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  1. will captain atoms cofeature tie into new krypton becasue if not its pointless

  2. the point of comics is to entertain bro.

  3. It’s distressing how many people seem to value propping up continuity over telling a good story.

  4. maybe not pointless but it just dose not fell like it fits in what is my opion is the best new krpton book

  5. but i surpose we will let time tell

  6. lmao

  7. @conor You say that as if they’re mutually exclusive.

  8. @PraxJarvin: They can be. But that’s not the point. More and more the first question people ask is not "is it good?" it’s "how does it all fit together?" and that’s not a comic book world I care to live in. I feel a column coming on.


  9. It’s called ‘Action Comics’ so as long as the story has some ‘Action’ in it, I see no reason why Captain Atom can’t be included.

  10. I can see the point that the co-feature should relate to the main story atleast thematically. Which I think this one does. It’s not like they put the Manhunter or Blue Beetle back-ups in here.

    Captain Atom atleast has a history of being involved in the Superman world. If they do choose to include him in the upcoming patriot acts storyline (or whatever they are calling it) it would make total sense. In fact now I’m actually hoping he is involved since he could be a big gun for General Lane.

  11. @conor True and I do agree with you, quality should come before continuity. However, there’s a certain extent to which stories should follow from one another in the larger narrative of a continuing series, in so much that it is relevant to readers. I personally don’t want to read an anthology of conflicting Superman stories. However, well crafted stories that also seem to be supporting some form of a continuing narrative is something more mainstream comics should be striving for. Continuity is not the dirty word many people seem to think it is. (Look at your Geoff Johnses & Roy Thomases)

  12. Since when did a back-up story have to tie into the lead story? The Atom stories in the silverage Flash comics didn’t have to do with the Flash. And its not like this is the first time Action Comics has had unrelated back-up stories. They used to have them in Action throughout the 80’s and Detective Comics used to have them as recently as the late 90’s early 00’s. 

  13. Not super-excited to pay extra for a character I could care less about, but this book has been too good to jump off now.

  14. hey i have nothing aganst cofeatures i mean when you thnk about superman was only a small part the orignal action comics and if this is good i will take back all my words and admitt that i was wrong

  15. @win I actually happen to like Captain Atom and think it’s cool he’s in action. I’m just curious about Conor’s stance on continuity is all. Interesting conversation so far.

  16. I’m dropping this as I don’t appreciate the art. I like the characters and Rucka is always interesting to read, but I haven’t enjoyed looking at this book.

  17. Captain Atom is the only reason i’m still going to buy this book.  Not that it’s been bad, just not really doing anything for me.

  18. @conor: I agree with you to some extent, but DC has made it a big priority to fix the Superman line and has even put the triangles back on the covers so I don’t think someone asking what the co-feature has to do with the overall story of New Krypton is quite the same as the type of comic fan you are describing.

  19. @mrmister: I disagree. It’s exactly what I’m describing.

  20. @Garrett – If the art isn’t clicking, there’s a new artist starting next issue.

  21. It’s starting to feel like dissenting opinions are unwelcome on this site.  Isn’t all this ‘subjective’ anyway?

  22. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Dissenting opinions are fine. They’re welcome. But, in fairness, can’t we then counter the point? If you’re allowed to disagree with a point, isn’t that person then free to defend their stance?  

  23. Well sure.  But, sometimes the moderator’s posts can relay a message of ‘you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about’ and that just isn’t cool.  The approach you guys take, occasionally, can be condescending.  But I still love you guys.  I just think you should be a little more conscientious about what you post.  It can be taken as arrogance.

  24. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Well, if we feel strongly about something we’re not gonna water it down. We’re simply trying to be direct and clear about our stance. It’s far too easy to read too much into a simple statement of opinion when it’s just text. Because we’re in authority positions our directness might seem like condescension to you, but that’s not the intention. We’re just comic fans engaging in friendly debate. No one’s trying to be dismissive. It’s just frustrating sometimes when the same arguments come up again and again (it’s all cyclical). No one’s fault, just the nature of the thing. So, like anyone else, we might develop a shorthand response. Simple, declarative, straightforward. It’s not condescension. It’s time-tested conviction.  

  25. I’m sorry if I’m beating a dead horse.  I appreciate you being candid with me, though. I’ve never had it explained to me in that way.  Your explanation makes a hell of a lot more sense than the short and evasive responses I’ve had in the past.  I won’t bring it up again.  Sorry for getting off the point of the thread.

  26. wow this just turned into a hole diffrent thing

  27. I agree with vadamowens. A terse resposnse doesn’t lead to friendly debate. How did Conor’s ealier post encourage conversation? It didn’t offer a counter-point, it just served to shoot mrmister down… with all due respect.

    BUT let’s talk about the book…. the whole religious dragon thing from the annual seemed a bit silly, didn’t it?

  28. @edward – The annual was so forgettable that I already forgot there was a religious dragon.  I’m not even sure I remember reading it.  That’s $3.99 well spent.  However, I have enjoyed Rucka’s work here for the most part.

    Personally, I don’t even read the "cofeatures" unless I am interested in the character.  

    To be honest, I think Conor’s response above gets his point across very succinctly.  I’m not sure what more he could have said (and if he has more to say he is probably saving it for the column he mentioned).

  29. I don’t really want to read Action anymore, but with that arc going through all the Superbooks next month, I kinda feel like I should stay on through August.

  30. Loved the Captain Atom story.  Pretty surprising, with an old look at the JLE to boot.  Awesome.

  31. I was not sure for a wile but Action is now my #1 Superman book. Rucka is my hero.

  32. This issue seemed a little meandering, in all honesty. A lot of room to spring board off of, but it just fell flat for me. Enjoyed the Captain Atom story, should be fun to see where ti goes. Also… I think Rucka and Robinson are the new Comics Power Couple. 4/5. 

  33. Loving this series so far, but this issue was WEAK. Seems like nothing of importance happened (besides the *SPOILER* thing with Lois’ dad). I could easily have skipped this & read next issue without missing much … and the back-up? I have three letter fors the back-up — WTF?

  34. As I’ve probably mentioned all over the superman threads by now, I’m new to Action, so… what’s with the flying superheroes putting Iron Man jets in their boots?

  35. @Slockhart- It’s to make people think they are human & not Kryptonian, so they don’t get hunted down & beat on … like what happened in this issue.

  36. I was really looking forward to the Captain Atom co-feature, but it really disappointed me. Here’s hoping the next issue will turn me around on it.

    Otherwise, the Nightwing/Flamebird story was boss as always.

  37. I didn’t understand the Captain Atom story, so that brought my enjoyment of the issue down a bit. 

  38. Dropped.  I gave Nightwing/Flamebird a fair shot, I’m just not that into them.

  39. wow, not a lot of love this month.

    I thought this issue was great, the best for a while. I also love the Captain Atom story, Cafu’s art was great, cant wait for the nest issue. 

  40. Cafu’s art was indeed really nice, but the story?  Not so much. I had high hopes for this "co-feature" if only because it was a slightly unusual choice.  Unfortunately I was bored.  This is a good book, but with costs rising and so much good stuff out there, this may have to be my first Superman cut.

  41. I thought the Capt. Atom story was the best part of this book.  It was.. weird, but it looked great. 

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