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  1. I picked up Action for the first time last week… not too impressed.  I’ll grab this in hopes that it makes me give a crap about who Nightwing and Flamebird are.

  2. Last issue really wasn’t that great. Not 100% on getting this.

  3. five fucking bucks!! Is anybody else noticing a pattern here?

  4. Unexcited by this. Sadly.

  5. I’ve been loving Action, but that 5.00 price point is a bit steep for me.

  6. Well, I’m pumped. 48 pages of Rucka is somthing I can’t say no to.

  7. @robbydzwonar: Yes, the pattern is the book that is 14 extra pages costs more.

  8. @gnanniv couldn’t agree more!

  9. I’m really surprised by how much I’ve been engaged by these characters and their efforts to do good. And I HATED the concept of Chris Kent. Great save on this whole teams part to transform this character in a way that fixes the mistake (of mashing him in due to the Returns movie) without ignoring it or hurting the Superman mythos further.

  10. More Rucka? Yes please!

  11. Just curious, why is this $4.99 & not $3.99? If it was 48 story pages it’d be well worth that price, but I’m guessing that it’s 48 pages including ads. Arn’t most 48 page books $3.99?

  12. Swear I remember this being solicited at $3.99. If this isn’t awesome I’m going to be really pissed off.

  13. 48 pages of Rucka.  I’ll take it.  Loving the storyline and very interested in seeing the way Thara and Chris met up.

  14. I could just barely make myself understand paying $3.99, after all Punisher is on my pull list this week and they want $3.99 for that too for some reason, but now they wanna make it $4.99?!  Come on now!  This book should have stayed at $2.99 and everybody knows it!

    I don’t even think Streets Of Gotham is really worth more then $2.99 and I’m a Batman fool!  Who cares about these stupid backup features anyway?  I probably won’t even read it.  I think it would have been wise of DC to put out one with the bonus story for $4, and print some without it for $3, but then nobody would buy the $4 ones.  They are forcing this shit on us and everyone knows it.  The question is, "what are we gonna do about it?"

    All of us Fanboys need to get organized together and start a boycott on all the books that are more then $2.99. This has gone too far!! Is anybody with me?!

  15. That would mean boycotting Johns on Blackest Night, BN: Tales of the Corps, Superman: Secret Origin, Adventure Comics, Rucka on Action and Detective, Robinson on Justice League, Dini on Streets of Gotham, not to mention Wendesday Comics.

    I’m going to pass on the boycott.

  16. @robbydzwonar 1) This is an annual, not a regular issue of the series, they have historically always been more than the actual series. 2) DC is increasing the prices on 8 of its books and adding bonus content to them to lessen the blow of a $4 comic. As far as DC has said, no other books will be raised to $3.99 for the rest of ’09. Quite honestly, not to turn this into a Marvel/DC debate, Marvel has been the one "forcing" this on us with many books being "secretly" increased to $3.99 after a series of anniversary issues (Captain America for one) without any attempt to give something extra to fans. Marvel is scrambling to "compete" with the co-feature idea but so far haven’t announced anything. While I understand no one wants to pay $3.99 for a comic, at least DC is trying to do something to make it worthwile. Not everyone will agree, not everyone will want to read the co-feature. But it is something. Sorry this got ranty, but honestly I’m quite tired of seeing this discussion pop up every month for these books.

  17. I’m probably going to cut Wednesday Comics, that’s $4 a week for something that will be out on trade super fast as one of DD’s pet projects/profits.

    Detective, Streets Of Gotham, Blackest Night, and Secret Origin on the other hand, I’ll gladly pay the $4 and not complain cuz those would be my first picks of the week anyway.

    Action I might just have to boycott though.  Nightbird and Flamewing aren’t worth more then $2.99 to me.  They should have made World Of New Krypton bigger for $4 instead.

  18. The story wasn’t too bad. It was great getting their back-story since I wasn’t too familiar with the characters.  Also, the Red Circle preview has me kinda looking forward to those one-shots.

  19. I loved this book.

  20. I just don’t know about Red Circle

  21. This book was great.  It was nice to read a story this well done with the added bonus of no advertisements.

  22. Book was a awesome read. 

  23. @enfuego Agreed! I didn’t even notice there were no ads.

    I loved this issue. This was well told and looked great. It probably wasn’t the best book out this week, but it’s been the best part of the Nightwing/Flamebird stuff to come out so far. 5/5 for me. 

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