You Ought to be Reading: Hark! A Vagrant

If I owned a bayonet, I’d be prodding you with it. Prodding you in the direction of my favorite web comic Hark! A Vagrant. It became my favorite web comic seconds after I’d stumbled on it earlier this year. I had little hope of escaping its clutches when I realized it was devoted to two of my favorite topics: history and nonsense. I bring it up today because cartoonist Kate Beaton’s latest subject is Wonder Woman, whose invisible jet frequents our air space and jurisdiction.

(Clickity click for a larger version.)

In addition to chain-smoking vigilantes fresh from the kiln, Hark! A Vagrant also focuses on famous expeditions to frost-bitten locales:

…and literary bromance…

…and other silly things. But don’t take my word for it. You know, read and look at it. 

Also, I want this shirt. And this one.

Paul Montgomery wears an XL and often hides John Wilkes Booth biographies inside his copies of Action Comics. Find him on Twitter or contact him at


  1. Kate Beaton is awesome! She fully deserves the rise in popularity she has gotten over the past year or so. One of my favourite webcomics also and everyone should read it.

  2. are you looking for someone to buy you those shirts Mr. Montgomery? Your signature is offering subtle hints as to what iFanbase can get you for Christmas 😉

  3. Always appreciate a nudge in the right direction when it comes to filtering through the wealth of web comics out there. Dig the art & humor here. Already added it to my RSS reader.

  4. @mike – Mere happenstance, surely. 

  5. The Poe one still cracks me up.  I remember reading it a while back when you Twittered about it.  Those 3rd and 4th panels are priceless.

  6. I just spent a half hour hitting the random button… best site ever!

  7. This site makes me feel like a happy puppy, lying on the floor with a full belly and my master’s hand on my head.

    Thank you.

  8. Yeah, I came across this here in the comments to an an earlier article on webcomics. Love it.

    Good work ifanbase!

  9. I like the Poe and Jules Verne one.

  10. I’m also a big fan of the Mystery Solving Teens series and the Bronte sisters. So much good stuff in there. 

  11. That Perry/Benson comic has me in tears. You dont hear "Gonna do some squats" in the North Pole very often. lol

  12. What gets me are those eyes. It’s such a seemingly simple style, but Perry’s expression in the last panel kills me. 

  13. I like the Shetland Pony

  14. @Paul: Your right about the eyes. Look at Perry on the fifth panel! lol


  16. Those are brilliant! Great find Paul.

  17. I want ms. Beaton Wonder Woman GN now!!!

  18. I think my favorite Beatons (at least for now, until she caves to my incessant requests for a comic about Don Cherry) are the ones called Conversations with a Younger Self.



  19. I would, like, totally facebook friend Kate Beaton.

  20. This made my day while at work.

  21. Kate Beaton and KC Green make the best webcomics.