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Metropolis has been captured! To save it, Superman must push the limits of his nascent powers as never before! Aboard the ship that has the city captive, The Man of Steel finds an important tool that may help him defeat Metal-zero and his boss!

And as Superman fights foes in the sky, Steel must do what he can to protect those still in danger on the ground in a backup story by Sholly Fisch and Brad Walker!

Backup story written by SHOLLY FISCH
Backup story art by BRAD WALKER
Variant cover by GREG CAPULLO
B&W Variant cover by RAGS MORALES

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.2%


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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. In Grant I trust…….for now

  2. Finally back to the interesting story!

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing more Steel!

  4. I really should have skipped #5 and #6. I’m lost as to where #6 even went at this point… If this isn’t drop my jaw amazing this will be my last Action Comics. I haven’t been a Superman fan for a long time and the “Boy in the Jeans” approach is what pulled me back in. That Superman lasted all of 4 issues and will be gone with the introduction of the White Suit this issue.

  5. I’ve given up on Action and Supergirl( I had already dumped Superman).. these books are going nowhere fast. A pity, because I used to enjoy them immensely.

    • Supergirl has had some great development, IMHO. Action, not as much. And this preview reminds me an awful lot of the Johns Brainaic story from not so long ago. Still, I’m not quite ready to jump ship as I am with Justice League and Batgirl (the two biggest disappointments of the nu52).

  6. more insectoid brainiac anyone?
    yes please.

  7. I don’t even really like Superman so it won’t be hard for me to drop this book. Like many of you have already commented, this is the last chance I’m giving Grant Morrison to wow me. Issues #5 and #6 were so far off the beaten path that I read them each twice and still don’t have a clue what is going on. I’d rather be enjoying a nice latte with the $4 I pay for Action Comics. More enjoyment, no headache.

  8. About a month ago, I shared the initially reaction most of you have had towards Action Comics. The last two issues were especially difficult to get behind, being that they had barely anything to do with the main story.

    But I decided to reread all of the issues, being that I know Grant is a fantastic writer, and have come to the conclusion that this is the best comic series on the stands today. I highly recommend that you, you reading this, give this book another shot! You won’t regret it.

    • I agree a reread really puts everything thing together.

    • I don’t know if I’d call it the best on the stands, you’re entitled to that opinion though. I am in agreement with re-reading the arc. I had a much better idea of what was going on, and enjoyed the story more afterwards. It’s easy to forget details month-to-month especially with the timeline jumping around.

    • I should have said, ‘this MAY be the best comic series on the stands today.’ I realize of course the great competition out there. But I’ll stick by this, it’s the best comic I read.

    • i think even if i re-read the lot a good few times i still would not buy the second arc. cant argue that grant is a great story teller but this so called “best comic series on the stands today” has just been a major let down if your not checking out scott snyders stuff then you should be as they are THE BEST COMIC SERIES ON THE STANDS TODAY…..

    • batman is among the best series on stands, but swamp thing and american vampire take back seat to a lot of other titles.

  9. More action less comics.

  10. One of the best every month.

  11. I’m sticking with it but I agree that this issue needs to be really good. Cause the two issue break that only happened cause Rags Morales couldn’t keep up with a schedule (BOY that’s timely anit it!?) was annoying. It was alright but pointless for the most part.

    I am psyched for more Sholly Fisch though. Is that weird? Cause his back ups (atrocious to mediocre art aside) have been wonderful.

  12. Alright since it’s a REALLY light week and they are in theory getting back to the actual story i’ll give this one more shot.

  13. I’ve been loving this series, with a couple of exceptions. The first three issues were great, 4 was a drop off, but then 5 and 6 were some of the best single comics I’ve read since…well, since Batman Leviathan finished up, unsurprisingly.

    Loving this series.

  14. Said this before but this series really hurt itself with the placing of issues, the series as a whole is fantastic but issue 5 & 6 should have been 7 and 8 while the upcoming issue 7 and 8 should have been our 5 & 6.

    This is a great series but issue placement has hurt it, when this is in trade form I think people will appreciate it much better.

  15. The placement was purposeful and, for me, made the overall story more interesting.

    • Honestly, I wonder if Morrison didn’t plan having that two issue divide all along. For example, the deformed calf that appeared in #2 and again in #6.

    • i think he must have wanted us to get a good feel for the space ship cuz i’m pretty sure it’s gonna play a big role in taking brainiac down and i think he doesn’t want people saying “WTF! THAT SPACE SHIP SHIT CAME OUTA NOWHERE!”
      so he gave us a story within a story to give us perspective concerning the ship and it’s importance.
      i think the next 2 issues will tie up all the loose ends and wrap this up prettier than an x-mas present.

    • @sitara119,good assumption. Comic fans now a days are really impatient, whew.What happened to you guys?;]

    • too much sugar and caffeine in our diets.
      not to mention capitalism has taught us to want everything like the bionic man. bigger, better and most importantly: FASTER.

  16. Honestly, I wonder if Morrison didn’t plan having that two issue divide all along. For example, the deformed calf that appeared in #2 and again in #6.

    But I do wish that the back-up-story, since #6 by Sholly Fisch, would have followed the main story. Even if it were only from the perspective of Lois and Jimmy, that would have given some depth to a story otherwise forgotten.

  17. Hey, i was thinking of getting the back issues of this arc and we all know that there are parts of an arc that are completely unnecessary. So i was thinking..if i skip issues 5-6, will i be missing anything?

    • I don’t think so. 5 was just a retelling of his origin, and 6 was a current-time story. I haven’t read this issue, but I doubt the last 2 issues mattered.

    • It’s Grant Morrison, of course it’s going to matter. The only issues of his that don’t matter are the last issues of his runs. Everything he writes adds to the experience you may just have to wait a little for the payoff.

    • i would say pick up all issues. it’s bad enough people treat morrison like the fuckn’ riddler. you go skipping issues and you’re likely to be missing pieces to the puzzle, unless you’re ok with that sort of thing. otherwise you might be left wondering what the fuck happened and pondering why you don’t understand it.
      i think some of the biggest problems concerning morrison’s work is that people don’t read carefully enough and don’t take the time figure things out for themselves. they like everything laid for them in the simplest of terms. he often likes to pay homeages and reintroduces themes and characters from the 50’s and 60’s. some people just don’t like weird shit and while it’s really smart, it’s also usually pretty mind meltingly fuckn’ weird.

      @ sockman
      i love your avatar. the only thing that disturbs me about it is that mr. miracle has yet to escape that little box in all the months that i’ve seen your posts.
      is he loosing his touch?

    • @ sitara119, it’s not that i like things laid out for me, it’s just that comics are like ice cream to me. Some times i want to eat the bucket, sometimes i just want one scoop. I read most of grant morrisons run on batman and robin. I loved it. Yet to be honest, in that case iwould much rather prefer to have the first three issues. The mystery and everything was great, but i only wanted those 3 issues. Same with batman inc, only really wanted the first 2 issues. Here, its kinda the same thing. I just want the main story of a superman before the costume but after he found out about his abilities and wanted to do good with them. Can’t blame a guy for knowing what he wants.

    • no one blames you for anything. no worries.
      if that’s how you like it, then just skip 5 and 6.
      but for my money:
      5 scoops(or issues) outa 7 = haagen daz
      7 scoops = ben and jerry’s.
      sometimes quantity = quality;)

    • @ sitara119
      I wouldn’t say he’s loosing his touch as much as I have just created a trap even greater than death itself.

  18. Loved this issue! Metropolis in the bottle was done really well, felt like a classic twilight zone episode. I’m loving all the brainiac stuff too, this is on the top of my stack every month

  19. Really digging the new brainiac design and love watching Superman using a ramp and a running start to get into space. Another great issue that to me has been consistently good..4/5

  20. I think the story got back on track with this issue (and has regained some of that original momentum). Thank goodness. This was an interesting chapter, and we get to see Superman do stuff that seems fresh and new; seeing him in space was pretty cool!

    I thought the Steel backup was very premature, however. We’ve barely seen Superman get his superhero career off the ground – and John Henry Irons is already doing all this stuff?! One of the main points of the New 52 was to realign the timeline to make Superman the first modern superhero, the guy who inspires the rest… and now we see Steel was doing it right along side of him? In my mind, Steel would’ve been at least 6 months to a year away from flying around Metropolis and effortlessly performing superheroics.

  21. Usually I am very confuzzeled reading Morrison stuff, but this has been an exception. It’s nice to be on the “I get it why don’t you” side of a Morrison book for once! Personally I’m loving this.

    I thought the Steel back up was about as lame and boring as a comic book story can get though.

  22. This is the shit. This is why I read comics. I love this hallucinatory feel I get when reading this. To quote from the book: “this is the place of my dreams”

  23. I better not hear a peep about the art this month. It was wonderful on my tablet.

  24. Loved that Brainic is just the internet.

  25. POTW. By a long shot (sorry Swampy). I had absolutely no problem with the previous two issues like a lot of folks, but I will say that this was more engaging than #s 5 and 6. Obviously, this is what people want, so it’s nice to hear less complaints this time around.

    So much good stuff going on here. This Luthor is such a refreshing change of pace. I’ve always loved the character, but this is such a welcome shot in the arm. The humor, the arrogance, the energy drinks, the flab, I love it all.

    This take on Brainiac is wonderful, too. So many questions! I love the insectoid character design. The fact that he’s the equivalent of the internet on all these different planets is so obvious it’s a wonder no one came up with it before (Or did they? Nevermind. I don’t care.)

    Rags really benefited from that two issue break. This looked fantastic. Especially the space scene. Somehow the sense of zero grav and silence came accross wonderfully. And the first donning of the costume?! One of the best I’ve ever seen.

    I could go on for a while, but I’ll stop now. I loved this issue. I love this title. Morrison remains a creative genius. All is right with the world.

  26. Im gonna be in the minority here that this was the first issue of Action Comics so far that I didn;t enjoy. The main reason for that, and this was something that is unavoidable since its a reboot, but I feel like I read this exact same story three years ago by Johns and Frank, only when they did their Brainiac story it was SOO much more compelling. Also, I really dont like the new Brainiac design, it looks silly and lame. Im stanrting to miss the giant green skinned Coluan android version.

  27. was a really good issue, the finale should be great.

  28. i’m trying to figure out the significance of the lil’ man in glasses with the tie belonging to mr. glenmorgan that we haven’t seen since issue#1. the teetotal. the tie has a “g” emblem on it. the same “g” logo that’s on the satellite in the beginning of this issue that superman jumps off of when he’s floating in space.
    i keep thinking he’s mr. mxyzptlk in disguise or something . i wonder WTF is up with that tie.
    sidenote: after the superman is space scene, i have this urge to play mario galaxies.

    • Well he worked for Glenmorgan, so that might explain the “G”. But without a doubt there’s more to it than that. Morrison has expressed his love for Mr. M several times, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being the new version. My first thought was that we had actually seen him twice before; once in issue #1, and again in 5 or 6. Wasn’t he the little guy in need of a manicure hovering over the kryptonite engine and bargaining with the K Men?

    • Yeah, didn’t he declare himself ‘leader’ of the Anti-Superman Army last issue?

      I’m sure we’ll find out his deal in due time. Knowing Morrison this might be in 3 years, but it’ll be totally worth it.

    • @markish: Yeah that sounds right. The only thing that makes me doubt that it might be Mr. Mxyzptlk (sure wish I could memorize that spelling) is that in the past Mr M.’s been more mischievous than evil, and the guy talking with the K Men sure seemed evil to me. But it’s a whole new ballgame so it’s anybody’s guess.

    • i hadn’t noticed the resemblance till you guys pointed it out. it could be…
      i certainly hope it doesn’t take 3 years to find out. i’m dying to know who he is, why he still has that damn tie and why he took it to begin with.
      on top of that, i’m wondering if the stain on it has any meaning or if it’s a clue as to importance of it. it wasn’t there in issue#1.
      of course i might be reading TOO much into it, but i don’t know if that’s possible with morrison. i don’t often find a lot of the randomness that people complain about. there usally is SOME sort of reason why he presents, what some preceive to be, strange if not awkward scenes that seem outa place.
      i hope it is mr. mxyzptlk

  29. The past two issues of Action Comics (issues #5 & #6) sort of veered me off of this Grant Morrison story and drop the title, which is sad to say because it has only been this past year that i have been adamant on collecting single issue comics rather than trades based on highly acclaimed reviews.
    Alas this issue has rekindled the love that i found for this series and then some more. I’ve assured myself to stay on board and see what else Mr. Morrison has in store for this new comic book reader. If i haven’t seen it, it’s new to me.

  30. Well again this was one of the titles I dropped last month and the comic shop pulled it for me anyway and I took home anyway. The story was just ok and the introduction of his costume was pretty damn sweet. The artwork in this series has been questionable at best. Lex Luthor looks like a fat little kid and really just does not look or feel anything like a Lex Luthor, maybe a little fat kid thats really it. The faces on some characters are not consistent through out this title so far so it makes it difficult to tell who the hell is who? Some faces look smugged, distorted and just plain bad. With a good story some times the artwork can be overlooked and this has a descent story not good enough to get me pasted the artwork. Gave this a 1.


  31. A step up from that confusing two parter, but I still hate the suit. The only Superman title I buy.

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