‘Young Justice’ – S02E04 – “Salvage”

That’s the face Roy made when he found out he wasn’t a character in the new Green Arrow TV show.

Here’s how “Salvage” is described:

While Superboy and Blue Beetle battle Intergang, Nightwing and company try to salvage the soul of a former comrade fallen from grace.

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Clone Red Arrow needs a clever nickname like Clor.

  2. Wonder if he is packing his throwing cats and other feline weaponry…

  3. I love this cartoon!

    I missed the last 3 episodes, and it looks like I missed a lot!

    I enjoyed Blue Beetle and look forward to more adventures with “The Freshmen”.

    • You have actually. It starts a whole new story, which also clears up the 16 hours the jla was missing! can’t wait for next weeks episode 🙂

      AT ALL:
      why is it that young justice episodes never continue from the last episode ? it feels like they skip it and you find out many many weeks later :C
      I remember when miss martian revealed her tureself and this villain was going to tell connor, then the episode ended.
      The episode one week later didnt even talk about that at all :C

  4. They did get the cat in the alleyway…it was still alive though.

    Also Ted Kord! Would love to see the missing 5 years with Booster and Beetle!

  5. i like the contrast in knowledge between superboy and blue beetle, shows nightwing’s detective influence rubbing off on superboy. for some reason i want superboy to be able to fly.

  6. This shows getting better and better. Love it. It’s amazing.

  7. Any guesses who was Sportsmaster’s partner?

    • He used something that looked a whole heck of a lot like Blue Beetle’s sonic dohickey, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s another Scarab.

    • I would guess that it’s probably Black Beetle.

    • For some reason I was guessing Cyborg. I don’t know why they would do that with that character but the sonic thing and he looked pretty bulky.

    • Can anybody confirms who the mysterious partner was? I am really curious and I have no aversion to spoilers

    • I thought much like Elementaljj that it was Cyborg.

    • I’m with WacoKid. I think it’s another scarab wearer like Blue Beetle. It’s been kind of hinted at the series that the people who gave Beetle the scarab, The Reach, are the mysterious “Competitor” to the Kroloteans.

      The Reach (for anyone who isn’t reading or read the old Blue Beetle series) are kind of like evil GL Guardians (you know, before the Guardians weren’t full on evil). They go from planet to planet and deploy a scarab which attaches to a host and gives it the armor that Beetle wears. But once possessed, the wearer of the scarab is completely under the control of the Scarab’s AI and they conquer the planet. The reason Jaime’s scarab doesn’t control him is because Khaji-da (his scarab) became glitchy and couldn’t fully gain access to the Reach’s database. It still wanted to use lethal options, but Jaime became its friend over time and it learned and adapted to its new role. (you don’t need to read this part unless you want to know how the Reach overcame this problem) After that, the Reach sort of went around Jaime. They pretended to be allies to the U.S. as well as making friends with Superman, giving the Earth new technology and whatnot, but were actually poisoning our water supply. They sent some type of element to bond with our water that would slowly make our species more susceptible to suggestion. But it would take several life-times to take effect. Meaning, Jaime wouldn’t be affected, but his grandchildren would. Once that happened, the Reach would be free to take over the world. I always thought that plan was kind of ingenious.

      Last episode when the Bibbo Krolotean escaped and went to talk at Aqualad’s base, he said that he saw a “Competitor warrior” or something like that. Now, seeing as Beetle and Bumblebee were the only members who went after him, its possible he’s referring to Beetle. And since the Reach usually control the scarab’s, he’s probably referring to the Reach.

      Now, the question remains, are the Light working with both the Reach AND the Kroloteans without telling them? Sure, they’d have more to gain if they manipulated them both, but it’s still not confirmed yet. Granted, Jaime’s in the series, and yes, he could be there just to fill a slot, but I think the writers have something bigger in mind since this season is all about “invasion” and whatnot. So we’ll probably be seeing Kroloteans, the Reach, their scarabs, and maybe Darkseid since Godfrey is basically carrying out the Legends story arc.

      Sorry for the long post and sorry if I turn out to be wrong in a few weeks. 😛

    • @SDucky25 – You should be a lawyer, you just presented a very convincing case (which I believe) for Black Beetle being the 2nd shadowy figure.

      I love this show, it feels way more like an anime feature than a weekly cartoon. Though I must admit that the villains/Invaders (i.e. Kroloteans, the Competitors, the Light, etc.) have very much confused me, as far as who’s working with/against whom. When I watch each week, I really don’t even try to understand it anymore, I’m just enjoying the ride and the character moments so much. Seeing Cheshire bring Lian to Clone Roy was awesome 🙂

    • @BionicDave – Like you, I let the show wash over me without a lot of over-analysis. The story is strong, and so far, I trust where they’re going.

      My understanding of the DC mythos allows me to enjoy the show enough on its own, and to wonder when some of these storylines may creep into the main DCU. IMHO, there are a hell of a lot of story points on this show popular enough to make what’s on the stands a little more interesting.

      Oh… And the shadowy figure IS most likely the Black Beetle. Jaime and Khaji-da both will learn this season to “get by with a little help from their friends.” To quote The Beatles.

      P.S. @SDucky25 – You are one of my heroes this weekend!

    • lol thanks @BionicDave and @CaeuZokul. Glad you liked my theories. 🙂 Black Beetle does seem like a likely choice as the evil scarab wearer.

    • I was thinking Brainiac, since he called the humans “meat,” but I like the Reach connection, since they used sonics like Beetle.

      I think it’s interesting that Beetle (and everyone else) thinks that Kord invented the scarab, when we know the truth is something else altogether. That couldn’t possibly come back to haunt them.

  8. This episode was a mixed bag for me, on the one hand it was a good relief to finally get some clarity in what happens to everyone else from the first season, it was a little anti climactic for the strange beast

  9. This is not just one of my favorite cartoons, but one of my favorite SHOWS on television. Period. I would have rather seen a whole “intervention” epsisode with Red Arrow than the Superboy thing. I hate him being down in the dumps with Miss Martian all the time. The best thing about him is Wolf is always at his side. Otherwise, liked that everyone is almost accounted for(has anyone seen Flash since they jumped five years?). And is it just me or does it seem like Nightwing is running the whole Justice League, not just the “sidekick squad”?

    • I think Captain Atom is definately the leader of the League proper right now. It’s pretty interesting to see how closely the two teams coordinate now though.

  10. I liked the episode a lot for the closure we finally get about the characters. We learn what happened to Wally, what happened to Artemis (which made me smile goofily and happily) and what’s been going on with Roy. I wasn’t a fan of the Appelaxian storyline. Other than establishing the Reach is now partners with the Light, it was kind of boring. Seeing Superboy really capable as a leader and a person is great. If you compare it to the “hit first, think later” he had during the beginning of season 1 it’s HUGE character growth. Blue Beetle is also a mixed bag for me. His series in the old DCU was one of my favorites and he’s probably one of my favorite characters…but the spanglish is annoying me greatly. He can be a rookie, that’s fine, just knock it off with the spanglish. Other than that, he’s still mostly the character I like.


    I am happy to see Lian alive and well in one universe. Was angry that she got killed off in Cry for Justice, but I am very interested to see where Roy/Cheshire/Lian go from here.

    • Yeah, Wally and Artemis made me smile too. I was so relieved when I heard her voice off camera, and again when she walked on-screen. I was afraid they were going to put her in a wheelchair like her mom.

      I’m really curious now about what would have made those two quit their alter-egos. I wonder if it was the same event that caused Aqualad to go to the dark side?

      I’m liking Blue Beetle more than “Neptune’s BEARD!”, aka Lagoon Boy.

    • Well, Wally did retire as Kid Flash back in the New Teen Titans, since he wanted to focus on his studies. But I was surprised that he and Artemis retired. I’m surprised that thought never crossed my mind. I was just thinking “Oh no, Barry died and now Wally’s Flash and Artemis died somehow as well”. I also got that same scared feeling where we only heard Artemis off screen that it was going to be a reveal that she was in a wheelchair like her mom. Hopefully we’ll see them back in action towards the end of the season if not sooner.

      Yeah, Lagoon Boy’s irking me as well. He’s kind of trying too hard. And the his catchphrases of “Neptune’s beard” and calling surface dwellers “Chum” kind of annoys me. I don’t hate the character, but not every person needs a catchphrase.

  11. Good but not one of my favorites maybe it was the Roy thing I am tired of his bumed out attitude. I hate Wally and Artemis are out of the hero business. Anyway liked it didn’t love it.

  12. The first season was like Grant Morrison’s JLA.

    The second season is like Geoff John’s Justice League.


    • Easy now. Johns’ Justice League is starting to really get good. If you dropped it, you should think about picking it back up.
      In addition, I did not think his first arc was that bad. In issues 1-6, he essentially gave us what Whedon gave us with the Avengers movie. Despite that fact, everyone seems to hate Johns’ Justice League but loves the Avengers. I enjoyed them both.
      In regard to this week’s Young Justice, I liked it but not as much as the previous episodes this season.

    • If Whedon’s movie was like John’s Avengers, it would have taken 5 hours for the Chitauri to invade and all characters would speak exclusively in pointless exposition introducing us to 50 year old characters.

  13. This was a great Episode don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It can be slow sometimes but still really good episode. I’m really loving getting to know what has happened with everyone in the last five years. I liked getting to know more about Blue Beetle, and I think it would be great to watch more with Superboy and him they could have a great friendship and I like that Blue Beetle speaks Spanglish because if your Hispanic at some point if you are speaking another language some of your native language it’s going to get mixed, that for me makes it more believable besides anything he says in Spanish won’t change the story, all he said in Spanish was “Oh, Por Favor” (Translation according to this the situation would be: “Oh, C’mon” ). I liked the Intervention of Roy “The Clone” Harper and that he is married to Cheshire.

  14. this was probably my favorite episode thus far, because it answered a lot of questions I had, while still leaving a few mysteries yet to be solved. Unlike when Aqualad was revealed to be working with Black Manta last week, Wally didn’t come right out and monologue his reasonings for quitting the team, which I thought was better and hopefully they can reveal that more organically later. But since Wally and Artemis seem so happy, you just know something bad’s going to happen to get one or both of them back in the game.

  15. I like this cartoon from 1st straight through to now, its edgy, has plenty of solid, well rounded characters, sub plots and cameos too. Salvage was a clever nod to give Red Arrow some mystique, solidarity and driven purpose all while taking the junkie nod right from Neal Adams and Denny O’neils Green Lantern/ Green Arrow run. I like this origin for him as being the only Roy they ever really knew so he in turn has more depth of connection. We seen Lobo, Guardian, love Adam Strange with a Hood and that it still looks like the classic outfit in dark red n’ white. One of my personal favorite moments has been the entrance of Zatanna and her dad Zatarra becoming Dr. Fate, he’s perfect for the helmet of fate role. Hope to see more of that and think this season is just getting its footing for a new direction and second wind from the 1st.

  16. OMG clone red has a baby!!!!!! AAAHHHHH!! i love that!!!!!! hey people im a girl who goes to an all girl school so its hard to find other comic book readers, and my family (mostly my sisters) thinks i’m crazy! but what girls seem not to understand is that there is allot of drama that happen in comics(especially super hero ones) and think super hero’s are mostly meant for little boys. but HELLOOO!!!! some of the best love story, scandals, and other gushy things girls usually like (hey i’ll admit i like those things acationally) happen a lot! ex: the batman+ cat woman+wonder woman thing, (plus all the other ladys in bat man’s life) just these romance’s are SO MUCH BETTER!!!!! I <3 COMICS 4ever!!! 🙂