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Superman returns to ACTION COMICS just in time for the title’s historic 900th issue, which clocks in at 96 pages! Everything Paul Cornell and Pete Woods have been building to over the last year culminates here in the ultimate Superman vs. Lex Luthor battle! But that’s not all – this story will lay the grounds for an insanely epic story coming out this summer in the pages of ACTION!

Plus, an incredible roster of guest talent help us celebrate this landmark issue, including the screenwriter of The Dark Knight, David Goyer; famed Superman: The Movie director Richard Donner; the co-creator of Lost, Damon Lindelof; and the creative team behind the hit DC UNIVERSE ONLINE game!

Variant cover A by ADAM HUGHES
Variant cover B by ALEX ROSS

Price: $5.99
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  1. I’m excited for this but also a bit hesitant as well. The last two issues have been really disappointing for me and I’m not really sure I want a big brawl to end this great run by Cornell. But I’m excited for the other talent involved.

  2. I’m excited! Paul Cornell is going to do an awesome job. Donner’s other Superman work has not been bad either. 🙂

  3. I freaking love big issues like this. I hope ‘nothing will be the same.’

  4. it’ll be nice to read a superman story where he’s not walking thru America

  5. Amen to that!

    Nothing against any of the other creators on the Superman books, but I’ve been waiting for Cornell to get his hands on him for far too long now. 

  6. I am actually getting this issue with the 2 additional variants. I hope I am not the only 1? I can see this being worth something someday.

    As for the story, I am quite stoked as well. I am hoping for something really big to happen.

  7. I love the Adam Hughes homage variant cover.  I’ve never bought a variant for more than cover price, but that one is tempting me!

  8. @misterckent  I’m totally there with you. I’ve been waiting for a good arc so I can hand over my money to DC.

    @FreddieP786 – I would do the same, but I have a rule (to keep cost & obsession down) that I will not buy duplicate copies of any comics, unless I am the other copies for someone else as a gift.

  9. well this should be great…expensive but great. 

  10. last few have been lackluster and 899 was just plain bad

  11. Hooray for base 10! I would mock it more, but I get sucked into all these issues with extra zeros attached, so I am part of the problem as well. Now in just over 8 years we will get a whole extra 0. I assume that will be a 1000 page, $79 issue of Action! Of course, that will be only $9 more than the typical cover price of the time, but still… woo hoo!

  12. Only Deadpool & Wolverine have achieved #900 before!

  13. Kids, i remember when i picked up Action Comics 700 right after the Reign of the Supermen, it had a cover with superman being throw into the globe of the Daily Planet and there was something about that long red-haired 90s Luthor shooting missles at Metropolis.

    I wouldn’t say “good times” but it happened at least

  14. The only other issue of Action Comics I’ve ever bought was the PotW one with Gorilla Grod, but I am super stoked for this. That is one heck of a lineup of terrifically talented writers.

  15. This will be my first action comic *fingers crossed*

  16. @PozrDu  – I think Spider-Man had a 1000 issue.

  17. I am pretty freakin’ excited to see how Cornell writes Supes. He totally ‘gets’ Luthor, so I hope everything else just falls together.

    If Roberson sticks with Superman after Grounded as well then I’m going to be VERY happy to be reading about the Man of Tomorrow this year.


  19. @robbydzwonar  96 pages.

  20. Superman is finally coming back…although I don’t know if I’m fully prepared for Luthor’s reign of terror to end…from issue 890 up to 899 I’ve been hooked!

  21. picked up my copy today (plus two variants free from local store) looking forward to it – top of the pile!

  22. Eh what the hell…I’ll pick this up. Jumping in at the end of a story never hampered my enjoyment of an issue. After all, I’m a comic reader!

  23. Wow, this anniversary issue was really good!

  24. Couldn’t be happier.

    Cornell wrapped up the Lex storyline to my complete satisfaction, and the fact that a certain supporting character that I’ve grown to love is still alive made me giddy.  The Death cameo was pitch-perfect.  The whole thing weaved relatively seemlessly into the Doomsday storyline.  And dare I say it, did Cornell actually manage to make sense of the whole Reign of Doomsday storyline and bring cohesively bring it all together?  I think he did.

    I haven’t really cracked the last half of the book yet, but the main feature was worth the price of admission alone. 

  25. After reading this, I command Paul Cornell to never leave the Superman books. Never. Ever. Ever.

  26. The main story was absolutely fantastic. I was a bit unsure about the ending after the last issue, but Paul Cornell worked everything in so well, and made everything mean so much, that this has to be one of the best stories of the year.

    Most of the backups were pretty good too. The notable exception being David Goyer’s story, which was not just offensively bad, it was offensive full stop: USA-centric drivel. If you’re going to bring politics into super hero comics, lest of all a Superman one with all the baggage and disconnect from reality that brings, you better bring your A-game, but most importantly you better know what the fuck you’re talking about. :/

  27. I should clarify it’s not just that the politics etc were horribly offensive and dumb, it was written really poorly too. The dialog was ridiculous.

    Damon Lindelof’s story, despite being a bit of an easy target, more than made up for it though.

  28. This is my PotW just for the main story. I love that after all Lex has seen and done over this storyline and over his many years in the DCU that THAT is how this arc ends for him. Because of course it does.

    Also, Cornell’s voice for Supes shows a lot of promise and this was easily the most dynamic Woods’ art has looked. I’m glad he;s off though, because I’m not sure he’d fit on big blue himself…

    The extra stories were… A mixed bag.

  29. As a fan of Superman who lives just across the river from Metropolis IL, “The Home of Superman” I have to say this. Goyer and DC achieved the lowest point in the least pages I have ever seen in comics.

  30. hmmm… That Goyer story sure was interesting or was it just shit??

  31. I loved it. Especially Lindelof’s ‘Life Support’. Short but quite effective.

  32. There is no way Superman would renounce his US citizenship. Shame on you DC Comics!!

  33. Got the only adam hughes cover at my store, and got it at the same price:). Loved this issue!

  34. I know i’m a n00b but who was the other superman in the doomsday room? I know who standard issue super-man, super-boy, super-girl, cyborg super-man, and steel are but who was the other guy? Also on a related note I think having 10 different heros with the same name scheme and powers is just plain retarded but thats just me.

  35. @thompsonlive  Eradicator? It’s old school Death of Superman mumbo jumbo

  36. I really wish someone could explain to me why they take such offense at Goyer’s story… A) it changes nothing, he is still Superman and Clark Kent will still live in Metropolis and fight for “truth and justice” (as the term was originally coined in the 1941 Superman cartoons).  B) he’s never actually been American.  he’s Kryptonian.  Why is this a bigger deal than when he left earth?  C)  it’s just a 9 page short in an anniversary issue.  It won’t have any bearing on the current story arcs.

  37. @buck2889  Those are all good points. I actually liked the Goyer short the most.

  38. Any Superman that makes Fox News angry is a Superman I like!  Goyer’s story was okay, nothing great I thought, kinda preachy, but not terrible.  It does make sense that Superman would not want to be seen as the embodiment of America (like he was in Frank Miller’s TDKR) because it’s a heavy burden to bear, and there are a lot of “Amurricans” that are embarssing to me these days (birthers, tea party members).  So I don’t blame Supes for wanting to distance himself for that.  Maybe he will fight for Truth, Justice, and the Earthen way?  The Kryptonian-American way?

  39. @ResurrectionFlan  I though it was Ultraman at first, when I flipped through the book.  I’m pretty sure he has an Ultraman logo in one the panels, for some reason. I’m gonna have to doublecheck that.

  40. @BCDX97  “Any Superman that makes Fox News angry is a Superman I like!”  your comment made me wish ifanboy had “like” buttons.

    also, it was for sure Eradicator.  He was in Dan Didio’s Outsiders (I cannot believe it took this long to cancel that title!) for the last few issues from what I understand.  It was one of the series that tied in with “Reign of Doomsday!” I think I actually read that issue, but if I did, it was so forgettable that I’ve forgotten what happens besides everyone gets pummelled by Doomsday and Eradicator gets kidnapped.

  41. @buck2889  You’ve written…almost word for word… what I’ve been telling friends who’ve asked about it, having seen the renouncing citizenship story in various places online.  Clark Kent is still an American citizen, he still lives and works in Metropolis and will go about his business.   Superman, the icon has renounced what was probably never a literal US citizenship in the first place.  He’s an icon that now serves the entire world.  The equivalent storyline is when the Justice League of America became the UN-sanctioned Justice League International.

  42. @Skyfire124  That’s an excellent point I saw on another site – Clark Kent is still an American citizen (although possibly illegally).

    This could open up for some interesting story ideas. I don’t think Superman should be a citizen of any one country – he should be a citizen of the world.

    And I demand some birth certificates! 🙂

  43. Man I wish Damon Lindelof would write more comics.

  44. @boostergold4  SHAME on DC – Part II

  45. Let’s hope Lois boots him out on his ass for this lame move!!

  46. Love the Goyer story the best..Can’t believe so many people got there panties in a bunch about Superman taking a bigger stance on issue in other countries. It makes for alot better stories to come and hope they address this in future issues. I think this makes Supes look even more of a hero by standing up to the goverment. He cares for people not just American people-  THUMBS UP DC-Now if Captain America did this I think the whole world would just implode.

  47. The Cornell/Woods bits were fun as usual, but that Doomsday thing definitely felt junked in. Kinda messed up the pace for me. I don’t get Doomsday. Why does the thing that killed Superman have to be the most boring adversary in the DCU? That death of Superman thing was as brainless as Doomsday.

  48. The good: Luthor as a God and Lindelof’s story; the bad: David Goyer, writer of the upcoming Superman movie, writing about Superman and politics; and the ugly: Reign of Doomsdays? Oh God!

  49. The lead story was dull and about 10 pages too long and the art was difficult to look at – too much overlay and shiny parts and not enough emotion.  The Doomsdays story was just dumb.  I stopped reading and filed it away.  Those parts alone made the book not worth the price tag.

  50. It is so fracking hilarious that some folks have gotten all worked up over this. It isn’t any different from Starbucks changing their logo to go for a more international appeal. It’s just business.

    Let’s place this in context …

    Wonder Woman … costume redesign to deemhasize the red, white and blue …
    Batman … goes global with a growing legion of international affiliates (one of whom happens to be an French-Algerian Muslim who grew up in Paris) …
    Superman … renounces American citizenship to embody his global citizenship …

    hmm … just my opinion, but it seems like a pattern developing here …

  51. I have to say that after the whole “grounded” sstoryline, this seemed like a breath of fresh air to me. I hope that the storylines pick up from here because “grounded” wasnt the best, but Superman could be  a lot better.

  52. @ultraaman  u missed some good stuff by Sook, Frank, and Sepulveda.

    What a radical new concept Superman renouncing his American citizenship, brilliant!

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