Exclusive Preview: THE ACTIVITY #4

Damn remotes. Gadgets are great, but sometimes a little too accident prone. That’s when you send in a real flesh-and-blood operative to get the job done. The boys and girls of Team Omaha have their eyes on the prize in this week’s installment of The Activity. They just need to make sure the prize doesn’t have any eyes on them. When the team’s RC device gets crushed underfoot, it’s up to new recruit Sergeant Leslie Ryan to get up close and personal with the target. Is Fiddler up to the task?

Image Comics presents an exclusive preview of The Activity #4 by Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads. The book hits shelves this week.

The Activity #4

Story by: Nathan Edmondson
Art By: Mitch Gerads

Fort Bragg is calling: DELTA has a problem with an out of control Columbian drug lord, and it’s up to Danny Locke’s Team Omaha to find a solution. THE ACTIVITY #4 is a great jumping-on point as the series continues to grind high-octane realism at all latitudes.

Let’s take a sneaky peek:


  1. Thanks for taking a look, everyone! This issue is a favorite of mine. I hope you dig it and make sure to add it to your iFanboy pull list!


    PS. For a question about The ACTIVITY? More than happy to try and answer it!

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Pages look terrific, Mitch!

      What’s the ratio of real world tech to all-out science fiction in team Omaha’s arsenal? What kind of resources are you looking at to draw the weapons and gadgets and scenarios in this series?

    • Thanks, Paul!

      This is going to sound like hype, but I kid you not, totally true, we’ve been privy to a lot of military technology that we’re not actually able to show or use. The research on this book has been immensely cool and rewarding. The easiest way to answer that question is that every piece of tech used so far is VERY rooted in things that exist or are in development. Some with our own little spin on it, but the concepts are all very real.

      My designs for these things has the same answer. Everything is rooted in reality with my own little spin on it.

      Thanks for reading!


  2. I’m really digging this book and hope it has a long life.

    Just out of curiosity, how far ahead are you on pencils?


    • Thanks, b_RAD!

      I’m currently inking the tail end of issue 5. Issue 6 by Marc [Laming] is already done and then I’ll be jumping right on #7 after ECCC!


  3. Any way you could draw up a page in a future issue of the gadgets used so far? An image and then a description of what it is supposed to do? Maybe even include some of their standard issue side arms etc? Also, I think this should show up at some point in the future cuz it’s way cool: http://www.crkt.com/2915

  4. G’Day M!tch,
    Loved #3 and can’t wait for #4 tomorrow.
    We spoke about photo ref during our last epic @The Activity clan MW3 battle, but I was wondering if any of the characters actually look like your friends, or have you made changed to all of them.

    I read an article about how Tony Harris had a casting for Ex Machina, so he wouldn’t have to change too many details.

    Love the book, keep up the good work.


    • Gummy!

      First, are you going to make tomorrow’s MW3 meet-up?

      Now onto business…

      The dirty secret is that for the most part, I play all the parts. Just so I can get realistic positions etc. and make sure I get the special forces movements that I need to convey with this book. I generally have my girlfriend or just girl friends pose real quick for most of the female characters, but their likenesses generally don’t make the book.

      –and yes, Switchfoot was modeled after Simon Baker. That’s a bit of casting I’d fight for if there was ever an ACTIVITY movie or show. 🙂


  5. Baker is my wife’s ‘back up’. So not only does he populate her sleeping moments, but my favourite comic too!
    Damn you Baker, you affable Australian you!

    (and I’ll defo be at tomorrows meet up, have missed too many!)