You Can Finally Relax: The New Aqualad is Here.

Look for the new Aqualad in Brightest Day #4.  They're not telling us who he is, or anything really, other than, he doesn't know he's Aqualad yet, and that means I might have had a shot at the title, and not even known it.  Damn.


  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It’s Kofi Kingston! 

    Looks like he has electric eel powers.  

  2. @paul …love it when you drop the WWE knowledge

  3. So looks like the new Young Justice animated design isn’t too far off.

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @piscespaul – It is public knowledge that my favorite wrestlers are Sting and Kofi Kingston. 

    Also, nice painterly image from Finch. I dig it. 

  5. I think it is Flippa Dippa from the News Boy Legion.

    Bank on it!

  6. ….a move to make the comics match the upcoming ‘Young Justice’ cartoon?

  7. Two points:

    • Aqualad has a White Lantern ring… Deadman does not.


    • I think Johns is telling us all this cross media info to point out that the new DC regime is a well oiled machine with open communication amongst all branches.


    the Tiki 

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @tiki – That makes more sense than my electric eel theory. Kudos. 

  9. @Paul –  doesn’t mean that he ain’t packin an electric ell of his own.  😉


    What?  Don’t give me that look.  Someone had to say it.


    the Tiki 

  10. Bring back Lagoon Boy!

  11. @Luthor & @incredibledave: Exactly what I was thinking. However it could be White Lantern Garth back from the dead. Eh why not? A skin tone change worked for Spawn before.

  12. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Josh’s tone also seems to suggest he doesn’t think Aqualad is cool. We should probably confront him on that. 

  13. I gotta tell you guys, after seeing a tiny thumbnail image, the first thought that popped into my head (admittedly based on his skin color and the wetsuit-like vest) was "wouldn’t it be cool if he was from Somalia and was fighting Somali pirates?"

    I’m… a little disappointed to find out he’s apparently from New Mexico.

  14. Some hoodlum graffitied PINCH on the rocks in the background. That’s so not cool.

  15. After all the hullaballoo about Ryan Choi et al, I find myself more focused on Aqualad’s ethnicity and its behind-the-scenes implications than I would otherwise be. And that’s a shame, since I should really be focused on the more important issue, a young adult’s 2010 use of the word "lad."

  16. Eh…..I don’t see the big deal. I mean I love Aquaman but I never really cared for Aqualad.

    Not a fan of that cover either, painted look does not suit Finch says I. 

  17. Actually, I think I like Finch’s painterly stuff better. It’s got a pulp cover feel to it, particularly with Deadman crawling away…

  18. @Jimksi – it beats the ill-conceived attempt at modernization with "Aqua-shorty."

  19. of all the "lad"’s  in comics . . .     are there any other "lads"???   maybe that’s a hint that DC and Marvel should leave bygones be bygone. . .  yeah like that’s going to happen   :p 

  20. @LostArtist Almost all the other lads are in the Legion of Super-Heroes

  21. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    @LostArtist – Are there any other ‘lads’ in comics? Man, they’re all over the Legion of Superheroes. Lightning Lad, Element Lad, Matter-Eating Lad, Ferro Lad, Fire Lad, and Elastic Lad (AKA Jimmy Olsen). There are even a few ‘Lass’es in the Legion so that the ladies don’t feel left out.

  22. @Jimski and @daccampo – Or they could go really old school and name him "Aqua-boychick".

    That image is very interesting. 

  23. Aqualad in the desert!









    This is Mera and Black Manta’s kid.



  25. @Viewt – oh my. I hadn’t thought of that, but there is that "thing he never knew." You might have something there.

  26. @Viewt – You just blew my mind.

  27. Is it wrong that my first thought when I saw this was "WooHoo! They brought back the water hand?"  I know they didn’t but I can tell you it would be pretty nifty.

  28. what’s Legion of Super Heroes???   :p    

  29. I have a nagging feeling he’s going to be related to Black Manta somehow, thus creating drama between Aquaman and Aqualad. I like the design, though.

  30. @ Viewt…I’m sure there’s a Black Manta connection.  But Mera with the jungle fever?  I’m not so sure. Did that ever happen?

  31. @Viewt – if it’s Mera’s kid. Why was she so angry? You would think Arthur would be the one to get mad.

  32. @daccampo: DAMMIT! Awe man, You kinda told everyone the project I’m working on. 🙁

    But oh well it’s not like the idea hasn’t been done before.

  33. @paul:

    Does Sting still wrestle!

    I am an Attitude era fan, and he was too old even then!


    On-topic: This looks…not good. I smell a 4chan ‘zombie rape’ meme! 🙁

  34. @muddi900: ewwwwwww i hhhhate 4chan. It’s the trashcan of the webs. *tries to change subject*

    @dccampo: I knew he wasn’t the moment he was wearing tattoos and was in dreads, a very rare thing in that culture.

  35. @mangaman:

    Sadly, it is also the place that sets the web culture. And home some great artist, if you ignore the disgusting crap. Which is quite hard!

  36. @Mangaman – ah yeah, good point. Honestly, it was just the quick flash of the thumbnail image on another site that made me think that. Didn’t realize it was dreads until I saw the larger image. Still, that would be seriously awesome. An Aqualad that’s fighting Somali pirates? Frankly, way more interesting than "it’s Black Manta’s son!" which is fine, but just a sort of typical soap opera type thing we’ve seen so many times before.

  37. Painting reminds of Frazetta and Suydam a little bit.

  38. Aqualad? Did anyone even notice that good old Deadman looks like he’s Deadman again in this pic? Poor Mr. Brand will never get a break.

  39. Betcha there’s a connection here to the Australian dude from 52.

  40. @PaulMontgomery : YOU WATCH WRESTLING?! cool.

  41. @Luthor : i thought the same thing abnout the new animated aqualad. if it is, that is cool.

  42. @ Viewt : wow…that is a great theory! i like it!

  43. I have an idea on how DC could bring Aqualad back to prominence: 

    The new Aqualad should be featured in a few light-hearted stories then suddenly raped and murdered in a horribly violent fashion and his corpse stuffed into something, just to show everyone that comics are for grown ups.  Then they could bring back Garth, the one, true Aqualad.  Geoff Johns could write the mini-series that updates Garth’s origin while at the same time reminding everyone how awesome Garth has always been without anyone knowing it.  Garth is not "boring" or "lacking in personality" or a "relic of an America that doesn’t exist anymore"; it’s just that no one has written him right yet.

    Also, he should be brought back in his original costume, because it is "classic".

    What would also be cool is if Aqualad was not the only "Lad" in the DCU.  There could also be "Firelad", "Earthlad", and "Windlad", who, with Garth, would form the "Lad Corps".

  44. Don’t like this development – not in the least.  Bring Garth back!

  45. But…but…you’re Bleck!

  46. So now we know what all those odd looks Mera is giving behind Arthur’s back and that weird dream she had during BN.  Black Manta+Mera = Blaqualad

  47. Electric eels are fresh aqua creatures.

  48. "Lads" and "Lasses" are the reason why I hated DC for most of my life. I hate them soooooo much I let "Iron Lad" ruin Young Avengers for me on the first reading. I’m getting over it – thanks, Ativan! – but it’s still a sore spot.


    And those dreads can’t be aquadynamic. 

  49. He’ll be dead in a few years.

  50. Looks like half Static Shock and half Aquaman.  Will someone let the DC peeps know that dreads/braids are 5 years ago.

  51. I think he looks pretty badass. I like the costume with the exception of the seashell necklace. And I’m on board with the Black Manta offspring theory.

  52. I pray that’s a water hand because he will be the 20th black character in the DCU with electricity powers.  Oh and I really wish they would have given the name tempest in the comics so if he is cool they can keep him around and still bring back Garth without getting rid of the new character because people want to see the "REAL" Aqualad back.