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Fort Bragg is calling: DELTA has a problem with an out of control Columbian drug lord, and it’s up to Danny Locke’s Team Omaha to find a solution.

THE ACTIVITY #4 is a great jumping-on point as the series continues to grind high-octane realism at all latitudes.

Story by Nathan Edmondson
Art by Mitch Gerads

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  1. Hey guys and gals! Thanks for picking up the book so far. Nathan and I are immensely proud of it. This issue in particular is a favorite of mine. Let us know what you think! Also if you ever have questions, feel free to leave them on here and I’ll definitely try and address them. All our fans are immensely appreciated and have a great new comic day!


    (artist on The ACTIVITY)

    • I love the art. All I seem to hear when I talk about this book though is that the story falls flat. There really isn’t a “catch” to this books story and I couldn’t tell you how to fix that. I think in the end this will be a better trade for most readers. I do have to say though that the twist at the end was surprising and I’m hoping the “double” agent thing get’s explained.

      I’m sticking around so keep up the great work, there are fans out there who like this kind of story (“Semi-realistic”).

    • Thanks, Markavo! You’re right, there is no real “catch” to the series, but that’s not to say their won’t be some “hooks” as the series goes on. We’re really aiming to bring the first real Military Thriller series to the comic shelves.

      Oh and there are definitely some “twists” and they’re right there in the pages of all the issues so far. They might not be apparent right now, but the seeds are being sown in every issue.

      MUuahahHAHA *ahem*


  2. Hey! It’s always cool to see creators here! I was wondering, will we see some bigger story arcs develop in this series, and more character development? Also, what is this team currently called? I get mixed up with the different team names in the past three issues. Lastly, are there more Activity teams besides the main group? Like the guys from issue 2?

    • All great questions!

      * We’ve got our first two part story in issues 7-8. So far all the issues have been self contained, but they’re all leading up to a story we have planned farther along and once you see what that is, you’ll realize all these “self-contained” stories aren’t as self contained as you thought. 😉

      * Our idea on this book is for you to learn to know these characters as they go on missions. Each issue unfolding more about how each character ticks over time rather than hit you over the head with personality in a single issue. This isn’t The Losers (Great book), we’re trying something new as far as comics storytelling goes. We’re REALLY playing up the reality angle as much as we can and we realize that might take some getting used to, but we’re really excited about how our plan for the title will set it apart from not just other military books, but other comics in general. It’s Military Thrillers like Clancy, Brad Thor, and Vince Flynn, in comic book form.

      * They’re still Team Omaha. In the real world a single mission isn’t done by a small team of 5, but rather every single mission our military plans and executes is the careful planning and involvement of probably 10-20-30-40 different people. Maybe there’s only 5 “shooters” but there’s probably 20 people involved in support. You’ll be running into a lot of different teams and characters in these various positions as the series goes on.

      Hope that helps!


    • Wow! Thanks for the reply! I can’t wait to read the issue!

  3. iFanboy has the exclusive preview of issue 4…


    • Agreed, thanks for the reply. I’m glad you knew what I was talking about. I was trying not to “spoil” anything by saying too much. I wish it was tomorrow morning already 🙂 I’ll ask here and in the preview:

      Any way you could draw up a page in a future issue of the gadgets used so far. An image and then a description of what it is supposed to do? Maybe even include some of their standard issue side arms etc? Also, I think this should show up at some point in the future cuz it’s way cool:

    • Copied and pasted from the preview response…

      Good ideas for the trade, Markavo!


  4. Love this book…so glad there is a good war book out on the market. Growing up, I read the Nam and GIJoe and Sgt Rock. Really did not read any super hero comics (well GIJoe was sort of super heroes) so I am really happy to have another good war book out. And also glad that it is not a “mature” title. This is the kind of book I will share with a lot of people who are not comics readers.

    Mitch, love your art.

    • Thanks so much, David!

      That’s one of our biggest goals, to get a new kind of reader. Both Nathan and I are really excited about doing a series that branches out from what’s “expected” of “comic books” these days. That’s not to say I don’t love comic books these days. I would only have to show you how insane my pull list has gotten at my local shop to prove that to you.


  5. I’m an issue behind on these, but really enjoying the series.

  6. @mitchgerads I loved this issue! This book is becoming one of the most consistently solid books I read each month, and I’m even a military aficionado, yet I am finding this stuff very interesting. I am really starting to notice all the little hooks and unresolved plot points you guys have been building, and I can’t wait to see how they progress. Just one quick question, will we be seeing that guy who was spying on them in issue two anytime soon?

    • @SuicidalKangarooz I TOTALLY forgot about that guy! I think I’ll have to write some “user reviews” for these titles. There have got to be more readers out there that want something unexpected from comics. Like @davidpentecost said I’m happy there’s a war book that’s got my interest. I’m glad I’m getting this in singles but if there’s a splash page of the gadgets in the trade I’m buying 3!

    • Thanks, guys!

      We will DEFINITELY be seeing more of our mysterious onlooker. Things are being set in motion every issue. Very subtley…


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