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  1. Considering the last issue was one of the best issues I’ve seen on a Superman title….I got so high hopes that the rest of this Brainiac reimaging will be one of the best stories ever. Fantastic art and the writting for Brainiac I’m sure will be great.

    I want it now, not Thursday!

  2. The last issue was awesome. Even though, I don’t wanna get too amped for this one, incase it doesn’t live up to the bar that’s been set … I can’t help it. lol. I’m more excited for this than any other book this week.

  3. Bring. It. On!

  4. You know what I like with Johns at the helm?

    Since OYL, we’ve had an eight part storyline, a six part storyline, a three part storyline, now a four part storyline…not to mention some quality fill-ins and one shots.

    Everything doesn’t have to be six part epics (which are often enough nowhere near as epic as they wanna be).

    I remember the good old days when a four part storyline seemed massive, and it read like it too.  Here’s hoping this one lives up to that old standard.

  5. Just bought the previous 66 issues of Action Comics online and waiting for them to arrive. With those along with this issue I will be immersed in Superman for the next week 

  6. Johns and Frank are rockin this title.

  7. Quite frankly, if you’ve got "Frank" somewhere your name, then you sir have got to be connected to Superman in some form. Franks are gold!!!

  8. This is by far my most looked forward to book this week.

  9. The last issue was the first Superman coimc I have ever read. I think I lucked out.

  10. Damn, xebix! The bar is set pretty high for you now!

  11. So i havent read any action comics since johns has been on. If i pick up last month will it be a good jumping on point?

  12. @rift1128 – absolutely, PERFECT place to start

  13. I finally was able to locate a copy of issue #859 so my Geoff Johns Action Comics run is complete!  I started the Last Son arc but never got around to completing it – guess it is time for me to get caught on this book!

  14. "Your greatest power is’nt being able to fly or see through walls, It’s knowing what the right thing to do is"  I would say Johns has Supes down pat. Still a little off-putting seeing Christopher Reeve in a comic book though.

  15. all i can say is, WOW!!! Home run for Johns & Frank, i love it!

  16. So this "version" of Brainiac has never shown up before?

  17. awsome, fucking awsome. Kudos Mr Johns.

  18. I’m still not clear how this Braniac relates to Vril Dox I & II (like is he Coluan or did he "infect" the Coluan Dox), but am enjoying the hell out of this…

  19. @Kory — That was my favourite line in the book! That, and: "Take me to your leader."

    This book continues to melt my face off with it’s pure awesomeness.

  20. @WadeWilson- That scene with Johnathan convinced me that at the end of this arc Pa Kent will be going to that big cornfield in the sky.

  21. @Kory — Wow, ya think?? That will be huge, if that happens!

  22. @WadeWilson- Yeah after reading those 3 pages and the touching father-son moments, it made me think that was the last time Clark will speak to his father. I did’nt think it served this issue any purpose other than  it will be a touching moment to read when the whole story is complete. I believe that Brainiac will kill his father cementing his place as Superman’s #2 villian after Luthor.

  23. Frank is just kicking it in Action comics. I’ve been a fan since his Peter David Hulk days but he takes it to a new level in this.

    I’m a little nervous about the Braniac reboot, I’m concerned it may not pass muster for such a classic villain. Regardless I’m in for this arc!

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