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• You won’t want to miss the return of Krypto!

• Superman must face down a threat from the Phantom Zone – with the help of The Phantom Stranger!

• Grant Morrison makes a major change in ACTION COMICS in this special issue featuring art by Travel Foreman!

Story by Grant Morrison & Sholly Fisch
Art by Travel Foreman & Brad Walker
Colors by Brad Anderson
Letters by Steve Wands
Cover by Bryan Hitch, David Baron, Rags Morales, & Brad Anderson

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 6.3%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Horrifically bad Hitch cover, looking forward to the Travel Forman interiors though.

  2. I stop reading this, but Travel Foreman will have me pick this up again.

  3. When Grant Morrison leaves this book, they should go back to jeans and t-shirt Superman by Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman. You could explain it with a simple “Then…” and you’re off to the races.

  4. This book is officially on the ‘Maybe-Maybe Not list every month. Morrison must like the paycheck, now if he’d actually deliver the goods. How hard is it to write and draw a consistently good book. And not even a whole book… It has to have a back up story. Very disappointing. Maybe it’s his editors. Maybe they are just afraid to really explore what this guy could do or be.

    • ““I knew I was coming to the end of Action comics in [issue] 16, I knew I was coming to the end of Batman in issue 12, of Batman Incorporated, and it just seemed like I had all this other stuff building up that was completely different from that, and it seemed like a really good time to stop doing the monthly superhero books. And also having to work with so many artists on Action Comics, it’s not that the artists are bad but I’m sometimes working for three or four guys at a time, which means you’re writing issue 14 before you’ve written issue 12 and then you’re sending in six pages of issue 13 to someone else. So it was just too hectic. I just didn’t want to do it any more. And since things were reaching that natural end… It wasn’t like an announcement but it was treated like an announcement, because I think I’d already said I was leaving these comics at that time.”

  5. Because Morrison is leaving on issue 16, I’m sticking around but this has been a real exhausting and irritating series to follow with all the changes and inconsistencies. I don’t think I’ll ever follow a Rags Morales story again, he’s just too tardy with his work.

  6. The way I’ve approached this book since the Combo packs started has been to wait for the consensus from everyone and then call in and have it added to my hold for the next week. I’ve never missed out and had to wait for a second printing and I’ve been able to pickup only the best of the stories (which has been mostly jeans and tshirt Superman).

  7. You know a superman book is in trouble when the thing that entices me is an appearance of the Phantom Stranger.

  8. I still think this has been great apart from the art. I don’t mind the jumping around of ideas and things too much. There have been average issues but I think the best ones outweigh those. I loved Foreman on Animal Man so I really can’t wait to read this.

  9. I think most of us were expecting some sort of variation on the All-Star Superman. Unfortunately, there are shining moments, but most of it is pretty dull. Love ya, Grant.

  10. kRYPTO!!!!

  11. I’ve really enjoyed this since issue #8 onwards.

  12. WOW!

    If this is ‘improved’ Bryan Hitch I’d hate to see ‘normal’ Hitch.

    • Yeah, Bryan Hitch has really been disappointing me lately. I wouldn’t have ever guessed the cover was done by him! It’s surprising that his style has changed so drastically, even between his legendary Ultimates run and the less-than-fantastic F.F. run he did (which was only a year or two after Ultimates).

  13. i liked Foreman on Animal Man. his tone was appropriate for the dark nature of the content. i didn’t like his style at first, but it grew on me pretty quickly. i actually dropped that book when he left. now here i am having mixed feelings about him drawing Superman. curious, yet underwhelmed. his weird style might blend well with Morrison, but for some reason i feel like a doubting Thomas.

  14. Too bad you can’t add a rating on the backup alone. The backup was perfect! As always…I’m waiting for a Morrison payoff that I don’t believe is coming. Is it possible that Morrison wanted to make people upset? If I could vote for the backup alone it would get a 5. That final frame was emotionally touching in a way that only the backups of this book have been. I would buy the art page. This title makes me feel like an addict…’No! No! Okay just ooooone more time.’.

    • The back up was the best part of the book in my opinion, never been a fan of Krypto(always seemed silly), but that last panel brought a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart…well done..well done…5 stars for the backup.

  15. This was my favourite issue yet. As a dog lover this hit the spot. Superman and his dog, Morrison got it perfect.

  16. another solid installment of one of my favorite titles. so sad Morrison is leaving soon, but that’s ok. there are no shortages of Morrison titles out there and his up coming multiverse book sounds awesome.
    Foreman did better than i had expected. the Phantom Zone is right up his ally.
    who’s suppose to take over when Morrison leaves?

  17. I haven’t bawled like a baby over a comic book in a long time. This was an amazing issue.

  18. These arrived damaged to my comic shop so I didn’t get the issue until Monday. Oh man; I love dogs and this really pulled at my heart strings great issue. Iffy on the art.

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