposed to contain a ‘real big surprise’.  Plus, just a dollar.  Sold.

  4. Lightning Lad is wearing the wrong costume on the cover. And it should be Lightning BOY.


    But I’ve only bought the first LSH story four or five times…what’s one more?

  5. a dollar…HELZ YES

  6. @MikeFarley- You could say that about all three of them. They all are wearing diffrent costumes then they originaly wore. But it’s cool.

  7. Well its a new cover thats a homage to the original, so thats an easy way to explain the different costumes

  8. I know I was just saying.

  9. @ mike – good catch on the lightning boy.

    so this contains new content, in addition to the reprint? do we know who is writing the new part?

  10. Yeah, like magnum240 said, in the editors page in Final Crisis #7 it said to get this for a surprise but who knows what that could be.

     Hey, it’s only a dollar so might as well. I like the cover.

  11. Only getting this because Geoff Johns made interested in the Legion after that episode of Smallville.

  12. I read this in B&W in the LOSH Showcase, it’s hilariously 50’s, totally worth a buck.  

  13. is this a new series or a rehash of superboy/legion stories…. anyway for a buck why not

  14. Har har. Superboy is too ordinary. Boosh!

  15. Such a famous writer….Otto Binder….You remember him kiddies dont ya?

    Wait I dont know why I’m making fun of him, considering he wrote the majority of Captain Marvel comics from Fawcett so many years ago.

  16. This comic book is so awesome DC comics finally decided to remade the Legions of Superheroes first appearance and the time Superboy decided to join them and became their leader. I’am gonna really buy this comic book when it came out really I’am gonna get me a copy of this mastrepiece classics remade.

  17. Hmmmm…  Adventure Comics #0 or a double cheeseburger from McDonalds?  I  just cannot decide right now!

  18. Easy decision, since McDonalds is gross

  19. Does anyone know why they’ve been so tight-lipped about this series? I keep waiting for new solicits and an announcement about the creative team. Is it too much to hope that Geoff Johns will stay with the Legion after Three Worlds?

  20. Getting this one for the same reason as @Kory (Geoff John’s episode of Smallville). And it’s only $1.

  21. Origins and Omens back-up by Johns & Manipaul

  22. And that should be Manapul!>do some bloody simple research before posting, you fool<

  23. This was hilariously good.  But even if the old school isn’t your thing, the Origins & Omens backup is easily worth $1.  I had no idea it would involve the Black Lanterns!  Have to say I might check out Adventure comics later on this year

  24. @ kirkerson – sssshhhh…if we don’t dare dream it, it won’t hurt when our dreams are shattered.

  25. Great surprise. Love the Ol’ School

  26. Well at least it has some good advertisements in the back.

  27. between the hint at kon-el return and bart allen’s return, tim drake is going to be cheering up soon.

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