Wonder Woman on TV Lives Again…on NBC

In what's becoming an odd Friday night happening around here, Deadline Hollywood is reporting that the previously shelved Wonder Woman TV series developed by David E. Kelley for Warner Brothers is now being picked up by NBC. Previously, NBC was thought to be out of the running for the series due to executive insanity and inability to make a decision at the merger-laden network.  The surprising turn of events is thanks to new NBC Entertainment President Bob Greenblatt having a greenlight party as he bought a bunch of other series for the peacock network.

(Grenblatt also picked up J.J. Abrams' new show starring Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn, but that's neither here nor there.)

Deadline describes the Wonder Woman show as "a reinvention of the iconic D.C. comic in which Wonder Woman — aka Diana Prince — is a vigilante crime fighter in L.A. but also a successful corporate executive and a modern woman trying to balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life."

Methinks the hardline Wonder Woman traditionalists won't be too thrilled with this one.

Nevertheless, Wonder Woman and David E. Kelley fans can rejoice now, as it seems that Diana and her Jim Lee designed costume may grace your television screens this fall.  I can see it now, a two hour block where Wonder Woman leads right into The Cape.  Now that's entertainment.


  1. Yay! I guess. Good that it got a home. I’d like to hear more details though.

  2. The show sounds like it will be closer to Diana McBeal than Wonder Woman, unsurprisingly considering Kelly is the show runner. Is that a bad thing? Time will tell, but I going to keep an open mind. Though considering how bad Harry’s Law was, maybe I should not. 🙂

  3. NBC: We’re Desperate!

    No seriously, great news to hear. Not sure if it’ll be the ‘must see’ show for a guy like me. But I’ll be one of many to give it a shot if/when a pilot it out. Cause just because it’s greenlit doesn’t mean it will air. 

  4. I have no idea why my text is so large. Sorry for the eyesore everyone.

  5. Why would an Amazonian princess come to man’s world in order to become a successful corporate executive?  I would think there would be a more logical job for her as an Amazonian diplomat/ambassador.  Perhaps she could be a history or philosophy professor.  How old is Diana, anyway?  Was she around during ancient Greece?  If so, she could slip and say things like, “Plato explained it to me like this …”

  6. David E Kelly knows how to do one kind of TV show.

    Do not want.

  7. Kinda like Powergirl meets Wonder Woman. 

    Its obvious the new exec wants to make a big splash with some of his own shows. Nice to see Wonder Woman get a chance on TV. I hope it will be better than “The Cape”.

  8. @wallythegreenmonster 

    I was gonna say the same thing, “Sounds like Powergirl to me”

  9. They picked up the Quinn/Emerson show? Wooo!

    (sorry, go on) 

  10. I’ll watch it.

  11. “is a vigilante crime fighter in L.A. but also a successful corporate executive and a modern woman trying to balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life.”

    Sounds like Power Girl. At least the Palmiotti/Gray/Conner run that I read.

    But if it’s anything like The Cape, or pretty much every drama NBC has put out the past few years. Not getting my hopes up.

  12. Why is this even called Wonder Woman ?

  13. First I went yay then nay.

  14. If anything it will be interesting to watch what happens with this show.

  15. @Tazz Well they wanted to call it The Tiara… I don’t have a punch line.

  16. Ally McPrince?

  17. When I had already started celebrating…:(

  18. Wooooo Abrams/Emerson/O’Quinn show picked up!!!!  

    Oh and wonder whozit?

  19. Highly suspect that she’d be a corporate executive, unless she’s come to man’s world to take it down from the inside! and vigilante is never a word i’d put near Diana.

    Another doomed-to-failure attempt at re-interpreting the character?

    I do think DC often thinks along these lines and misunderstands the ideosyncracies of its own characters:
    “Ooh batman’s a rich guy in the city, and a gritty, brooding vigilante at night and look how popular he is! That must be the winning formula; let’s do that with the everyone else!”

  20. I’m getting an Ally McBeal meets The Cape meets The Bionic Woman vibe. With a dash of the Palmiotti/Gray/Conner Power Girl comic thrown in.

    But as I said to a female friend when the news broke. As long as they pick a hot Wonder Woman, it’s alright by me. 😉

  21. Will Vonda Shepard play the music at the piano bar that Diana and her friends go to to talk about the state of dating and the many flaws of men?  Can’t wait.

  22. Show’s never gonna see the TV schedule.

  23. They’re making a Wonder Woman TV show? Yay!

    No-one will pick it up and it’s been shelved? Aw!

    NBC have picked it up? Yay!

    They’re giving her a modern edge? …Hurm.

  24. Sounds… interesting.

  25. It’ll be every bit as creatively successful as Heroes and The Cape. HAHAHAHA!

  26. Like every other superhero related show, I will watch it. If it’s terrible it will just lead to sadness later as I keep watching for way too long than is justifiable under the guise of “giving it a chance” out of sheer loyalty to the genre. (Kind of like how I’m still watching No Ordinary Family…)

  27. I’ll check it out.

    Sounds more like they are using the name than they are the character though.

  28. Ron. You like the cape?

  29. @StorytellerSJK Diana McBeal made me spit out a little of my coffee.  Well played.

  30. It can’t be any worse than The Cape. 

    ….can it?

  31. hurm indeed.

  32. @itsbecca Strangely, I’ve really been enjoying No Ordinary Family.  It’s definitely not the type of show I usually like.  Seems like just simple fun, and for some reason I really like the supporting characters.  

    Cant really bring myself to watch The Cape (it reminds me of the stupid carnival from the last season of Heroes), and its gonna be hard to give this one a chance as I’ve never been a fan of Kelley’s shows, except Shatner in Boston Legal. Denny O’Neil was awesome.

  33. David E Kelly is a really smart writer and I hope he brings The True Essence of the character to the screen. I personally would cast Caroline Dahvaernis since he’s going this route. Did any of the iFanboy gang watch Wonderfalls when it was on TV? She was great as Jaye Tyler 😉 But that’s just my opinion 🙂 

  34. @JLA1  I watched it. But she’s got a gig on OFF THE MAP at the moment.

  35. and a modern woman trying to balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life.”  —     I’m really afraid this is going to turn out to mean she’s got a husband and kids at home in addition to being the corporate exec.     

  36. Well NBC is trying to get a bigger audience and this MIGHT help, but this goes back to the biggest problem with Wonder Woman, lack of a major villain.  Smallville would never had worked without the Luthor clan.  Heroes worked for a while with just Sylar.  The Cape at least has a major arch in Chess. 

  37. Will they be using the old Wonder Woman theme song?  “Stop a bullet cold/Save the old red, white and blue!  Wonder Woman!”

  38. Once again the Hollywood board room rears its ugly head. “Thats gold Chief!”

  39. Well, I don’t see much of Wonder Woman in the pitch. But it could just be that they’ll fold in some of the more distinct elements of the Wonder Woman mythology later in the series.

  40. The more i think about it the more i don’t mind the new characterization. The purist in me thinks “you can’t change a golden age character that much!!” but the realist in me thinks its a good thing since Wonder Woman really isn’t much of a relevant character anymore. Lets face it, most of us don’t read WW in comics form despite all the good creators that have tried to reinvent her over the decades, so its pretty obvious there is something lacking on the character side. 

    I can see the studio’s side…people don’t care about traditional mythology anymore. An Amazonian princess is not that interesting right now, but an empowered businesswoman/superhero might be a better draw. Who knows, maybe this redefines the character for the 21st century?

  41. @AlanRob The supporting characters are what keep me going! I find the the main family to be a bit whiney. Katie is stinking adorable and enthusiastic and I want to keep her in my pocket.

  42. The lasso of truth would be very useful in the courtroom.

  43. At first I was like “YEAH!” but then I was like “meh.” This is not my beautiful Wonder Woman. NBC’s track record on superhero shows has been bad. Heroes fell apart, The Cape is pretty bad (but I can’t not watch it apparently!). Doesn’t bode well for the Amazon princess. Hope I’m wrong.

    Casting ideas, anyone? Too bad Summer Glau is on The Cape already.