‘Young Justice’ – S02E20 – ‘Endgame’


Youth ends all too soon.

This is how ‘Endgame’ is described:

On the verge of finally ending the alien invasion, the team discovers the price of victory may be the entire planet Earth!

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Aaaaand now I’m sad.

  2. I wish Dr. Manhattan’s final line from Watchmen was true of tv shows… ” ‘In the end’? Nothing ends, Adrian. Nothing ever ends.”

  3. In the words of Darth Vader, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  4. So sad. this series has been amazing and it’s up there as one of the best animated series ever. Can’t wait for the blu-rays!

  5. Fuck Cartoon Network.

  6. wow ripped your heart out and left you wanting more.

  7. Ir was okay, at best. At no time was Young Justice ever one of the best animated series ever.

  8. Wait, Young Justice ended with G.Gordon and Savage meeting Darkseid? how can this be the last show? At least Green Lantern wound it up….sorta. I am also very sad Wally was killed.

  9. I knew it! Argh, now we wont get to see the Apokolips arc! I’m a sucker for anything New Gods and now I wont get to see new animated versions of them. Sigh, oh well.

    The episode itself was enjoyable. With the exception of the final scene, it felt like a suitable ending while establishing a new status quo for the team. All I can hope for is a spin-off of show chronicling Nightwing’s solo adventures. Get on it Cartoon-Network-executives-who-will-never-read-this!

  10. A fitting end, but it seemed a little rushed/compressed.

    This series could have lasted several more seasons, at least.

    Here’s hoping for a movie or two to come out of this!


    Not interested in Teen Titans Go! in the least.

    The sorts this time out were a waste, IMO, too.

  11. OK…my TV said that next week there was gonna be a new episode of Young Justice…i’m guessing this was a mistake made by Cartoon Network…like they were using the stock commercial and didn’t think about it at all??? Lame…i loved this ep. The last scene gave me ‘crisis” feelings. And that Apokolips part gave me chills. Loved when i saw Godfrey. He pretty much has been sowing his seeds like in the book. DAMN YOU CARTOON NETWORK!!!

  12. Another great episode for a great show. The last scene/cliffhanger would take the series in the direction I expected since season one. I still find it stupefying that Warners will not continue YJ somewhere, somehow. IMHO, the fan following alone equals, if not surpasses the direct to DVD draw. I would be very surprised if a quarterly-released season three didn’t outsell other animated efforts.

    Paul, what are the chances of an iFanboy (exit) interview with the writers, producers, or anyone directly involved with this much loved show? I’m sure it would be eye opening and would answer a multitude of questions from thousands of fans. Have you guys the pull to make this happen?

    • Dear GOD! Genius! An interview would be great!
      It felt kinda weird they’d make the ending so open, especially considering the controversy this has had round it. A series in the far far far far future may be a possibility.
      The ending of YJ and GL would be much less if they where being replaced by something decent. I may have liked the original Teen Titans series, and i was sad to see it end; but i made peace with that a long time ago. This heavily comedy centered sequel doesn’t look anywhere near as interesting as the original, so this is opening new wounds as well as old ones.
      And as for beware the batman? THE MAIN VILLAINS ARE A TOAD AND A PIG! WHERE THE HELL IS THE JOKER (not that im sure id want to see him in this rendition…)?

    • Thanks for the reply, @145184!

      OK Paul! Make it happen! As you know, for every post, there are scores more who agree!

  13. Great episode, glad to see the legacy of the Flash family on the show . Also loved seeing the YJ team not only get permission to use the Watchtower but also grow it’s own ranks to League sizes (really brought everything full circle when it was just Dick,Wally,Roy, and Kalder). Dying to know what sort of deal/plan Vandal Savage had with Darkseid.

  14. You have to wonder if they were going to keep Wally dead or bring him back if the series had been renewed or if that was always the plan to kill him off permanently. This show was classic and the fact that it is being replaced by “Teen Titans Go” has me scratching my head.

    • Whether it be comics or television, poor Wally can’t catch a break.

    • As soon as I heard that he was going to “cease” and not die, I knew he would have come back eventually. And with the introduction of Darkseid, I imagine it would have been in a way similar to how Barry came back in Final Crisis. But all we can do is speculate and be sad that they left it with so many questions.

    • Maybe we would’ve seen Walter West out of comics for the first time

  15. I am so sad to see this go, and GL, too. Bruce Timm and company got it the DCU right with JLU, and although it was sorely missed they jumped right back into the fray with more stories and animation in the form of World’s Finest, GL, and YJ. But I”m sorry, I can’t get down with this silly Teen Titans, Go! It was awful in the shorts – it can’t possibly be anybody in an expanded form.
    Let’s hope the yet to materialize Beware the Batman is satisfying.

  16. I liked it, hated the way it ended in a cliffhanger that we may never see. Reminded me of how they ended WITCH. But at least we did get to some fun stuff and I long ago gave up having a cartoon series I liked not being cut off. JLU was the only exception.

    I did think that Black Manta actually would have been proud of Cal Deron fighting Black Beatle that way. Still gonna miss it.

  17. Did we ever see what happened to Dick and Zatanna between the five years? They introduced that relationship at the end of season one and I don’t remember it really being mentioned again.

  18. I was actually positive that Barry would die and Wally would be forced to become the Flash… nice job throwing me for a loop.

  19. This really was a great series. I liked how the Justice League was incorporated into the show and that they used Captain Marvel. The storyline really brought me in. It wasn’t just fighting the villain of the week. The ending had been building to Darkseid for awhile. With the way they used Godfrey I wonder if the storyline was going to be similar to the Legends series. The only thing I didn’t like about this show was Lagoon Boy. Was he made up for the show?

  20. With the recent success of Veronica Mars on Kickstarter is there any possibility of a similar campaign taking root for Young Justice or Green Lantern? Even direct to dvd would be a huge win at this point. Both series were so good that it’s a real shame to see them end on such short runs.

  21. Just watched it and agree with one of the earlier posts that it felt rushed. Think JLU did a better job with the final episode / world wide battle. Also, Wally’s “death” was not as emotional given that he has hardly been on the show this season. Looking back, think I preferred Season 1 better. That being said, Young Justice was a great show that will be missed.

  22. Anyone else think the show’s final lines could be the writers and producers making a subtle comment on its premature cancellation?

    Business as usual.

  23. Time to have a Kickstarter campaign for Young Justice the Movie?

  24. Bleh I got a little choked up at the end. Dammit Wally.

  25. Okay so i cried when Wally..you know..i did. And i was so sad at the end because i truly enjoy the heck out of this show. and i am telling DC comics right here i will buy anything related to this show, DVD, Comic i don’t care If its set in this universe i am so there. My wife sat with me to watch this episode my kids couldn’t care less lol i don’t watch a lot of TV and its mostly Dramas but this stinking cartoon totally got me. I will miss it! Aqua-lad is the man! Long live Kid Flash! Young Justice Rules!

  26. Though I’ve loved YOUNG JUSTICE, the finale didn’t really do it for me. Then again, I didn’t like how this series began either – so maybe I just loved the big soapy center! haha Nah, actually, another thing I loved about YJ was the expansive cast, and this show’s specific ability to get me to like characters I’ve never cared for in comic books (e.g. the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle and Sportsmaster). So yeah. Gonna miss, YOUNG JUSTICE. But thanks for the memories 🙂

  27. My Saturdays will be a little less bright for a long time to come. Great Series. Poor Artemis. Producers, you guys knocked it out of the park with this one. Thanks for the great stories.

  28. cartoon network sucks for axing this show.Green Lantern and Young Justice were the best shows on Sunday Morning.Great voice acting and great story.YJ and GL ,how u will be missed.