Wonder Woman Pencils by Don Kramer

We're starting to get details on J. Michael Straczynski's two major projects at DC Comics.  Today it was announced that Don Kramer and Michael Babinski will be the art team on Wonder Woman.  There's no doubt, from looking at the piece below that Kramer could be a good fit. Diana certainly looks like she can certainly hold her own in a contest of strength.  I really like how she looks, and appreciate the storytelling in just that one image. 

Kramer and Babinski most recently worked together on Power of Shazam #48 during Blackest Night.

The whole team will debut in Wonder Woman #601, out in July.

In terms of the story, JMS says, "Our story puts Diana, alone, against almost impossible odds in a situation that begins with the destruction of Paradise Island and nearly everything she holds dear.  Pursued, hunted, with the events that led to this a mystery, and her future uncertain, Diana must go into the depths of her soul, and the darkest places in the world, to try and rescue the people, and the world, she cares for.  Something, or someone, has flipped a switch so that the world she lives in is not the world that was…and she's the only hope of restoring that world."

Eddy Barrows is on art for Straczynski's other high profile book at DC: Superman.


  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Them is some serious man shoulders. Either way, definitely gonna give it a shot, because I’d love to be reading Wonder Woman on a monthly basis. 

  2. no kidding paul im alittle confused down in my pants =/

  3. Big fan of Don Kramer’s work, this ensures I’ll check out the book now.

  4. It was Eric Wallace writing with the art team on Power of Shazam, if I recall correctly. But that’s probably the first pairing of penciler and inker. And I do remember that the art looked pretty nice in that book.

    Kramer’s a good penciller. I look forward to this.

  5. I’ll definitely be checking this one out.

  6. Yeah, I read it wrong. Adjusted.


  7. This is written by JMS?  Josh will hate this.  (Actually I think the iFanboys in a HUGE reversal will love JMS DC comics…because it’s DC!)

    I didn’t notice the man shoulders til pointed out.  That’s not a woman that’s a MAN, BABY!

  8. Now that’s an Amazonian Woman! I like the guns!

  9. hey josh we already know who will be drawing superman while JMS is writing it. Eddy Barrows will be the artist for JMS’ run on SUPERMAN.

    It was announced by the source on  march the 19th, 2010

  10. Seems like I always try things when JMS comes on board, but rarely finish them.  Other than a few things like Midnight Nation, and Supreme Power.  Actually, it seemed like THEY didn’t realy finish Supreme Power.

  11. Hurray! Someone drawing Diana like an Amazon warrior as apposed to a slender pin-up model! 😀

     I’m looking forward to this, should be worth a read. 

  12. Dude looks like a lady! …sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂

  13. Kramer? I barely know her!

  14. Babinski/Kramer’s first pairing was on JSA vs Kobra, an unbelievable little mini in both writing and art. They were gold there, they’ll be gold here.


    And as mentioned, we know that Eddy Barrows is JMS’ artist on Superman. 


    Two solid artists for JMS’ run, neither of them super stars. It feels like DC is trying to build stars here, or at least draw attention to some lesser known artists via a much hyped writer and new start, and I really like that. 

  15. Ah WonderWoman, what horrible horrible character

  16. Cool! Shee looks like a friggin’ body builder! Rather appropriate I’d say. I’ll give the first few issues a shot I reckon.

  17. My bad. You’re entirely right. I looked for it, but didn’t see it. Had a feeling.  Mea culpa.

    I blame the baby.

    for pretty much everything.

  18. Yeah those shoulders do look a little wonky. Then again if there was a female superhero as strong as Superman and others…..of course she’d have huge muscles!

    Kramer/Babinski did some great work in the Shazam one-shot earlier. I still wanna read this in trade because even with JMS I am not interesting in a Wonder Woman comic. This could be a very beautiful trade though. 

  19. @Josh-I also blame your baby for everything.

  20. Ah, was Babinski the inker over Kramer on JSA vs. Kobra? That was some really nice work as well. Promising.

  21. Love Kramer.

  22. Showed this to my wife and she’s asked me to pick this up.


  23. I dig the bulky Wonder Woman. Excited for this book, and I normally don’t give a crap about WW.

  24. The art looks fantastic thiugh

  25. though

  26. awesome, this will be the first time I’ve read a WW comic on a monthly basis and am actually really looking forward to it, Kramer is an awesome artist, awesome enough to bring in people sitting on the fence? Maybe not, but I’ll buy his book.

  27. I’m a big fan of Kramer.  Is it enough to get me to buy this book on top of the bazillion things I’m already reading?…Only time will tell.

  28. After reading the JMS quotation, I am less then thrilled. I’ve been following WW for a while now and Simone (be it it wasn’t very good) just did a story arc with Paradise Island being destroyed and WW doing some soul searching. Things were just starting to get back to normal. DC really has no idea how to do WW at this point. Its just throw one crisis after another at her and try to force some character development that way. I hope JMS does something special here but it just feels like more of the same…

  29. Definently gonna check this out. Never actually read any wonder woman in a solo title.

  30. This reminds me of how she’s depicted in the DC/Mortal Kombat game, with football player shoulders. Art looks nice, though.

  31. I think Wonder Woman looks good in this image. She actually looks like a superhero, instead of being anorexic/impossibly proportioned like a lot of comic book artists depict women.

    I’m looking at you J Scott Campell, amongst others!

    Definately gonna pick this up. I so want to like the DC universe. Gonna try (again) to get into it with this.

  32. I’m going to reserve judgment until 601.  Then we’ll see…

    @edward  shut-up.

  33. The art looks good. I still don’t know if JMS and Kramer are enough to make me pick this up.

  34.  Don Kramer is one of the most underrated artists in mainstream comics. Its good to see him on a big project.

  35. Loved Kramer on Nighting and even moreso on Detective. And seeing her drawn with the appropriate physique is a good sign. I’m gonna wait for some reviews before being lured into Wonder Woman again, but JMS and Kramer are a good start.

  36. *Nightwing. Poor guy has a new identity for a year and I’ve already forgotten how to spell his old one.