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  1. My last review showed some problems for me: Needless TnA and a Brainiac reveal that was a little underwhelming. But it was still a soild issue and this whole arc has been pretty good. Let’s hope Johns does some great stuff with this ‘invasion’ here.

  2. I’m pretty excited to read this book this week as I finally made it through the last couple of arcs on this book over the past week.

  3. I love this cover.

  4. This is just some more Geoff Johns goodness right here, Baby. If you aint buying this or Green Lantern then you gotta be high. Might be the two best series out right now. I wonder if anyone agrees with me?

  5. From what is rumoured at LITG, the lateness is due to pulling this cover off the book because Superman is holding a bottle of beer. Silly! Its only American beer. Its practically lite. 😉

  6. Geoff Johns and Gary Frank!  What more do I need to say.  This is the good stuff.

  7. This and Allstar are the best Superman I’ve read in a long time.

  8. @SDcomicfan I agree only to 50%, as I believe that JSA is better than Action right now…

  9. @RolandofGilead: They’ve replaced the label so that it now reads "soda pop".

    So … Supes and Dad are hiding their drinking habit from Ma Kent?

  10. Can someone explain what I should be assuming in Action comics?

    Less than a year ago, someone accidentally dropped the bottle city of Kandor in the Fortress of Solitude. Now the bottle city of Kandor is (a) in one piece; (b) in Brainiac’s ship; and (c) has different people in it.

    Is this a different bottle city of Kandor?

    Does that last bottle city of Kandor not exist any more?

    Is it the same bottle, but with new and exciting residents from Argo City in it?

    What assumptions should I be making here?

  11. ‘Rye runno. but it’s making for guud comics.


    Loving this and all star this week.

  12. I think they mentioned somewhere that the other Kandor wasn’t the "real" Kryptonian one, possibly related to all that confusing PhantomZone/Zod stuff from sevreal years back. Or that’s the way I’m going to think about it anyway.

  13. This is the first Action Comics arc I’ve read and I really like it. I missed out on All star, but will watch out for any trade…

  14. I’m in the same boat AlexG.  I do enjoy this run.  I use to be one of them people who loved batman and hated superman.  But now I’m starting to warm up to the big S.

  15. This issue was great; I’m not a big Superman fan but I just can’t say no to stories by Geoff Johns.  I do recommend checking this out if you haven’t, as well as Green Lantern, which others have also mentioned.

  16. @Ragtime — From Wikipedia: "

    In Action Comics #846, it is revealed that in New Earth continuity, Jax-Ur was banished into the Phantom Zone after he destroyed Krypton’s moon, including the lunar colony of Kandor. It notes that the true fate of Kandor was never known to Kryptonians, however.

    In Action Comics Annual #10, Kandor is shown on a page detailing the Fortress of Solitude, though it describes it as having been inspired by the Kryptonian city, not the original.

    In Superman #670, it was revealed that the bottled city residing in the Fortress, and containing various alien races, was not the true Kryptonian City of Kandor after all. This bottled city was said to exist in another dimension, with the bottle simply being the link between dimensions. The bottle was destroyed, eliminating the link between Earth and the false Kandor.

    In Action Comics #866, a story arc begins focusing on the true Brainiac, who has not left his ship in centuries (those that Superman has met to this point have only been manifestations of his programming) and it is shown that the true Brainiac indeed bottled the city of Kandor and has it in his possession all along. In Action Comics #867 Supergirl tells Superman how Brainiac’s attention was drawn to Krypton after Jax-Ur destroyed Kandor’s lunar colony. Brainiac arrived months before Supergirl left Krypton and stole Kandor. Supergirl describes the city as "the one, true Kandor" establishing that the previous Kandor that vanished in Superman #670 is still in continuity."

    PS — This issue my Pick Of The Week.

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