You talkin’ about New Comics for 08/20/2008, Willis?

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here: Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern.

It pains me to say this but I think this is the week I finally drop X-Factor. It has nothing to do with Stroman’s art, it’s just not the book it was that first year. Too many crossovers have killed my interest in it. And yet I am on the fence about the Layla Miller one-shot because I actually do want to know what’s going on with her…

This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Who is your favorite overly clever and precocious TV kid?


  1. I’m most looking forward to Captain America and the Layla Miller one shot. I was going to drop X-Factor until the SI tie in is over. I didn’t really like the First SI tie in issue, mainly because the art was dreadful.

    BQ: I know it’s the pick of the week’s title, but Arnold from Differn’t Strokes was always my favorite. I wanted to be best friends with him when I was 5. I loved that show. At the New York Comic Con a few years ago, I freaked out when I saw him and thought the 5 year old me would be so envious.

  2. BQ: Alex P Keaton

  3. Batgirl, Outsiders, Robin, Legion of Three Worlds, Iron Fist.  This week is kinda meh.  Except for Legion of Three Worlds.

    BQ- That kid from the Seinfeld episode with the low-fat yogurt.

  4. Cool lookin week. Very ecclectic. I walked away from that last issue of X-Factor, but like Conor, I do wanna know what happens/happened to Layla Miller… Blurg!

    But no, good stuff this week. Legion of the Three Worlds is probably up there at the top… And let’s see if Beechen can bring back Batgirl after that mediocre first ish…

    Oh! And a cool new Guardians of the Galaxy! That’s exciting!

    BQ: Can we call Veronica Mars a kid?

  5. A fairly light week, looking forward to Captain America.

    Bonus Question: Wesley Crusher (STNG). He was an acting ensign on the Enterprise and was always doing some crazy science experiment.

  6. Really bland weak for me: Sure you get a great Cap issue…But then I’m forced to read Spider-Man cause of hearing how teriffic this arc will be. Then a scary new issue of Punisher MAX with a creative team that I’ve never heard of…Then you get a SI tie in with GOTG which is somewhat scary to me, but it’s DnA so it should be good. Other then that I got nothing else to look forward too.

    Although I dont have an answer to your BQ I got one of my own:

    What is the percentage of likelyhood that Scalped #20 will be the POTW? ‘Oh that’s a toughie’ lol

  7. Capain America, Scalped, and Legion

  8. Doctor Who. Light week for me.

  9. Batgirl, JLA, Robin, Ultimate Spiderman Trade!! It’s a good week.

  10. Not the greatest week, but at least I’ll save some money for books and crap i need for school. BTW, 3 guesses at the POTW. here’s a hint: It starts with S and rhymes with palped.

    BQ:  Gotta go with Arnold. What was Willis talking about?

  11. Light week, which I don’t welcome but my bank will. Just Robin, Outsiders and Batgirl.

    I’m pretty sure I should be reading Cap, but have no idea where to start (iFanboys, get ready for another email!).

    BQ: How has nobody picked Doogie Howser yet? And he’s just as overly smart and precocious now as Dr Horrible (I refuse to believe it’s a different character… Doogie went mad, changed his real name and became an evil genius… It just makes sense!). 

  12. So looking forward to Legion of 3 Worlds. Does anyone have any advance press on the Iron Fist book. It’s tempting, but I don’t know if I need another origin story.

    On the X-Men cover, does anyone else think Cyclops looks like a ‘tard in his new unitard? His visor makes him look like an actual cyclops, which is not a smart look.

    BQ: Punky Brewster; or as a backup: "the Punky QB know as McMahon" 

  13. how do we make our pick of the week picks?

  14. @Eyun, you stole my BQ answer!

    Nothing for me this week, instead, I ordered the Captain America Omnibus and Death of Captain America volumes 1 and 2 off Amazon which should be here Wednesday:) Plus I’m reading From Hell right now and it’s a dense book.

  15. I’m interested in Cap and in the next Uncanny; I’m going to get both X-Factor stories but I’m not sure how long I’m sticking with the book. Sadly.

    BQ: I hate precocious kids on TV, for the most part; but I love the episode of "Homicide" where Munch gets stuck spending Christmas with the son of a Salvation Army santa who he thought had been murdered.  Does that count? 

  16. @eyun Start from issue one, buy the Omnibus and then the trades and catch up to issues. You won’t regret it…

  17. I’m looking forward to the new Amazing Spider Man arc,

     BQ:  that blond kid from silver spoons

  18. Cap, Legion of 3 Worlds and Marvel 1985 are my hot books this week. In that order.

    Smaller week than usual for me but it all looks to be quality. JLA, Batgirl, Okko, Robin- I shall enjoy them.

  19. my hot books are Guardians of the Galaxy, AIR, Cap, Legion of 3 worlds, and Amazing Spider-Man.


    BQ: Neil Patrick Harris hands down 

  20. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Most excited for Legion of Three Worlds, Conan, and the MySpace Dark Horse Presents TPB.  

    BQ:  The Muppet Babies

  21. Moon Knight #21. That’s about half of my usual pull list…

    Does having a short list make me a bad person?

  22. Scalped or Cap.

    All precocious/clever tv children should be shot.  The second worst tv cliche of all time. Number one? Old folks using "modern" teen slang.

  23. Scalped, Cap, Iron Fist, Uncanny


    BQ: The girl who played Stephanie Tanner on Full House looks super hot now that she isn’t a meth addict so I’ll say her.

  24. and by the way, Urkel.

  25. Superboy-Prime has it right!

    BQ: Kenny (aka "Bud") from the Cosby show.

  26. I’m excited for Legion of Three Worlds.  I thought, however, that it was originally supposed to be a 3-issue series.  Now it’s 5? 

    Captain America and any Batman RIP tie ins will also be must reads.  The Spiderman BND Extra was so good this month that I’m looking forward to that book the most. 

    BQ: Scott Tracker and his annoying robot pal T-Bob. 

    yeah, that’s right.  MASK.  I went there.  I was only 9 years old and that kid still pissed me off. 

  27. @GungaDin – That sounds like a lot of reading, dude. But good advice, so cheers for the feedback. 🙂

  28. Scalpled #20

    Captain America #41

    Killer #8

    Marvel 1985 #4

    BQ: Mike Seaver from Growing Pains, hands down.  Anyone remember the episode where he refused to have sex with the Madonna look alike.  I believe that was a hint at what Kirk Cameron’s broadcasting career had in its future.

  29. @Eyun It’s a lot of reading, but it’s damn good reading.

  30. Iron Man and Cap

  31. My top 3

    Amazing spidy

    Legion of three worlds

    Cap American


    BQ: NPH

  32. Charlatan Ball #3 thats all

  33. Cap, Iron Fist, Iron Man, and JLA

    BQ: Tanner from the Bad News Bears.  "Hey, Yankees!  You take your apology and your trophy and stick it straight up your a$$!!!!"

  34. Most lookin’ forward to Legion Of Three Worlds & Scalped this week.

    BQ – Alex P. Keaton. Showin’ my age with that answer. =D

  35. ZOINKS!

    Looks like I got a ton of Trades and Hardcovers to get this week. Well over a hundred bucks!

    ps- If my wife happens to read this……. sorry Honey! A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do! lol.

  36. Ive got 6 or 7 books this week, im most lookig forward to legion of three worlds. am going to pick up the layla miller one shot becuase like most i want to know whats happened to her. i am thinking of dropping outsiders and x factor, ill decide when im there

  37. Air, Iron Man, Cap.


    Seriously is Kick-Ass #4 ever coming out?? great book but seriously needs to stop with all the delays. It’s almost been a year and only 3 comics lol

  38. Obviously Legion of Three Worlds is THE book i’m dying to read, but i just caught up with Scalped and i need the next issue like crack. Also, Charlatan Ball because i really want to see where Joe Casey is taking that.

    BQ – Zach Braff.

  39. @MrPopular – I second your frustration over Kick Ass. Is Millar so busy with the movie version he’s forgotten he still has to write the book?

    Likewise Everybody’s Dead, and that doesn’t even have a movie holding it back.

  40. Yay MADMAN!!!!

    Yay Anna Mercury!!!!

    Yay 1985!!!! (I’m gonna wager this be the pick, oh, wait, Josh eh? mayhap not then, what with his dislike of Millar)

  41. Getting the Mighty Avengers trade this week. Also looking forward to Legion of Three Worlds. I am not too familiar with the Legion, but I have heard lots of good things abou them. Plus its Geoff Johns.

  42. Supposdely next week for Kick Ass #4.

  43. I’m all about Lo3W’s this week

    BQ Stewie Griffin

  44. WooHoo! Nothing for me this week. I can finally try catching up on my stack.

  45. Ah, Stewie!  I love Stewie as well.  And Linus from Peanuts.

  46. Still sticking with Trinity. Brave and the Bold looks like it could be pretty good. "Wackiness ensues". I have Mighty Avengers #1 – 6, so I might just pull them all out and re-read them this weekend. Unless there’s something extra-special-different in the trade…

    BQ: Cousin Oliver. 


  47. Uncanny X-Men

    BQ: Wednesday Adams

  48. Oh hey I missed the BQ

    Uh was there ever an Ender’s Game tv show? No hmmmm.

    AMadeus CHo? No eh?  Damn I’m bad at this…


  49. Wow, almost all of my favorite books come out this week.  Cap, X-Factor, the X-Factor Layla special, X-Men First Class… and new True Believers and Uncanny X-Men, both of which I’m hoping will live up to their respective last issues.  I’m excited.

    BQ: The second Morgan on Boy Meets World always amused me.  When they remembered she existed.

  50. Most looking forward to X-Factor and the Layla Miller Special this week, along with Trinity and Moon knight.


    BQ: I hate kids. 

  51. I have a lot on my pull list I’m looking forward to this week:  Captain America, Amazing Spider-man, True Believers, Conan, Batgirl, Legion of Three Worlds.

    As for titles that are "on the bubble" and I’m thinking of dropping: Avengers Initiative and Spawn (except I here McFarlane is coming back to write it again soon so I might stick it out).

    BQ: Beaver "The Beav" Cleaver