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Lex Luthor is a pro at breaking man’s laws, but when he leads a raid on one of Gorilla Grodd’s bases and breaks The Law of the Jungle – “Don’t Mess with Grodd” – can he make it out alive? Or will he become Grodd’s latest meal?

Plus, this issue kicks off an exciting new co-feature starring Jimmy Olsen by up-and-comers Nick Spencer (Existence 3.0, Morning Glories) and R.B. Silva (SECRET SIX)! Get ready for an entirely different look at Metropolis – courtesy of Superman’s pal!

Co-feature written by NICK SPENCER
Co-feature art by R.B. SILVA

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 7.3%


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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. I’ve not picked up Action since the Lex-centric stories.  I’m gonna try this out and partly because of the Jimmy Olsen backup.  I kinda wouldn’t mind seeing Chloe’s print introduction.

  2. All you need to know for this is that Lex is tracking down the residual energy from the black lantern rings and last issue it was revealed that Grodd had some of it

  3. Loved the Jimmy Olsen Specials.  Hope to see goodness on both the A & B sides.

  4. I haven’t loved this Lex arc (apparently, I’m the only person on the planet who hasn’t), but I’ve got high hopes for this issue.

  5. Who’d have guessed that a Jimmy Olsen backup would get so many people to check out a book? I’m in!

  6. The Lex Arc has been fun. I resisted it for a while, but I totally get the hype. 

  7. Yay! My current favorite main line DC book!

  8. Between the current awesome Lex Luthor story and the start of the new Jimmy Olsen story (which is on Comixology for free if you want to read it), this could have a shot at being the best DCU book out there. 😀

  9. I love Grodd.

  10. The best part to me has been Lex’s Lois droid, amusingly perverse.

  11. Sean Chen? Awesome!

  12. Aw, I really like Woods on this book. 

    I dig Chen as well, but I thought Woods was getting really goddamn good. 

  13. @JumpingJupiter: & I love that w/ the word-ballon layout of this site & your avatar — it looks like Nostradmus loves Grodd.

  14. Pozr. I will henceforth speak only as my avatar would and will change my avatar at intervals. So speaketh I!

  15. @JJ: So Noss. (Can I call you "Noss"?)  Do you still love Grodd?

  16. Uh huh huh!

  17. I always find the avatar changes unsettling. It is like the person I was just talking to decided to change their face. While I was talking to them. That is Nightmare-level stuff.

    But yes, Gorilla on the cover means I am buying it. It is not something I even have control over. They have hands like us, but are much bigger!

  18. Prolly my POTW

  19. I’ve been on the fence about this series but I too am planning on sticking around to check out the Jimmy Olsen backups

  20. My POTW without a second thought.

    Caught up with this series and I have loved every single issue. On this issue though, it was a lot of fun and crazy by the time Grodd started eating the brain. I really don’t think I had more fun reading a comic (or a mainstream comic) until this issue. Art by Chen was pretty good too, wish he would stay as a regular penciller. The backup though was a bit ‘meh’ for me. The beginning with Olsen and the space genie was funny, and so was him sitting around in his apartment. But the stuff afterwards just bored the hell out of me. The art was pretty good though.

    5/5 (POTW) (Back up would be a 3.5/5 though) 

  21. SPOILERS – I don’t think I knew Grodd ate brains.  Did he always do that?

  22. Personally I think this issue was a step down. Not bad by any stretch but not great.  I think its because it was pure comedy and no action, drama or significant character interaction.

  23. It was good. I have only picked up Action Comics since Lex became the main focus and have really enjoyed it. This was a fun issue.

  24. I knew next to nothing about Grodd before this issue and now find him fascinating.  I also have no idea who the woman was at the end but as I said last month I didn’t know much about Grodd.

  25. Read the co-feature on the Ipad. Pretty awesome. I haven’t been picking this up but now I might have to really think about it. 

  26. The best part was Grodd coming at Luthor with his biggest Combat Spoon. 😀

    And yes, the Olsen co-feature was brilliant.

    This was most definitely my POTW. 

  27. @DarthDuck – She is Death of the Endless, Sandman’s sister. (The Neil Gaiman one.)

    It’s been ages since she appeared on a DC book, so it’s supposed to be a big deal. Let’s hope next issue lives up to that. 🙂 

  28. Love the Olsen back up. Luv it.

  29. Jimmy Olsen was really cool, it suprised me. I would buy the trade if DC ever made one. And lex luthor was awesome as always.

  30. I think something from every page should be in the Best Panels of the Week.

  31. @BrianBaer-Absolutely.  It was great on every page.  When the ‘combat spoon’ came out all that I could think was, I hope that this is real and not a dream sequence.

  32. Oh I forgot about the Combat Spoon!

    I nearly passed out from laughing seeing that thing. I was like:

    ‘This is a joke right? Chen seriously didn’t draw a spoon because…..he did!!’ 

  33. This book alone has three unforgettable pannels! Grodd meeting Lois, battle spoon (couldn’t help thinking of The Tick!) and Jimmy with the game controller! Probably my POTW.

  34. This is my new favorite book. Love the back up feature as well.

  35. Props to the Prion reference, would get Mad Cow disease from a Prion-infested brain.

  36. WOW.  I don’t read Action Comics but I picked this up because it was such a slow week and holy crap am I glad I did.  The story was just one big pile of fun and the art was perfect.

  37. It was a fun issue and i’ve been loving the Lex run, but it a bit too short….the main story was only 20 pages. Considering they are promoting it at twice that page count its a bit of a raw deal…

  38. After the Tom Katers commentary on this week’s show I had to pick it.

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