X-MEN: FIRST CLASS: Photo of Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique & International Poster

The website JenniferLawrenceDaily.com (yes, there is such a website) has this snap of the Winter's Bone star done up in full Mystique gear, and opposed to the prior Rebecca Romijn incarnation, she is largely clothed. As you can see, X-Men: First Class is clearly favoring the classic yellow and blue from the comics, and not all black leather. Is she the Raven Darkholme that's been in your mind all this time?

Also, Empire has this horribly executed international X-Men First: Class Poster:



  1. I don’t care how bad that poster looks, it has Kevin Bacon on it!!

  2. The poster reminds me of that iconic Cassaday “Astonishing” image that always gets used. You know the one.

  3. That poster reminds me of the spead in the first Whedon issue where we see them all in costume for the first time. I’m pretty hopeful that this movie will have a real (UK) Avengers vibe.

  4. @davidtobin100  You know, you’re right!

  5. Between First Class and Cap, it’s like the year of the flightsuits. And I still can’t believe they put January Jones in that. I love it.

  6. To answer your clearly rhetorical question; No, this is not the Raven Darkholme I’ve been picturing in my mind. A: She’s still reptilian. B: The idea that she used to wear clothes and then apparently made the concious choice to go naked is disconcerting. And C:She looks like she’s about to parachute out of the Blackbird. I’m glad they’re going with blue and yellow, but I still haven’t warmed up to these uniforms.

    The poster is clearly based on that Cassaday Astonishing image. In fact I think the Singer films used a similar layout for 2 or 3. It a great visual/moment in Whedon’s book, but doesn’t really work in this particular instance. Either that or it’s been done to death. Having Mystique be the focal at the center of the X is a strange choice. Also, Emma needs to wear less. But Beast continues to look awesome.

  7. What are the people at Fox smoking? Their posters have been horrible. 

  8. Is it just me or have the majority of posters for this movie been questionable? The trailers have kicked ass and done wonder for my personal excitement for the movie though so I can’t complain.

  9. Are James McAvoy and Michael Fassbinder’s heads really that large?

    Bad posters haven’t diminished the fact that I am pumped to see this movie.

  10. Whoever is in charge of all the poster designs for this should be fired. All of them have been absolutely horrible to look at.

  11. man those photoshopped heads are really huge

    “Head, move!”

  12. all the posters look rather rushed and all around terrible, but i’m stil excited for this! jennifer lawrence looks great as mystique and she was great in winters bone!

  13. the poster is undesigned. Too much photoshop, no design, thinking or concept…unfortunately this is completely the standard nowadays. 

  14. Lets get some more hand-drawn or painted posters again…or let Mondo get their artists to design the poster.  http://blog.mondotees.com/  Look at this blog for some AMAZING poster designs.

  15. We should have an X-Men First Class poster design potluck.

  16. meh.  I see she still has the uniform zipper drawn down to dial up sex appeal.  “I need to jump out of an airplane and gee, is it warm in here!

  17. blueandyellowblueandyellowblueandyellowblueandyellow

  18. I believe Chandler Bing put it best


  19. @WheelHands  I also don’t think she needs to look so reptilian. I mean, she can look like anything, why not a HOT blue chick with red hair? But hey, maybe that’s how she wants to look or sees herself, or it’s her natural state. I’m not so heavily invested in X-men that it bugs me. Same with her wearing clothes. Maybe when she went bad, she went nude too?

  20. is anyone else thinking LARA CROFT when u look at Mistique? blue lara , of course

  21. Christ, Fassbender looks like a puppet from Team America in that poster.

  22. @tomistommy  AGREED

  23. Going to say it right now.

    Thor- will be kind of awesome.

    Captan America – will be good but not as good as you expected.

    Green Lantern- will be bad- with some special effects moments that almost make it worth it-(the costume will not be one of them)

    X-Men First Class – will be at best a bore and worst- just awful.


  24. @ericmci  what movies do you think are gonna be AWESOME?